Friday, July 6, 2012

Geoffff's Joint Peace Prize


The bar and grill is rightly world famous for its coveted Peace Prize, generally acknowledged as the only prize of its genre in the market which does not discredit its recipient. We stand by our record. Unlike our competitors, the Nobel Peace Prize and the Sydney Peace Prize, the Joint has never bestowed an award on some painted sneering apologist for war, hate and  genocide. The Joint's peace prize is the prize you can be proud of. It is the prize you can put on the mantelpiece without embarrassment and tell your grandchildren about.

Earlier recipients of the Geoffff's Joint Peace Prize include such enormous contributors to world peace as Israel's security fence (the most successful and enduring peace initiative in the Middle East since Begin and Sadat) and the US Navy (for taking out the foulest terrorist in history and making and keeping the peace since 1941).

With precedents like that this is not an award that can be tossed around like confetti. Therefore it is not lightly that this blog announces that the award goes to:

Guns N' Roses !!!

For the band's concert in Tel Aviv on 3 July 2012 when lead guitar, "Bumblefoot" Thal  played Hatikva with the band then  segueing into Don't You Cry.

The award will be emailed to the band's official website shortly.

Congratulations gentlemen. I've always liked you.

With nasty little creeps like Elvis Costello spitting sanctimonious contempt at free people determined to remain free, the sound of the Californian hard rock band shoving it to morally bankrupt musicians simpering for boycott and war is like a cold beer on a hot day.

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  1. Good for Guns 'N Roses.

    I'm sure that they must be jazzed to receive the very prestigious Geoffff's Joint Peace Prize!

    Just what does the prize look like, anyway?

    1. Your question depresses me a little Mike, given that I had spent about thirty minutes of my admittedly limited digital skills designing it.

      I was trying to write something like "Take Your Frigging War Outside To The Rear Car Park ... Assholes" as the legend but I couldn't get the edit function thing to work.

      Which has given me a thought. Anyone else like to try their hand at designing the Geoffff's Joint Peace Prize? I haven't sent it to the band yet and I'm certain someone else could come up with something better. Please feel free to post suggestions direct to my blog

  2. Israel's Security Fence is also known as the Peace Fence...making the world a better place, one link at a time.

    1. Yes, but Apartheid Peace Fence.

      How dare those Jews defend themselves like this?!

      It's entirely unjust to the Palestinians for Jews to defend themselves.

    2. For some reason ("whatever could it be?")*, the following many national separation barriers (some of which are walls) are not even thought of by the multitude of Western people (Western politicians, Western journalists, Western academics, Western "political activists", etc. (and Western contemporary Leftists as a whole)) who decry and denounce the building of a national security barrier (of which 5 percent is wall, and of which 95 percent is fence) to protect the Jewish people in the very small, liberal democratic, intendedly genocidally besieged nation of the Jewish people from being murdered by Fatah-PLO-PalestinianAuthority and Hamas (which is a security barrier that was built after over one thousand Jewish people (men, women and children) were murdered by the Fatah-PLO-PalestinianAuthority and Hamas racist mass-murder terror anti-Jewish campaign of bomb attacks on buses, restaurants, and other places of social congregation in Israel between the years 2000 and 2005 (which was a racist mass-murder terror anti-Jewish campaign which Fatah-PLO-PalestinianAuthority called "The Second Intifada", and which was launched by Fatah-PLO-PalestinianAuthority immediately after Fatah-PLO-PalestinianAuthority staged the Mohammad al-Durah hoax -- a hoax which Fatah-PLO-PalestinianAuthority used as the pretext for their racist mass-murder terror anti-Jewish "Second Intifada" campaign, and which Fatah-PLO-PalestinianAuthority used as the incitement and recruitment central propaganda tool of their racist mass-murder terror anti-Jewish "Second Intifada" campaign)).

      The Walls

      Note: * The phenomenon which constitutes the reason is described in the following comment (and, in the two comments preceding it, past prominent manifestations of the phenomenon which constitutes the reason are listed and referred to):

      Also, the late Oriana Fallaci, who was a partisan fighter against the Fascist regime in Italy during the 1940's, and who was a journalist, and who was a Leftist, and who, during the 1960's, was a supporter of "the 'Palestinian' cause", clearly and succinctly described, in 2002, in the following article, the phenomenon that constitutes the reason:

      (Hint: The name of the phenomenon which constitutes the reason contains, and is constituted by, the words "anti-Jewish" and "racism" (and is a two-thousand year old pervasive deeply engrained (yet, therein, "invisible") part of the culture of European and culturally European societies -- and exists especially among, and is promulgated mainly by, the members of the governing, and "cultural elite", social classes of European and culturally European societies -- and is constituted by propagation of, and belief in, lies -- and is enabled almost entirely by the phenomenon Jewish Stockholm syndrome).)