Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jon Segall: A Case Study in Dhimmitude

Mike L.

{I intend for this to be an ongoing look at how dhimmitude and authoritarianism function.}

I notice that Obama sycophant, Jon Segall, has issues with my recent piece, David Mamet Tells the Left to Go Screw.

But if the man insists on chasing me around the internet then he needs to answer for his slandering of JayinPhiladelphia. 

Jon Segall claimed that one of my writers threatened his children.

This claim is vile and wrong and simply immoral and has yet to be answered for.

He wrote:
You have a problem with me that is one thing but you will not threaten my family in any way, shape or form. Do I need to be clearer?
Of course, JayinPhiladelphia did no such thing.

He then went on to say:
And Mike - you own this blog. Should something happen because this crazy a-hole is using your blog as "jump off point" then I hold you responsible.
I think that Jon Segall, known as Volleyboy1 on Daily Kos and on his failed blog, The Progressive Zionist, needs to answer for that insidious accusation.  He claimed that Jay "outed" him, when Jay did no such thing and now - vile hypocrite that he is - he has outed himself at the Times of Israel.

I have also been told that he has implied violence toward me, personally.

I would very much recommend against and I would recommend that Mr. Segall cease following me around the internet unless he truly does want trouble.

I mean, if Jon wants, I can take him up as a project and go through his loathsome material in order to show the various ways that he blames hatred for the Jewish people on the Jewish people and how he gives radical Islam a pass, while attacking Jewish defenders of the Jewish state.  We can call it something like, Jon Segall: A Case Study in Dhimmitude.

In fact, I can hard code it on the upper-right side of the page as a companion to the Failures of Progressive-Left Zionism series.  That's actually a pretty good idea!

And if that is what he wants then I will be more than happy to oblige.  I was considering some other projects over the coming weeks and months, but I can take up Jon Segall as a project if that is what he truly would like.

I will leave that decision up to him and if he continues his campaign of harassment and character assassination then I will be more then happy to address his core issues.

For the moment, however, I will be satisfied if he apologizes to JayinPhiladelphia for defaming this good man and if he apologizes for his dhimmitudenous bigotry against the Jews who live in Judea and Samaria.

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