Monday, January 28, 2013

Israel on high alert over Syrian chemical weapons

Mike L. 
Israel is following the possibility of the transfer of Syria's chemical weapons to radical elements, as its neighbor to the north appears to be gradually approaching a final meltdown... 
There are two scenarios that Israel deems unacceptable in Syria. The first is a transfer of chemical weapons and advanced strategic missiles to Hezbollah, and the second involves raids by al-Qaida-affiliated rebel groups, like Jabhat al-Nusra, on a Syrian chemical weapons depot.

Neither radical Shi'ite nor extremist Sunni groups will be permitted to lay their hands on unconventional weapons in Syria.

It may also become necessary to inject special forces into the arena, to ensure that sites containing Sarin, mustard gas compounds and VX nerve agents are no longer a threat.
How is it possible that American intelligence is so poor that it was less than 2 years ago that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the American people that Bashar al-Assad was a secular "reformer"?

How is it possible that the Obama administration is so inept, so deluded, as to think that Syria's Assad was anything other than a dictator, a "strong man"?   How is this possible?  And now the Obama administration will likely help ease into power in Syria the Brotherhood or some other Islamist regime.

Israel is becoming surrounded by genocidally anti-Semitic Islamic governments and Barack Obama is helping that happen.  That truth may sound hard for many people to hear, but it is the truth.

And, sadly, it is a truth that Israel must prepare for which is precisely why we get stories like the above coming from the Jerusalem Post.

Assad is going to fall and when he does he will be replaced by the Brotherhood or an affiliated organization.  Barack Obama, whatever his intentions, is overseeing the transfer of power throughout the Middle East from pro-western secular dictatorships to anti-western and genocidally anti-Jewish Islamic regimes.

At the same time the EU, with Obama leading from behind, is preparing for a diplomatic, and perhaps economic, assault on Israel due to the fact that Jews build apartments (and second bathrooms) for themselves in Judea, which the Islamic governments consider an affront to their religion.

I was once gleefully told by a hate-filled enemy of the Jewish people that "the noose is tightening."

I think that individual may be correct.


  1. 50 Progressive Cool Points to the first person who argues that it's racist to oppose chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists!

  2. Where's Nuclear Nate when we need him, Jay?

    1. Nuclear Nate.

      Was that the guy that also went by the moniker "Palestinian Professor"?

      I remember one of those guys suggesting that Hezbollah should have nuclear weaponry.

      What a friggin' moron.

    2. Nuclear Nate is indeed the 'nukes for Hezbollah' guy. His username was sortalikenathan. As far as I know, he's never been banned or 'sanctioned' in any way, for that comment or others. Or for being one of the general 'harass the Jews' types there.

      Palestinian Professor later went by the moniker of 'simone daud,' and he was one of the handful of people actually banned for blatant antisemitism, although only after a sustained effort on our part. Of course, to 'balance' things out, a bunch of us who showed him to be an antisemite were banned shortly thereafter, apparently for embarrassing the site by exposing their harboring of racists like Mr. Daud...

    3. That's right.

      What a pleasure it is to note how well those guys are fading from my consciousness.

      Daud went over to Mondoweiss, if I am not mistaken.

      In fact, now that I think on it, we haven't seen much from the usual suspects over there. The Unspeakable One seems to be gone. The Fire Tree Bad lady, or whatever her name was, is still active.

      The Jewish anti-Zionists and Israel Haters are still out there, like Martha and Assaf.

      And then, of course, there was that "Soysauce" lady who actually flew into Ben Gurion and rightly got held for malice before being shipped back to the good old USA.

      You know what I would like to see? I would love to see you and Doodad, and whomever else, write front page material concerning their dkos experiences and how it relates to the rise of contemporary anti-Semitism veiled as "human rights."

      Something along those lines.

      What do you guys think?

    4. If there's one positive to PATCO's (the heavy rail rapid transit line between Philadelphia, Camden and a few South Jersey suburbs) current track work, and its attendant 30-minute evening headways rather than the usual 20, it's that I got an extra few minutes to finally notice the pretty cool hidden architectural flourishes down in Camden's Broadway subway station, while waiting for the train back home a couple hours ago. The original station itself was built in 1936, but it seems it was touched up with some late midcentury-modern stuff probably in the mid 60s.

      That style is extremely hit-or-miss, imo. It can be a pile of agoraphobia-inducing, wretched anti-human horror, as was unfortunately inflicted upon large chunks of Newark in the middle of the last century; or it can work great as it does along many commercial strips here in Philadelphia, from Market East to Frankford Ave. And also, down there in subterranean Camden.

      I typically just rush through that station when I have to head out to (or back from) NJ, because really... who wants to spend a minute more in that state than they have to? Heh. But yeah, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how cool the Broadway Camden station actually is when, as Ferris Bueller once advised, you stop to take a look around once in a while.

      Ah, but anyway...

      "You know what I would like to see? I would love to see you and Doodad, and whomever else, write front page material concerning their dkos experiences and how it relates to the rise of contemporary anti-Semitism veiled as "human rights."

      Something along those lines.

      What do you guys think?

      Sure, I think I can come up with something(s) eventually (right after I finish that Jewish basketball diary, ha! but yeah, I actually do intend to one day), although I'm gonna be a little shorter on time than usual for the next few months. I don't really want to dwell on that period of time, which is fortunately over (I hope to one day have them fade from my consciousness, too), too much, but I can see the value in what you mention.

