Friday, October 18, 2013


  1. Muzzleloader deer (antlerless) season opens in PA today. Still a bit off for the rest of us, though. The plan for now is to take a long weekend off next year, and fail at said endeavor. I should probably have a plan in place, though, for what to do in the unlikely event that I somehow manage to succeed. That would be smart. Heh.

    1. So, you hunt?

      When I was in Pennsylvania I was surprised to learn that my particular school district actually closed the schools on the first day of hunting season.

      You know what they say about PA, tho. It's got Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, and Alabama in the middle!

    2. Next time will be my first, and it will become a regular thing, now that I finally have money again.

      (fishing, too)

      I never really had any intent to do so, until a few years ago, when I broke my years-long vegetarianism and began eating meat again.

      I made myself one promise. If I went back to that, I'd have to do some of the dirty work myself.

      I've already helped a small farmer friend slaughter a cow, and next I have to hunt a deer.

      You may already know that my main activist interest is food politics, and thus this is how I've got to set my overactive conscience at ease.

      Keeping a promise to myself!

      I think most school districts in Pennsylvania close for the first day of all-out deer season. I actually think that's great, personally. Instills a certain DIY mentality in our next generation, and on top of that? Since we've already unfortunately extirpated our native wolf, cougar, etc... predator populations, deer are exploding in the northeast, and destroying our gardens, killing people via automobile collisions, etc etc...

      They taste really good, too. ;)

    3. So, what you're claiming is that T-bone steak isn't born on a bed of Styrofoam covered in plastic?

      Do you have any evidence for this rather strange assertion?

  2. And Temple wins a football game, for the first time in almost a year! 33-14, over Army.

    Our (literally) defenseless Eagles have to get the best of the Cowboys in a shootout tomorrow, to take sole control of first place in the NFC East.

    My Main Man Nick Foles (tm) is starting tomorrow, and I have faith in him and Chip!

    Oddly enough, half the locker room at work (in North Jersey, which is Giants and Jets country) consists of boisterous Cowboys fans. They need to be silenced. Let's hope it can be done by my Eagles tomorrow!

    Btw, here's a bonus joke from my cousin, a lifelong resident of Passaic, NJ, and unfortunately also a lifelong (born in the mid-70s) Cowboys fan...

    "Knock knock"

    "Who's there?"


    "Owen who?"


    He was, of course, directing this at fans of the New Jersey Football Giants.

    I chuckled...

  3. Still trying to settle myself down in Apartment #2 in North Jersey, btw. Nothing in Newark is really working out long-term for now, so I'm looking at Illtown (East Orange!) for a more permanent place.

    Irvington and Hillside are in the mix, but all places I've found there are either too expensive or too far from the bus or train.

    So Illtown it's lookin' like it is, yo. ;)

  4. Born down in a dead man's town, the first kick I took was when hit the ground...

    Oh sorry, I'm in a Bruuuuuuuce mood this morning. Jersey Strong, even though I have a not-so-complicated hate-hate relationship with that place.