Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Op-Ed: Obama's True Colors

Mike L. 
How quickly Obama turned his back on his Jewish supporters! 
by Ron Jager

While visiting New York over the past two weeks, spending one Shabbat in Oceanside, and another Shabbat in Hillcrest, meeting with a wide spectrum of supporters of Israel, I depart and return to Israel with a sense of sorrow and dismay. For many, Israel remains a focal point of their lives enriching their collective sense of responsibility and Jewish identity. For these American Jews their frustration has only been reinforced by Obama's reelection only to be followed by him turning his back towards those very American Jews aligned with the White House, those Jews who wholeheartedly supported Obama's reelection yet now find themselves unable to defend his latest betrayal...

Progressive movements throughout America, and grassroots' networks that are an integral part of the Democratic Party have in recent years consistently betrayed their Jewish constituency by condoning in their ranks anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism as part and parcel of their larger political coalition. These progressive forces find a welcome mat in the Democratic Party expressing a true hatred for the Jewish State and feel at ease with the hatred narrative of Israel and Jews everywhere. This has become the Party of Ed Koch and Alan Dershowitz and this is the greater problem with their continuing association with these haters of Israel and the Jewish community in America.

Lets not forget Obama, who on his way to transforming America, has succeeded in making the Democratic Party, a political party that no longer believes in Israel's right to self-defense, nor that Israel is still America's strongest ally in the region, nor that Jerusalem is and will remain the Capital of Israel. This is the party of Ed Koch, of Prof Dershowitz, and this is the party of President Obama. It should seem obvious that when a major political party such as the Democratic Party espouses ideas that are fundamentally negative towards Israel, then we should be prepared, for the worst is yet to come.
I've been saying this for years and I have to wonder if slavish "progressive Zionists" still consider Barack Obama to be the very best friend that the Jewish people have ever had?

You are betrayed and it took Obama all of a New York minute once he no longer needed your support.

How could you have possibly been so blind?

How could you possibly have been so stupid?

Obama's hostility toward Israel was obvious from almost the beginning of his first term, yet instead of acknowledging that which was directly in front of your noses you castigated and demeaned those of us who spoke the truth about this president and about his political movement and party.

Oh, and Ed Koch?  It's time for Ed Koch to be quiet now, wouldn't you say?  I would no longer trust Ed Koch to give me the right time of day.


  1. I suppose that's one advantage of being a full-time cynic. I'm not too surprised, although even I'll admit I never saw something like Hagel coming.

    I understand he won't be making policy, which seems to be the current defense of the president's supporters, but still... why someone like him, in that particular position, and why now? There is absolutely no reason I can think of that this retired Senator from a farm state needs to run the Pentagon. I can't help but think that there are at least dozens of more qualified people, willing and able to take the job immediately.

    Gotta give him points for his idea of 'bipartisanship,' again, though. He somehow managed to find a Republican even Cynthia McKinney could love...

    1. It seems to me fairly clear that Obama is sending the message that he has no intention whatsoever of preventing Iranian nukes.

      In other words, Obama lied when he said otherwise, just as he lied when he told AIPAC that Jerusalem must remain undivided.

    2. Sounds about right to me. Unfortunately.

  2. Who said this?

    “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.”

    If you guessed Obama you are right.


    And just so you know, I have looked around and can't find any evidence he ever said this about any other entities like Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, etc.

    1. To many who define themselves as progressive, there is virtually no move Obama can make in this sphere that will cause them to voice opposition.

      The statement by Obama is a form of pure hubris, and stinks just as bad when it comes from a Democrat as a Republican.

  3. "The people who run AIPAC aren’t stupid: They know that if they foment strong opposition to Hagel on the Hill, they will earn President Obama’s enmity, whether or not they succeed or fail."


    Can you imagine what his "enmity," might entail if what he is doing now passes for his friendship? Yikes!

    1. Btw, Goldberg was weirdly attacked by Jew-baiting troll Andrew Sullivan for that post. Seems someone didn't get the memo that making it obvious that one believes all Jews secretly work together as one to manipulate current events is probably a bad idea.

  4. "I hope the people who are supporting Chuck Hagel know that by confirming him, they are cementing at 100 percent that odds that Iran will get a nuclear capability without U.S. interference. Whether Israel can survive an Islamic bomb is questionable at best. This means a vote to confirm Mr. Hagel is a vote that expresses no interest in whether Israel survives."


    "no interest in whether Israel survives."