Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tim Blair


{Editor's note - This is very cool.  Geoffff posted the clip below at the Bar and Grill and it got picked up by Tim Blair and the Telegraph who have linked back to his site.  Good for our partner in crime! - Mike L.}

A post here has been picked up by Tim Blair  editor and journalist at the The Telegraph , Sydney's largest circulation newspaper, conservative blogging pioneer and important instinctive friend of Israel and opponent of the "monoculture". Right here.


The latest from Australia’s moderate mufti:

(Via geoffff)

I posted these two comments . At least.  Do add your pithy piece on the thread at Blair's blog.

Tim Blair is an Australian institution.

"Students of the schools of Hollywood and Chicago. They are to be found all over the world."

What a very strange expression. What a bizarre way of referring to a group of people.

You have to wonder who on earth he could possibly mean?.

And some context:

This is a broadcast to a population a majority of which believe 9/11 was a Zionist/Jewish plot to besmirch the name of Islam.

Do have your pithy say at Blair's blog before the thread gets too old.  Did I say that.?

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