Sunday, July 8, 2012

On Wine and Olive Oil


I spent yesterday up in North Jersey with my mother (the non-Jewish side of my family), and on our trip to the liquor store after she picked me up from the train station, I convinced her to buy some Israeli wine.  Her natural inclination, partially due to the locavore ethic I impressed upon her over the last decade, is to buy New Jersey or New York wines; as Pennsylvania wines would be mine these days.

I bought a 4-pack of Allagash White, my current favorite summer beer, myself (although Philadelphia Brewing Company's Walt Wit, brewed just down the street from me, is growing on me), but only because I have a... bad history... with the drink, and all I can indulge in these days is a beer or three, and only with others, while I'm away from home.  Otherwise, I also certainly would have gone with some of that Israeli wine myself.

This is just to note that this is all in 'honor' of the BDSers, who like to think they're doing something moral or unique; but who are only, in fact, yet the latest in the long, sad line of those who've called for economic boycotts against Jews throughout history.

In general, my religion is farmers' markets and farmstands, although I'll always make exceptions for Israeli produce, where I never otherwise would have done so for products which have traveled halfway around the world.

I'm not an investor, and I doubt I ever will be (hey, maybe they can even make fun of me for being a poor ethnic white person who lives in inner city Philadelphia -- they can join that dick Charles Murray in that! -- yeah, but I'm sure I'd still be the "right winger"...), so I can't buy shares of stock in companies they target, but olive oil and whatnot is surely fair game for me. :)

But, anyway.  Thanks to those folks!  As they fail again, and again, and again, and again... my mother and I, people who never in a million years would have gone out of our way to buy Israeli wine or olive oil, are very much enjoying same at this very moment, while youze try to sugarcoat and explain away yet another one of your massive failures at this year's Presbyterian General Assembly.  Not to mention everywhere else, but particularly in this case.  Youze were actually supposed to win this one, yet once again failed miserably.

Go move your bowels in the ocean, BDSers.

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  1. My understanding is that there are any number of retailers in Toronto who couldn't be more pleased about BDS.

    Whenever they issue a boycott Jewish people and friends of Jewish people rush out to purchase the boycotted product.

    If anyone wanted to look into it, that would actually make for an interesting piece.