Saturday, October 12, 2013

Abbas Claims Jerusalem for "Palestine"

Mike L.

The tidbit below was written by Zach Pontz and published at the Algemeiner.
Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview Thursday that the Palestinian Authority would not compromise on its demand for Israel to return to the 1967 armistice lines to make way for a Palestinian state, the official Wafa news agency reported on Friday.

In remarks made during an interview broadcast on Palestine Satellite channel and al-Falastiniya Satellite Channel, Abbas added that “there is no peace without Jerusalem as the capital for the state of Palestine.”
Well, that's a shame, isn't it?  And, yet, I hear Ramallah is just beautiful this time of year.

Of course, dividing the city of Jerusalem and handing the old section over to the Arabs would be a stupidity of such monumental proportions that I suspect even Israel would not do it.   The notion that dividing Jerusalem could possibly bring peace should be docketed under Delusions of Oslo.  There was a time when I would have accepted such a thing, but as I recall Bill Clinton was in office and the mood of international Jewry concerning the "peace process" was a tad different for most of us then.

While many progressive-left Jews, particularly in the diaspora, continue to think that if only all Jewish Israelis would line up together, on one foot, facing Mecca, and then jump up and down while playing the kazoo, then there will be peace.  If only the Israelis would capitulate to any racist demand made against them, such as preventing Jewish people from living, and thus building housing for themselves, in Judea.  If only Israel would handover the City of David to the Arabs, then everything will be just dandy.  If only Israel would stop protecting its citizenry from terrorist attack then there would be no terrorist attacks.

Of course, the Palestinian Authority is under no obligation to give any concessions whatsoever and no concessions are ever demanded of them outside of Jerusalem, itself.   The PA and Hamas continue to incite genocidal hatred toward Jews on television shows designed for children and the EU and the US and the UN finance that genocidal hatred.  Somebody paid Farfour the Mouse's salary and it sure wasn't Arabs.

So, dictator Abbas threatens violence against the Jewish people unless we fork over Jerusalem, huh?  I don't think that it's going to happen.  Surely no Israeli PM would be so stupid at this point to cut any such deal.  It may have been understandable when Barak was PM, but those days are long gone.

I am still open to the two-state solution, but it will not come in any meaningful way through these bogus negotiations.  It will only come when Israel summons the will to take matters into its own hands and declare its final boundaries and then be prepared to defend itself to the utmost when the Arabs attack.

And there can be peace, but it will be a peace that will only come through actual victory.  This is a truth that nobody wants to hear and that I do not like saying, but it is the truth, nonetheless.  We can continue to chase unicorns and rainbows, but thus far those unicorns and rainbows are responsible for an awful lot of blood.


  1. Wait Mike, let me try to wrap my head around this concept.

    You mean to tell me that there are other obstacles to peace than the comical portrait of an evil, mustache-twisting, omnipotent, invisible-strings-pulling, AIPAC-Mossad-Jewish Conspiracy World Director who speaks for, and through, every single one of the world's leaders except that heroic (and moderate!) dictator Abbas?!?!?!?

    Boy, I must spend way too much time on 'progressive' blogs. I just can't even fathom this!


  2. For example
    UNESCO is complaining about what Israelis do in Israel to Jewish landmarks.No one should be fooled that slicing up Israel and giving another big piece of it away will placate anyone or that appeasing them makes the least sense. They do no operate according to compromise. It's death or glory all or nothing.

    1. Well, Trudy, you know what they say about an all-or-nothing kind of guy.

      If you can't have it all, you get nothing.