Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Open Season on Jews in Israel

Michael L.

The tidbit below was written by Maayana Miskin and published in Arutz Sheva.

Five people were injured Tuesday morning in a massive rock ambush near Jerusalem. An Arab mob hurled large stones at passing cars with Israeli license plates.

Arutz Sheva spoke to one of the injured, Rabbi Kfir Getz. In a conversation held as an ambulance took him to a Jerusalem hospital, Rabbi Getz recalled the terrifying attack, and the split-second change that he says saved his life.

Rabbi Getz was on his way to his place of work near Gilo in Jerusalem when he encountered the mob. “I saw a boy around 13 years old with murder in his eyes and a giant stone,” he recalled.

A split second later, his windshield shattered and glass flew into the car as the first rocks hit.
Israel needs to show its Arabs that teaching their children that it's OK to attack Jews with rocks and boulders is not acceptable.  I understand, of course, that stoning Jews is an old-timey Arab hobby and that it has many centuries of tradition behind it, but, still, it might be time to let it go.

Israel very much needs to crack down on this kind of thing.

From the comments:
4. Where are the arrests?  
So in Israel if are in a group and you attempt to murder people you are just dispersed? WTF? Arrest them all and make them hire lawyers and pay fines and sit in jail. That is what is supposed to happen to criminals.  
Evan, St Petersburg (22/10/13)
Yes, arresting the little bastards would be a good place to start, don't you think?
5. Obviously Jews are not afforded police protection.

Consequently the Jewish people must equip itself with instruments for self defense. And use such instruments as need be if attacked.

SHmuel, Eretz Israel (22/10/13)
But any efforts at Jewish self-defense will be regarded as fascistic acts of aggression by the UN, the EU, and our progressive-left friends here in the United States.
6. Stones Kill

When will the Israeli Gov't describe what is going on as what it is, WAR, and start treating the perpetrators as what they are, enemy soldiers. The situation is not going to go away by ignoring what it is. The only way to win is by killing the enemy, whether they are hiding behind "innocent children and women".

Belle, USA (22/10/13)
Yes, well, that's one point of view, now isn't it?  Of course, Belle is correct.  These acts of violence by Arab teenagers against Jews in Israel are part of the larger ongoing Arab-Muslim war against the Jews of the Middle East.   They are essentially ground troops within the larger project of harassing the Jewish minority in that part of the world.  Meanwhile, our friends who concern themselves with little things like "social justice" and "human rights" consider the majoritarian aggressors to be the victims and the minority victim population - which is the Jewish population - to be the aggressors.
9. Arabs with rocks

I think that any driver who is attacked should *deliberately* (if possible) drive right into the mob, and hopefully kill a few of the murderous vermin.

Gavriela, usa (22/10/13)
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." - Gandhi

Of course, Gandhi was also an anti-Zionist.  Just sayin.'
13. Drivers, carry

rifles, shoot the rock-throwers. Amen !!!

A, PG BC CA (22/10/13)
I particularly like the little prayer directly after the call for retaliatory violence.  Might as well cry out, "Allahu Akbar!"

Look, obviously I am not going to condone vigilante retaliation against such behavior, but Israeli and Jewish frustration at the attempts to murder Jews on the roads of Israel are very well understandable.  I empathize with their desire to strangulate the little bastards, but I would hope that the Israeli government could take the necessary steps to quell this kind of behavior.

