Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun Facts about the Muslim Brotherhood!

Mike L.

Barack Obama has invited Mohamed Mursi to the White House.

Mursi is the newly elected Islamist president of Egypt who Obama helped usher into power in that country. His political party was the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization founded, in part, by Hasan al-Banna in the 1920s.

Efraim Karsh, in Islamic Imperialism: A History, tells us the following:

Banna had nothing but disdain for the Egyptian regime, which used this new invention (the radio - ed's note) to corrupt the minds and souls of ordinary Egyptians with songs about love and sex rather than to inculcate them with the virtues of death and martyrdom in the quest for Allah's universal empire. "Death is an art," he famously wrote, "and the most exquisite of arts when practiced by the skillful artist." In Banna's view, the Qur'an commanded its believers to love death as much as others love life. As long as Muslim societies failed to abide by this sacred philosophy they were destined to remain in their current dismal position. "There is no escape from death and it happens only once," he claimed. "Should death come in the path of Allah, it will be a gain in this world and a reward in the other." This reasoning was duly incorporated into the Muslim Brothers' credo: "Allah is our goal; the Qur'an is our constitution; the prophet is our leader; Struggle is our way; and death in the path of Allah is our highest aspiration."

Karsh - page 214.

This is who Barack Obama has invited to the White House.  This is the organization that the administration assured us was a moderate and largely secular.  Well, here's news.  It isn't.  The Muslim Brotherhood is also the father organization of both Hamas and al-Qaeda.

And, no, it's not because Obama is playing some ultra-sophisticated game of three dimensional chess with Sheldon Cooper.  It's because he either doesn't know, or simply doesn't care, about what the Muslim Brotherhood is and stands for.

On the right side of this page is a video of a recent Brotherhood Mursi rally in which they chanted about the coming conquest of Jerusalem.

For a Jewish person to support an American president that supports the Brotherhood is beyond foolish. It is, in fact, something akin to suicidal. It is to screw one's ideological blinders on so tightly that no light gets through, whatsoever.

What a disgrace.


  1. Actually, I think Obama and his crowd simply believe they are smarter and will use their abilities to change the MB and even the OIC.

    If so, I suggest they are mistaken, and the result will be that the adversaries become more powerful and dangerous because they see the esteem as weakness to exploit.

    Greenfield had a good article today on this phenomenon:

    Of course, this is not definitive, but it is significant.

  2. This development is profound, yet mainly unremarked upon.

    The first thing to note is that the rise of radical Islam is the most significant geo-political event in world history since the failure of the Soviet Union.

    This mainly goes unremarked upon, but it is unquestionably the case.

    The second thing to note is that the Obama administration did, in fact, helped facilitate the rise of radical Islam throughout the Middle East. We can discuss his motivations for doing so, and people can argue that he is playing 3 dimensional chess, but the fact remains that he helped clear a path for the Brotherhood in Egypt.

    The third thing to note, sadly, is the complicity of left-liberal American Jewry throughout the process.

  3. So, you are of the school of thought that says that Team Obama believes that with power comes moderation?

    You may very well be right, but if this is the case then they are most assuredly wrong.

    I wonder what historical precedent is used to justify such a notion? I suppose one could make such an argument using China as an example, but obviously this has not worked for Hamas.

    It's also an obvious violation of the most basic common sense.

    You don't support your enemies. Period. Are we to understand that Barack Obama does not understand this most basic principle?

    Are we to approve?

    1. If the question is directed to me, I will say that I think Team Obama thinks it is smarter than all the others that have failed to achieve moderation.

      In my view they are in for a rude awakening.

  4. I think you're kidding yourselves. Obama knows what the MB is and is very much in favor of what they're intending.

  5. The silence is terrifying.

    American Jews honestly do not care that the Obama administration has invited a Muslim Brotherhood leader to the White House for chit-chat and snacks.

    We cannot know what the future may hold (heck, maybe Mursi will turn out to be some sort of democrat... I sincerely doubt it, but who knows what will be?), but if you want to understand how it is that Jews went to the camps, this is how.

    With docility and silence.

    If the American diaspora Jewish community cannot muster the backbone to tell this president that inviting the head of the most viciously anti-Semitic organization in the world is simply not appropriate then it shows me that they will put up with absolutely anything.

    Thank G-d for Israeli Jews because the local variety is weak.