Monday, January 7, 2013

Muslim Zionist Kasim Hafeez

Mike L.

Well, G-d bless Mr. Hafeez.

In the above video he has a conversation with our friend Rabbi Mark Golub of Shalom TV in which he discusses his conversion from anti-Semitic anti-Zionist to normal human being.

I am going to put this on the right sidebar for a week, or so, because it's an exceedingly important discussion in my view.

It's with people like Kasim that the future holds hope for the Palestinian-Arabs.

So long as the larger Muslim community in Europe and the Middle East maintains hatred for Jews they will sacrifice their children, as well as "Palestinian" children, to that hatred.  The Jews, however, will continue to survive and thrive and contribute no matter what anyone says about us or how anyone might try to harm us.

We've been around for one hell of a long time and although our numbers have been kept artificially small by Arabs and Europeans over the centuries, we tend to punch well above our weight-level.

{Good for us.}


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