Friday, October 25, 2013


  1. Want. Beautiful jacket.

    "This 1940s Philadelphia Sphas team jacket is an article of early basketball memorabilia that hails, not from the NBA, not from the ABA, but from the even lesser known ABL, the first true professional basketball league. Athletes of the ABL were, for the most part, children of first generation immigrants, and so most of the players were individuals of Jewish, Italian, or Irish descent. This particular garment was worn by a member of the South Philadelphia Hebrew Association—the "Sphas." (The team was called the Sphas because the Association supplied the players with uniforms.) The red-white-and-blue satin zip-up jacket showcases "PHILA SPHAS" in red-on-white felt twill lettering on the back of the piece. The relic bears two front pockets, and the Wilson size label sewn to the collar reveals the garment's size "42." A strip tag situated below the size indicator showcases what was very likely the player's jersey number, "8," in red stitching. Somehow, the red, white, and blue colors on this 60-year-old basketball attire remain fresh, and the few instances of soiling are truly negligible. In 1950, team founder Eddie Gottlieb sold the franchise to former Sphas star Red Klotz, who changed the squad's name to the Washington Generals. LOA from Mastro Auctions."

    Fantastic Philadelphia colors, too!

  2. Need to decide on a bar to watch the Penn State - Ohio State game at tonight. I'm ready for a huge Penn State upset!

    I'll watch Temple lose at my usual corner rowhouse bar down the block later this afternoon. Need to make a trip to the hardware store now, which I should have ideally done about 5 hours ago...

  3. Having draft Rolling Rocks in the diviest of divey Port Richmond corner rowhouse bars right now.

    A toothless female of the Kenzo type is attempting to follow me home.

    Despite that, I love my city and my 'hood to no end!

    G-d bless the River Wards.

    Wish youze could be here!

  4. Well okay, Penn State's probably not winning this week, but the Flyers have swept New York, so all is certainly good in the hockey world, at least!

    1. A hat trick for Vincent Lecavalier in just his second game back... good times!

  5. Brits doing it again. Gotta love 'em

    "Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has reportedly blamed Jewish groups with “unlimited” funds for the Israeli-Arab conflict.

    “I nearly fell off my rickety British chair today when former UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw spoke at the Round Table Global Diplomatic Forum in the British House of Commons. Listing the greatest obstacles to peace, he said "unlimited" funds available to Jewish organizations and AIPAC in the US are used to control and divert American policy in the region,” former Member of Knesset Einat Wilf reported on her Facebook page.

    Straw also blamed “Germany's ‘obsession’ with defending Israel,” she said, adding, “I guess he neglected to mention Jewish control of the media...”