Monday, October 14, 2013

Zuckerberg is in Trouble with the Jews!

Mike L.

{Cross-posted at News and Views from Jews Down Under.}

I have nothing against Mark Zuckerberg.

The guy invented Facebook and got himself about as ridiculously wealthy as one can possibly be.  Good for him.  The problem, of course, is that since Facebook is the premier social networking site in the universe, it is also the premier anti-Semitic website in the universe.  It is unclear to me, however, that this is saying much.  Facebook may be the premier anti-Semitic website, but it is also the premier website that promotes bowling and skydiving and tiddly-winks.  

This is not Mark Zuckerberg's fault.  It's simply the nature of the beast.  

People discuss everything on Facebook, which is why they also discuss the various ways in which Jews and Zionists and Israel allegedly suck.  The reason that there is less discussion about the suckiness of Rosicrucians or Mennonites is because neither Rosicrucians, nor Mennonites, are subject to the degree of traditional and historical irrational race hate as are Jews and because neither Rosicrucians, nor Mennonites, have a beleaguered state to hang that hatred upon. 

Furthermore, I don't get much sense that Zuckerberg cares about either the Jewish people or the Jewish State of Israel.  I could very well be wrong, because I simply don't care that much about either Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg, and therefore have not bothered to look into it.

So, I really have no idea what I am talking about.

Nonetheless, there is a protest happening today at the offices of Facebook at 1601 Willow Road, in Menlo Park, CA.  A couple of hundred people may show up in order to encourage Zuckerberg to curb genocidal anti-Semitic race hate on his website and I would encourage him to do so, as well.

It is sometimes necessary to remind people - because they often forget - that supporting genocidal race hatred toward the tiny Jewish minority in the world is, perhaps, not so good, and that if you support the BDS or anti-Zionism that is precisely what you are supporting.

BDS and anti-Zionism mean Jew Hatred and nothing else.

I think that Markos Moulitsas could use that reminder, as can Arianna Huffington, as can all the purveyors of hatred toward the Jewish people in the United States, a hatred which, today, primarily comes out of the progressive-left.

Those who purvey that hatred, such as Zuckerberg, are not necessarily anti-Semites.  I very much doubt that Zuckerberg is.  The problem with the purveyors is not that they are anti-Semitic, but that they simply do not care and they very much want those of us who do care to simply shut the hell up.

I want to thank our friend JayinPhiladelphia (a Big Tip 'O the Kippa) for alerting me to this and very much hope that Zuckerberg and his people take some notice.

{I wouldn't count on it, however.}


  1. Well, we didn't quite get several hundred, but Facebook noticed. Will it make a difference? Too soon to tell.

    1. Hi Dusty,

      thanks for dropping in.

      So you were part of that action, huh?

      Why am I not surprised!

      Good for you guys and keep it up.

  2. Well, Mike, if you'd like to stay in the loop of whats happening locally (and not wait for your friends in Philadelphia to tell you), you know where to look.