    5. I'm just always curious about people's on-line biographies and how they understand the development of their politics.

      Speaking for myself, I was almost entirely uninterested in Israel until I realized just how much hatred is out there for it among the grassroots / netroots of the Democratic party and the progressive movement.

      It was all that hatred spewed at the Jews in Israel day after day after day, among comfortable and propagandized westerners, that convinced me that if we do not stand up for the Jewish State no one else would.

    6. Same goes for me kinda Mike. For me it started around 9/11. The vicious accusations by truthers, many of whom were leftist/so called Progressives, that Israel/Mossad had done 9/11 really got me riled. I had no idea there was that much crazy hate among what I considered my political roots. It was definitely an Emperor wears no clothes moment.

    7. Same here, Mike and Doodad. Although the 'switch' flipped for me later than youze guys, it was largely Daily Kos and a few other progressive-left places did it for me. They didn't really change my mind about anything (well, aside from possibly moving me from the left to the center-left, if I were an Israeli), but just seeing the seething hatred and the insanity that exists out there, and to which the Jewish state is exposed, was quite an experience. In the end, I'm glad I had it. Better that, than to remain ignorant of it!

  3. Daud is the eventual reason I got kicked off dKos. He, along with others, but mostly he, goaded me with racist and right wing accusations until I committed Hari-Kari by responding in kind. I, by that point had had enough of the swamp at any rate, so it was no big deal. What bothered me the most though was the total lack of support I got from my fellow Pro-I's there. I think I was an embarrassment to them for my less than PC ways or something like that. A few vociferous others had been treated the same so it wasn't that big a surprise but it would have been nice to have had a little support at the time. Karma was gone by then so.....Funny how Daud's racist right wing accusations eventually got repeated by some of the self-same fellow Pro-I's. Makes me think of the old "we are all Hezbollah now," crowd. Funny old world, eh?

    1. Ah, Karma.

      Now there was a good egg!

      I wonder whatever became of that guy?!


      I got the boot on the day that I published that second bathroom parody. And, yeah, I got little support from our fellow pro-I people.

      You know who really got beat up on, tho? Deaniac20. They were constantly on that guy and constantly accusing him of racism. It's so automatic and it's so knee-jerk and it's sooo illiberal, yet they love to strut their moral superiority.

      When Deaniac got the boot I was still a TU and I went back and looked at dozens and dozens of his TR'd comments and found virtually nothing that could be considered racist under any reasonable measure. The worst thing that the guy ever said was that if the Palestinians attack Israel from the territories then Israel has the right to bomb the holy hell out of them.

      And, of course, that's true, now isn't it? It may not be a PC thing to say on a ridiculously PC place like dkos, but Jews do have the right of self-defense whether anyone likes it or not.

    2. "What bothered me the most though was the total lack of support I got from my fellow Pro-I's there."

      I would have had your back. ;)

      I think that is actually what ultimately got me kicked off of there, btw. Nothing I actually said myself, but rather the fact that I did not shy down from backing up our friends when they were under attack. In fact, I recall on a couple of occasions fellow pro-I folks 'warning' me that perhaps I shouldn't have 'recced' this comment or that comment.

      I still stand by everything I did there, though. Except for one time when I was, much to my immediate regret, convinced to pull a 'rec' and to also 'unfollow' someone shortly after they were unfairly (briefly) banned for one comment. Which I later undid, at least the 'unfollow' thing, but I was still bothered by that. The more I think of it, that one instance was probably what started turning me around to where I am now.

      Yeah, that's the peer pressure thing there Doodad. Some people always were considered 'bad news' or something for our side, or apparently in the case of you and Mike, ultimately got to the point where it was considered bad form to stand with. That's what a place like Daily Kos will do to you. Fuck that! Heh.

    3. Oh, in fact I also remember one particular exchange where I stood up for Mike, not long before I was kicked out, but of course long after he was banned, and before I started regularly commenting here, and someone even emailed me(!) to tell me to stop doing that. Mike's a bad guy, or whatever. So, yeah. I know exactly what you're talking about, Doodad.

    4. Well, Karmafish was a pretty bad guy.

      Take a gander at this old thread to see what I mean.

    5. "That's what a place like Daily Kos will do to you. Fuck that! Heh."

      Feels good to be done with it doesn't it? I pity those unable to break free. It would do their souls so much good. Plus they wouldn't have to wash the swamp slime off all the time.

    6. "You can't hardly even swing a dead cat without hitting a fascist these days."

      That. Thread. Is. Awesome!

      Also interesting to note that within the next few years, a few people there who recced your comments, like blueness, sofia and Eternal Hope, became unhinged anti-Israel fanatics who wouldn't recognize antisemitism if it ran a swastika-covered pickup truck blaring neo-Nazi tunes from the sound system right into their living room.

    7. The driver of that truck would be just a really hardcore progressive human rights activist, clearly... ;)

    8. VB, btw, was not even a member yet.

  4. I heard he got a haircut and a real job. ;)

  5. It seems clear to me that we must seek to place this man's reasonable criticism of Israel's policies into its proper context, Doodad.

    (Gack, I'm turning into an EU spokesman!)

  6. LOL. Here's a little something this whole discussion about context and peer pressure and political correctness brought to mind. I think you will get a chuckle out of it.

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.”