Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Here it is!

Mike L.

I found the clip that I referenced in the piece below.

I wrote:
The cognitive level of someone who would think in such terms reminds me of a scene from the HBO special Band of Brothers.  A number of GIs are riding in the back of an open truck somewhere in Europe during the World War II, one of whom is reading a newspaper.  The soldier sitting next to him says, "So, whatcha reading?"  He replies, "Well, I am reading this article about how we got into the war and it says that the Germans are bad."  And the other guy sort-of rolls his eyes and says something like, "Oh, is that what it is?  Is that why we're at war, because the Germans are bad?  Ya don't say."
Here's the actual clip:

So, is this a reflection on the guy who wrote the article or, perhaps, the moron reading the article?

"Learn something new every day, eh?"

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