Monday, January 14, 2013

Latest Times of Israel Post

Mike L.

The Obama administration’s betrayal of Jews, women, and Gay people throughout the Middle East

"The Muslim Brotherhood take over of Egypt is the political equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan taking over the United States government via electoral means. No actual liberal would ever support such a thing and the people who call themselves “liberal” while speaking in favor of Obama’s foreign policy are deluding themselves."


  1. The difference, of course, is that The Klan is no longer a threat to African-American communities, while the Brotherhood is still very much in the Jew-killing business.

    Had to run for a bit right after reading your TOI piece, but I'll be back later to leave a comment before bed...

    1. We are betrayed.

      This administration has betrayed the American people, Jewish people, women, Gays, and non-Muslims.

      This is an administration that is heavily arming a regime whose leader calls Jews the children of apes and pigs.

    2. Sounds about right to me. So once again then, I suppose the question ultimately comes down to "why?"

      I don't the answer to that, but I do know that this president's foreign policy is extremely troubling.

    3. btw, I responded to your comment over at the TOI.

      I don't usually comment there under my pieces, but I do for my friends.

    4. Yeesh, speaking of Facebook (the only reason I went back there was so I could support / comment on your TOI posts). I suppose it was only to be expected, in terms of sheer statistics, what with my having roughly 400 cousins on my mother's side, but to find out one of them buys into the "Sandy Hook Was Staged!" conspiracy theory crap?


      I suppose we never can hope to figure out just what really goes on in the minds of some people, eh?

    5. "Sandy Hook Was Staged!" OMG have you seen that nonsense? Makes Troofers look almost sane.

    6. Yeah, sigh. I haven't bothered to actually look at it (because why?), but I can surely imagine...