Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kerry Takes a Slap at Netanyahu

Michael L.

The tidbit below was published by Y-Net.
In a speech Monday night at a disarmament forum, Kerry said the United States has "an opportunity to try to put to test whether or not Iran really desires to pursue only a peaceful program, and will submit to the standards of the international community in the effort to prove that to the world."

He added: "I suggest that the idea that the United States of America, as a responsible nation to all of humankind, would not explore that possibility would be the height of irresponsibility."

In response to the Israeli demand for more pressure, Kerry said "some have suggested that somehow there's something wrong" with giving diplomacy a chance.

"We will not succumb to those fear tactics and forces that suggest otherwise," Kerry said.
It has to be recognized that the Obama administration has no intention whatsoever in preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weaponry.  It could hardly be more obvious at this point.  Just as Obama supported the Arab Spring in the name of democracy, despite the fact that political Islam is a non-democratic movement, so it will enable a nuclear Iran in the name of diplomacy.

The Obama administration has been an absolute disaster in terms of foreign policy.  Not only has this administration supported the rise of political Islam throughout the Middle East, even going so far as to send heavy weaponry to Muslim Brotherhood-led Egypt prior to the downfall of Muhammed Morsi, but it has alienated its allies all over the world.  No one trusts the United States under the Obama administration and some have suggested that Russia may be filling the vacuum of power in the Middle East left by the United States.

Furthermore, freeing the murderers of Jews, as I discussed yesterday, is a betrayal of Israel's very reason to be.  This betrayal probably came about due to pressure from the Obama administration because otherwise it means that it came about due to pressure from the Palestinian Authority, which is highly unlikely.  The release of these murderers, of course, will do absolutely nothing to help bring about a peaceful resolution to the ongoing war against the Jews in the Middle East.  Because the Arab majority is absolutely intransigent in its hostility to the Jewish minority these concessions will be pocketed and simply lead to the next round of demands.

Meanwhile, in Persia the centrifuges continue to spin.

From the comments:
10. Richard Cohen's article in the Washington Post...

titled 'Questioning Obama's competence' points out that America and Obama's standing is not what it once was and that neither are held in awe or respect any longer. From the U.S. causing the world financial crisis to Obama's failed foreign and domestic policies, the spying scandal, not to mention the political gridlock the U.S. appears to have lost control of itself and that is extremely dangerous for the future safety of the world. Yet the only world leader who seems to be towing the Obama line is Netanyahu. Yet Israels' very existence is at stake. I am a fan of Bibi, but he cannot afford to let Obama dictate Israeli policy when it comes to Israels future. Obama is at best incompetent or at worst Israels' biggest closet enemy. While uranium enrichment continues and world 'leaders' lips keep flapping, Israels very existence is at peril. Obama is already a lame-duck at home and now abroad. There are only three more years of his administration to endure. If I were Bibi, I would rather strike Iran now and risk 'managing' Obama till he is out of office, than risk a nuclear Iran. ex-frummie ,

Johannesburg S.A. (10.29.13)
I do not know that the US is responsible for the world financial crisis, but it is clearly true that Obama is at best incompetent and at worst Israel's biggest "closet enemy."  That any Jew anywhere could possibly support an American president that supports the most fascistic and anti-Semitic political movement in the world today staggers the imagination, yet they do.
5. Netanyahu hung out to dry

The sheer idiocy of Netanyahu's yielding to American pressure to "negotiate" with the Palestinians even to the point of releasing terrorist murderers becomes clearer by the day. In return for a worthless promise from Obama and Kerry to "keep all options on the table", Netanyahu is now talking about such things as Israel returning to the 1949 Armistice-Auschwitz Lines, dividing Jerusalem, and turning over the Temple Mount to the Palestinians. Utter lunacy on all counts--as with Syria, the Americans would never have attacked Iran or supported an Israeli attack..

george , ashdod (10.29.13)
The potential division of Jerusalem should be a "red line" for all of us.  I know that progressive-left dhimmis like Jon Segall would favor tearing Jerusalem asunder if the Arabs made sweet noises but, for those of us not so ideologically enslaved, the potential division of Jerusalem must be fought against at all costs.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that the Knesset should take control of the Temple Mount because the Waqf has shown itself, through the wanton destruction of ancient Jewish artifacts, to be an irresponsible caretaker.
7. Kerry is an idiot in the original sense of the word

That is, someone who does not know nor understand what is going on in the polis, in this case, the world.

