Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Mike L.

The meaning of the Hagel nomination

Get used to a nuclear Iran and a United States with a leadership role in continued decline.


  1. Can they block it?

    The only qualification this guy has as far as I can see is that he's a Vietnam vet, He's "been under fire" Knows the "blood and dirt of the battlefield"

    I'm sorry to hear it.
    How many times and in how many ways can you say it.

    It's obvious what his real qualifications are. Wink on Iran. Show the world that the US is free of the "Jewish lobby".

    Stop it or war is inevitable.

    What a craven man your president is.

    1. I don't think that the Republicans can stop it.

      They can filibuster but the Dems would only need to peel off about 5 Republicans to put an end to any such effort.

      My suspicion is that this nomination will go through and we will see a nuclear Iran within the next few years.

      The meaning of this appointment is that Obama lied to us about preventing Iranian nukes, but I'm pretty sure that you and I both knew that from the beginning.

    2. Also, of course, understand that Hagel is a Republican but, much like Joseph Lieberman who used to be a Democrat, he is entirely on the outs with his party.

      They do not generally consider him one of their own.

  2. How does this stack up against the claim that Obama is Israel's BFF?

    1. It's frankly amazing that in the face of all the evidence to contrary that they made that claim.

      It's the Audacity of Audacity, I suppose.

    2. Brennan is no prize package either.

  3. "Hagel may rhyme with bagel, but Chuck rhymes with schmuck. "

    from Israel Matzav ;)