Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Brotherhood Kept Copts from Voting in Egypt

Mike L.

Al-Ahram is reporting that Christian Egyptians, the Copts, were kept from voting by Brotherhood thugs in the recent election.

The translation is poor, because it comes from the Google automatic translate function, but here it is:

Rally: Brotherhood prevented Copts from voting

Source: Al-Ahram daily

Nabil Zaki, spokesman of the party assembly that he had learned from many people in the level that the Brotherhood shut down entire streets and prevent the Copts from the vote at gunpoint and was making threats to the families of Christianity if you allow her children to get out the vote and repeated at several points.

I wonder if the Catholic Church or any of the Protestant denominations... like, say, oh, the Methodists... will care?


  1. Yeah, I'm sure they'll get to it right after the 2014 divestment vote...

    1. Oops, that would be the Presbyterians. But yeah, the Methodists, too.

      Don't type at 6 AM on a Sunday pre-coffee, Jay... ;)

  2. Noted gentlemen and thank you.

    I think we should be Methodical about this. They would expect nothing less of us.


  3. Leave it to that autocratic thing called the papacy to do something, oh wait, they're one of the least transparent, most corrupt governments on the face of the Earth. After all, they hold back gay marriage, and women clergy. But oh wait, they're "progressive," they support Palestine...