Can they not?
14. As long as traitorous leftists rule,this will continue

Is this why Jews came back to their homeland after 1900 years? So that a Jew in his own capital city would not be sure with his life when driving through certain neighborhoods.There is only one solution to this problem,and we all know what it is,even the criminally insane delusional traitorous leftist's know it,that solution was articulated by a certain rabbi 25 years ago,and for that he was thrown out of that insane asylum called the Knesset

Chaim Schonbrun, Brooklyn ny (22/10/13)
People like "progressive Zionist" Jon Segall consider the late Meir Kahane to be the devil.  But, of course, he's just one of any number of Jewish conservatives that Jewish progressives love to demean and spit hatred at.  A big part of the reason that I sometimes stand up for Pamela Geller is because she is an object of hatred among leftists within the Jewish community, so naturally I come to her defense when I can.  I do not have to agree with her on everything to recognize that she's fighting the fight that progressives would be fighting if they actually believed in their own values.  She opposes the violence and human rights violations associated with the movement for Islamic Supremacism.  She opposes the calls for genocide of the Jews.  She opposes female genital mutilation.  She opposes the practice of killing one's daughter for the crime of promiscuity or the crime of being accused of promiscuity.  And she opposes hanging gay people from cranes and is willing to say so.

I would certainly rather stand with her than with the people who are inclined to give such behavior a pass, such as our current president of the United States.

As for Kahane, I oppose turning Israel into a theocratic state and I oppose the idea of the transference of unruly Arabs out of the country.  However, I do think that they need to be made to understand that violence against the Jewish people will simply not be tolerated and that Israel should strengthen measures in order to get that message across.

In no uncertain terms.


  1. How does one stand up for a people that is so reluctant to stand up for itself?

    It's a good question, I think.

  2. In France, in the banlieue it's very much the same. Whole suburbs which are no-go zones, not only for civilians but for public services including police, fire and EMS. The French don't have or seemingly want a solution either preferring instead to ignore it and letting is fester until it results in the normally annual 3,000 car arsonist outburst. Then the national police move in, put the fires out, clear the streets more or less and go home. I'm afraid that this sort of thing will define the outlines of any future boundaries and borders. Just cut off the cancer areas and let them feed off each other. Any final status will have to involve cutting off infrastructure and public services to the Arabs anyway. So let the PLO deal with it. No doubt they'll refuse to grant any of those people full 'palestinian' status anyway preferring to call them all 'refugees' and leaving it for the EU/UN to pay for. But so what? After that any violence in Israel is a different country and Israel can do whatever is standard for dealing with mob violence in Israel under Israeli law. I mean if you're going to sneak into another country to murder people you get what you deserve is you get caught.

    As far as fending off the Children of the Corn in the streets, I don't know. In South Africa it's normal to not swerve out of the way for anyone stupid enough to think that blocking the street is going to make you stop. I'm fairly sure that if it were me and my family in the car there would be Arabs flying over the hood. Everything else is for lawyers to sort out.

  3. "Makeshift grenade hurled at Israeli school bus in West Bank "

    And on and on it goes

    1. Israel needs to crackdown.

      The Jewish left will object, but the Jewish left is worthless.

      We need to make Palestinian-Arabs understand that random violence against innocent Jews will be met with a harsh response.

    2. That would be the natural response of any civilized nation. Israel should be no different. Imagine how this crap will escalate IF there is actually any real evidence that a peace may be brokered soon. The crazies will bloom like weeds.

  4. "Zionist leader Berl Katznelson once asked, “Is there another People on Earth so emotionally twisted that they consider everything their nation does despicable and hateful, while every murder, rape, robbery committed by their enemies fill their hearts with admiration and awe?” Could anyone imagine an Italian Cultural Center showing movies that mock and harm their people?"

    1. The Jewish soul has been wounded by centuries of persecution.

      It has led to a generalized hyper self-critical masochism that is exploited by the enemies of the Jewish people.

      Jews can be made to feel guilt-ridden at the drop of a Palestinian hat, but I, for one, refuse to wear the hair shirt.

      None of us should.

  5. Self-defense is not vigilantism, and though I certainly wouldn't recommend civilians specifically seeking out murderous mobs of stone-throwers with the intent to punish (that's the job of the police wherever they come across same), I would hardly consider comment 13 a call for retaliatory violence.