Jumbix (10.29.13)
I do not know what Kerry is.  All that I have to say about the man is that he is the spitting image of Stan Laurel!

Yes, that was gratuitous, I know.  But, damn, the man looks just like Stan Laurel!

Whose fault is that, huh?
11. Bibi can no longer hide behind US inaction

If he wants to fiddle while Tel Aviv burns, dont blame the US any more. Obama's isolationism is now predictable. He has abandoned US foreign interest in the ME. Israel is truly alone.

Lemmings Hotline , sd usa (10.29.13)
We cannot know what Netanyahu is thinking or what his intentions are.  Given the man's background - the influence of his historian father and the death of his brother at Entebbe - one would hope that he would not be so enthralled by the hideous Obama administration that he would actually trust that administration to prevent Iranian nukes.   Also, of course, Israel is emphatically NOT alone when it comes to opposition to Iranian nuclear weaponry.  Saudi Arabia does not want to see a nuclear Iran and neither does Egypt.  Europe has no reason to celebrate an Iran with nuclear weaponry, but no one is willing to prevent it.

If Israel takes unilateral action it will have the quiet support of all sorts of countries throughout the world... who will, if Israel does what they want it to do, turn on it in a New York minute.  They will scream to the heavens about Israeli aggression even as they wipe a little sweat from their brow.  They will leave Israel to do their dirty work and then they will condemn Israel for doing so.

So, cancel that.  Israel truly is alone.
21. Kerry is the ONE who pushed for the release of convicted...

...mass murderers of Jewish children. Now, he is about to allow Iran to continue to develop nuclear weapons with which to threaten the six million Jews of Israel. And, yet, the Jewish community in America will support him when he stand for elections for the presidency.... How pathetic!!

Hermon Ben-Israel , Qatzrin, Israel (10.29.13)


  1. The point to having atomic weapons is not to use them it's to use them as leverage for doing something else. Atomic weapons are the bully behind you as you mess with your neighbors. In this day and age there's an additional unit of leverage that atomic weapons provides and that's to threaten to proliferate them to even less savory pirates.

    A nuclear tipped Iran is less likely to bomb someone with it than they are to arm more terrorists and maniacs to roam the world under the protection of their nuclear umbrella. A nuclear tipped Iran is more likely to get concessions from the EU switched off if Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Zagreb are all in range of their atomic missiles. A nuclear armed Iran is far far more likely to command control of the Straits of Hormuz than tolerate any other nation doing that. A nuclear tipped Iran is less likely to give one to Hezbollah in lieu of waving it around so they can take total control of Lebanon, parts of Syria, and Kurdistan. A nuclear tipped Iran can send terrorists and insurgents into all the Shiite majority GCC states and start revolutions. And seems to be where Obama wants it to go. As the US leaves the entire region, they don't want a vacuum so they're willing to give the regional superpower job to Iran or in the least create a nuclear arms race among Iran, Saudi Arabia and possibly Turkey. Who knows maybe they wouldn't even have to develop them. It's not inconceivable that Pakistan or France would be happy to sell them some. What better way to spread influence and build down one's own expensive stockpile? Even the UK with its sub fleet may be faced soon with an independent and non nuclear Scotland forcing England to relocate its only nuclear sub base for an estimated 50 billion pounds which it doesn't have. They might decide it's better just to give them all up and sell a few to the Saudis or perhaps a whole SLBM sub with all the missiles already in it. We all think no one could possibly be that irresponsible but we said no one would 'ever' let those ayatollah nuts get the bomb in the first place.

    The point to having one is to demonstrate a few things - they're smart, their ruthless, they're not predictable, they can punch far above their weight class and the can influence events, politically outside of their borders. It's to show what one is capable of doing.

    1. I believe that you are correct and I would add that if Iran attains nuclear weaponry we will see a power shift in the Middle East in their direction, as well as a nuclear arms race with countries like Egypt, and perhaps even Saudi Arabia ramping up efforts to get those centrifuges spinning.