Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Troubadour Joins The Nazis


Kossacks goosestep in delight.

Is ANY of this a surprise? I think not. dKos I/P has been deader than a doornail for quite awhile but when a Kapo steps up to advocate Nazis tactics against Israel his fellow Zeig Heilers give him 449 Recs! Anyone who had any doubts about that swamp needs their head examined.


  1. Regarding all the usual Chicken Little Sky Is Falling rhetoric about the Levy Committee Report, consider:

    "The U.S. has several unincorporated territories--insular possessions over which America exercises sovereignty but which are not part of the U.S. They are, in declining order of population (and omitting unpopulated islands), Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands.
    Residents of these territories do not have the right to vote in presidential elections. They have no representation in the Senate and only a nonvoting delegate or (in the case of Puerto Rico) resident commissioner in the House.
    Goldberg and others who repeat this trope need to explain why Israel can't have unincorporated territories if the U.S. can."


    1. I glanced at that diary.

      Can I take this to mean that "The Troubadour" is endorsing BDS?

    2. He is indeed; wholeheartedly . It's the only way to save Israel dontchaknow?

      "as an American Jew invested deeply in Israel's success and survival -- which in turn drives my investment in stopping one of the greatest moral challenges of my generation: the occupation -- I have no choice but to formally endorse and embrace BDS."

  2. As if he wasn't long fully behind it already, anyway. I guess he was in particular need of special attention this week...

    (whoo! I can comment again! Installed Chrome, and all looks fine now; I'm not sure why Blogger commenting and most Gmail features stopped working for me in Safari last week, but whatever...)

  3. Does Michael Lerner support BDS?

    Does Tikkun magazine support it?

    I have to say, there are few things more despicable in my eyes than a Jewish person who promotes violence against Jews via defaming the Jewish state of Israel.

    And make no mistake, this is precisely what this guy is doing. He is one of those who tells the world how much he loves Israel while doing nothing but bashing it constantly.

    He is the worst kind of hypocrite and an actual enemy to the Jewish people.

  4. How bad is it when he isn't even as smart as Norman Freaking Finkelstein when it comes to BDS?

  5. What is it going to take for Jewish people to recognize that the progressive movement, and thus the grassroots / netroots of the Democratic party, is emphatically NOT a friend to the Jewish people?

    1. You will not get an answer, but rather a list of accomplishments to prove that Israel has no better friend than Obama. By implication, this means he can do nothing to lose the support.

    2. School,

      that was an excellent question that you posed to Volleyboy.

      What would he have to do in order to lose your support?

      That was essentially your question, correct?

      Man oh man, you're mean!


      It's a terrific question, but I sympathize with the guy in his failure to come up with an answer.

      I suppose one thing that I do not understand, tho, is just why it is that intelligent people put such faith in politicians? Faith to such an extent that it becomes a kind-of emotional-moral imperative to defend and support.

      Among my numerous vices, this is one that thankfully I will not need to be held accountable for.

  6. This does say a great deal about the underlying proclivities at Daily Kos, and not in a positive way, while the path of the individual in question was predictable as a script.

    1. Have I mentioned recently that the progressive-left is dead to me?


      The progressive-left is dead to me.

      Dead. Dead. Dead.