Sunday, October 20, 2013

Palestinian-Arabs Fly the Nazi Flag

Michael L.

The tidbit below was written and published by Arutz Sheva staff.
For at least the second time in five months, Arab residents of Beit Umar in the Palestinian Authority (PA) have placed a Nazi flag over a major thoroughfare where Jews pass in their vehicles. Beit Umar is located between Halhoul and the Etzion Bloc, not far from Hevron.

Soldiers from the Haruv battalion in Kfir Regiment tried to take down the flag Saturday, but encountered difficulty because it was placed very high up.

A similar event took place at Beit Umar in May, when hundreds of residents of Gush Etzion who drove down Highway 60 were astounded to see an oversized Nazi flag flying next to a mosque in the Arab town.
Naive western progressives believe that the "Palestinian" national movement is about social justice for the local Arabs, but that is not what it is about, nor was that ever what it was about.


  1. The fact remains the Arabs are still wedded to Nazism and would like to finish what Hitler started.

    Symbols of this kind chosen by Jew-hating Arabs isn't coincidental and is surely intended to send the Jews an unmistakable message.

    Peace isn't in the cards with Arabs who hold the Nazis in high esteem.

  2. "Kill Jews wherever you find them for the love of God, history, and religion." ......The Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin el-Husseini

    1. Right.

      And the Mufti was the father of the "Palestinian" national movement - movement that is responsible for hundred of thousands of Jewish deaths in the Holocaust - not to mention an uncle of that great humanitarian, Yassir Arafat.

  3. Yep and this is what people support when they support Palestinians. That and the decapitation of little settler babies. They should be ashamed.

  4. Turn them into prayer rugs and hand them out for free at the temple mount for all the good Muslims to partake of. Then twitter the hell out of the snapshots. Since Abu Mazen is a Holocaust denier (and has a PhD in Holocaust denial from the 3CP), they would be faced with being embarrassed by praying atop acres of Nazi flags or being asked to justify why they worship a bunch of pikers who 'didn't' do the Holocaust.

  5. "To liberals, progressives, peaceniks, social justice activists — whatever you’re calling yourselves this week: please don’t write and tell me that not all Muslims are Nazis, that you, personally, know some very civilized, moderate Muslims.

    Those unicorn Muslims are irrelevant.

    That Nazi flag flying proudly in an Arab settlement inside Israel is the true face of pan-Arab nationalism.

    The so-called Palestinians — a national identity invented by the KGB for their Arab clients in the mid-1960s — have zero interest in creating a viable state.

    Their primary interest is in destroying Israel, the Jewish state. The Arab Muslim love affair with jihad, a cult of murder, torture, and death, finds its apotheosis in the Nazi party. Thus, even as the Muslim world publicly denies the Holocaust, behind closed doors it celebrates the German genocide of the Jews and draws inspiration from it.

    Note that the so-called Palestinians already have a state: Gaza, home to a variety of competing Islamist terrorist armies, including the Iranian militia Hizbullah. Naturally, the reichlet of Gaza is Judenrein. All too soon the members of its various terrorist groups — adherents of the religion of peace — will complete the ethnic cleansing of Gaza’s Christians as well.

    The best Israel can hope for in the foreseeable future is to manage the various IslamoNazis and their chronically unstable nations...."

  6. Make a flag by combining the Piggly Wiggly logo and print along the bottom underneath in Arabic "The Prophet Mohammed"