Friday, July 20, 2012

Remember the 11: Bob Costas Will


One month ago, I praised the decision of the Australian Parliament to honor the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches who were murdered in Munich 40 years ago, simply for being Jews representing Israel.

Bob Costas isn't going to let the IOC's cowardice go, either...

"I intend to note that the IOC denied the request," Costas told The Hollywood Reporter. "Many people find that denial more than puzzling but insensitive. Here's a minute of silence right now."
As Elder of Ziyon and others have since mentioned, the Israeli Olympic Team can also force their own minute of silence during introductions.  And I hope they do.

Remember the 11.

David Berger
Yosef Gutfreund
Moshe Weinberg
Eliezer Halfin
Marc Slavin
Zeev Friedman
Yosef Romano
Kehat Schorr
Andre Spitzer
Amitzur Shapira
Yaacov Springer


  1. Costas is a good man.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Jay.