Thursday, January 24, 2013

Laura Has Some Words

Mike L.

Over at Israpundit Laura has some words concerning this story about Israeli UN ambassador Ron Prosor's reaction to France's incursion into Mali.  They both recognize the racist double-standard applied to Israel.

She writes:
Laura: Why is it ok for the French to launch airstrikes in Mali but wrong for Israel to strike at hamas terrorists in their own backyard who were firing missiles into Israel? Once again we see a double standard applied to the Jewish state. 
The French are extreme hypocrites as is the rest of the world. Had the Israelis fought hamas until hamas was wiped out, the world would be screaming “genocide” and “war crimes”. But Israel merely launched tit for tat air strikes against hamas rocket launchers and even this limited measure was castigated. And Israel had far more justification given that hamas was firing rockets directly into Israel. 
Keep in mind that Britain’s PM Cameron angrily threatened Israel that it would lose Britain’s support if it launched a ground war in Gaza. Meanwhile France has ground troops in Mali. What’s good for other nations is wrong for Israel. I’m sick of the obscene double standard the Jewish state is subjected to. 
And also this is getting limited media attention in contrast to Israel being held under a microscope over every one of its military operations. Israeli military actions are treated as terrible but military intervention is ok if its done by the French.


  1. I hope Laura has no objections to my using this post at a later date where I deem it necessary.

  2. “Make no mistakes: France’s principled stand should be commended. We only ask that France and all the countries who are supporting its principled stand today, support Israel tomorrow when we fight Islamic terrorism on our borders.”