    I'm probably more 'pro-gun' than most Americans, and certainly more pro-gun than almost all of my fellow liberals. Granting that, I would still argue that it should not be considered unreasonable, in anybody's eyes, to use whatever means of defense one has at one's hands, when one finds oneself under attack by those who mean to immediately end your life.

    I'll leave out the prayer, of course, because I don't do that... ;)

    1. I am apparently both to the right of you, and to the left of a certain other fellow former acquaintance of ours, in someone else's estimation, tonight.

      Interesting times we live in, brother...


    2. Agreed on hoping the IDF takes a more active stance soon, btw.

      And please, don't miss snow. It's nothing worth missing! Just so happens I found out this week that I'm going to be stationed in the one facility at work which consists of the most outside work (about 66%), from January to March.

      An entire northeastern winter, working outside at least 5 out of 8 hours per day.


      At least I finally get paid well, though. Heh.

      I gotta get fishing, too, now that I think of it...

  6. Also, o/t, but I've apparently been blocked from commenting on Tikkun Daily, again, this time for asking why Michael Lerner sees fit to have an antisemitic hate site, Mondoweiss, on his blogroll.

    That hate site currently prominently features a front-page article claiming newly-elected NJ United States Cory Booker is a bad guy, apparently because Jews have given him money.

    Now there are plenty of reasons to oppose Mr. Booker, as I do (from his left), but the fact that Jews have contributed to his campaign doesn't exactly strike me as a particularly reasonable one.

    Still, good to know the type of people he feels cool rollin' with...

  7. So, what was that all about, anyway?

    Jon Segall is now chasing Harris-Gershon around Tikkun on-line?

    I mean, it seems as if Harris-Gerson's blog post was in response to something else, but I see nothing to indicate what that something else is.

  8. Jon wrote a pretty spot-on post at TOI taking Mr. Harris-Gershon out behind the woodshed, in response to which Mr. Harris-Gershon donned his Useful Idiot mask at Daily Kos (and Tikkun Daily) to cry, once again, about how The Bad Jooooz are, like, sooooooo very mean to him, and stuff.

    Jon then posted a very reasonable reply to the Tikkun Daily post, which was initially deleted, and then restored after others called him out on it.

    Then some 'admin' came in, and made a BS claim that the comment was 'caught in an automatic spam filter,' even though others clearly saw that it posted just fine, and was soon after deleted.

    Harris-Gershon is once again pretending that he has no moderate or liberal opposition to his 'voice of reason' out there, and that every single one of his opponents are hard-core, right-wing, Tea Party fanatics. Or something like that.

    He's tried the same tactic with me, in one of your TOI post's comment sections, if you'll recall, even though Segall and I are both clearly liberals by anybody's definition.

    I realize neither of us are very fond of Mr. Segall, but he's definitely in the right here, and was smeared by The Useful Idiot, who is now ignoring the whole thing and hoping to flit away above it all.

    JNEREBEL is taking it to The Useful Idiot on his above-linked Daily Kos post, as well.

    It's fun to watch. :)

  9. *reasonable, except for the cheap shot at you, but that's just to be expected by now, I suppose...

  10. Well, Harris-Gershon will get his fifteen minutes, but it will come at the expense of the Jewish people and the Jewish state which he so readily defames.

    What's most insidious about a guy like this is that he speaks in the language of peace and social justice even as he spreads hatred toward his own people.

    Segall may help spread hatred toward Jews who live in Judaea and Samaria, but Harris-Gershon spreads hatred toward all of us.

  11. And AGAIN!!!!!

    " Eight people suffered light injuries Saturday evening when they drove into an Arab rock ambush near Al Fawar in the Mount Hevron areas.

    They were taken to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva. Voice of Israel public radio said that the rocks struck a bus and a car. "

    This is getting crazy.

  12. It needs to end, Doodad. Can you imagine how quickly racist stonings would be stomped out, violently and permanently, rightly so, by the authorities, if they were taking place in Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Berlin, Manchester, Amsterdam or Dublin?

    Hours? Minutes?