Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Surrender!

Mike L.

{Cross-Posted at Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill and Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.}

To My Jihadi Friends:

I surrender!

You have been in the Jew Killing Business for, what?, 1,400 years now? I must say, I think that you've done a splendid job. Just look at the Middle East. This huge expanse of land and the Jews only occupy some fraction of one percent of it. If you guys had not been so vigilant in your genocidal attempts against us, who knows how much of that land we might be living on today?

That is, you've done an exceptional job of keeping our numbers artificially low and you should be commended for your efforts. I'm sure that Big Daddy Allah is very proud of your work.

Oh, and by the way, I have to say that I find the argument that you made yesterday in Bulgaria to be quite compelling. Nicely done. Well said.

In any case, I surrender! I give up! Take me, I'm yours!

To My Progressive Friends:

I want to thank you for telling little Jewish kids that the reason that Jihadis seek to kill us is because we're mean to the Palestinians and that if only we would stop being mean to the Palestinians then they would stop trying to kill us. This is the message that you guys have been sending us for decades and I appreciate it very much. It's necessary for Jewish people to understand that the reason that Jihadis seek to kill us is because we aren't nice enough and that we need to redouble our efforts at niceness.

It's particularly important that Jewish children understand this.

I fully understand your moral superiority to the Jewish state of Israel, if not to Jewish people, in general, and will do what I can to make the bad Jews be more like the good Jews.

To the Good Jews:

The good Jews are my absolute favorite Jews.

These are Jewish liberals or progressives or leftists (or whatever) who agree with progressives, in general, that the real problem here is not the Jihadis (who they barely even acknowledge the existence of because to do so would make one a racist, a vile "Islamophobe"), but bad Jews.

The good Jews understand, along with progressives, that the problem is not radical Islam or Islamism or the Jihad... or any of that... but bad Jews who must be stopped at all costs. The problem is not anti-Jewish incitement emanating from throughout the Muslim Middle East, but Avigdor Lieberman.

Were it not for Avigdor Lieberman or Benjamin Netanyahu or the Likud there would be peace now and therefore what is necessary is excoriating these people and dragging their names and reputations through the mud and driving them out of public life by any means necessary, including, but not limited to, defamation of character.

So, I surrender.

You guys are right.

The Jihadis are right that Jews are the children of apes and pigs and need to be slaughtered wherever we might be found.

The progressives are right, with their profound sense of history, that the reason that the Jihadis seek to kill us is because we're mean to the Palestinians. If we weren't mean to the Palestinians the Jihadis would be as gentle as narcophied lambs.

And progressive Jews are right that the real problem is those Jews over there, the bad Jews. The Jews who believe in Jewish self-defense. The Jews who are willing to stand up for the Jewish people. Those Jews who insist upon living in Judea. Those Jews give all the rest of us a bad name, so it's no wonder that our non-Jewish progressive friends blame us for the violence against us because clearly we deserve it... but that's because of the bad Jews!

{'Scuse me. Must go throw up, now.}


  1. You may have just given David Harris-Gershon an idea for his next Tikkun and Daily Kos posts...


    1. What can I tell you, Jay.

      It's just never-ending.

      We are constantly targeted and then we are told that are measures of self-defense are the reason that we are targeted and that, therefore, it's really our inhumanity to our fellow human beings which is the true source of Jihadi hatred toward us.

      How's that for a sick game?

      And the thing of it is, most diaspora Jews pretty much believe it, as well. Or, at least, most "progressive" diaspora Jews do.

      They consider us guilty as hell.

    2. Yeah, like for instance when some guy wants to hug the terrorist who tried to murder his wife, there's something deeply, horribly wrong there.

      I'm sure to people like that, the rampant child abuse like this elsewhere throughout the Middle East is the fault of Israel and / or Jews, too. Somehow, I'm sure...

    3. So, what's David Harris-Gershon's story, anyway?

      I mean, I've read some of his Troubadour material on dkos and it seems pretty clear to me that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing, but I am to understand that his wife was injured in a terrorist attack in Israel?

      And that, because he blames Israel for an Arab's violence against his wife, he thus favors BDS and has sought out the family of the attacker, if not the attacker himself, in order to "understand"?

      Is that the basic plot-line?

      If it is, shame on Michael Lerner.

      Y'know, I met Lerner once.

      I was a grad student at SF State at the time and he was applying for work there. He gave a guest lecture on Tikkun Olam, suggesting that the basis of the Jewish tradition is niceness.

      He didn't get the job.

    4. Yeah, that's basically the gist of it. His wife was injured in the 2002 Hebrew University cafeteria bombing (which will, incidentally, be exactly 10 years ago on July 31). 9 people, apparently including a couple of his wife's close friends, were killed, and about 100 were injured.

      David Harris-Gershon ('*The* Troubador' at Daily Kos - the definite article is necessary to note, as there is also another completely different user there simply named 'Troubador') made his initial 'splash' at Daily Kos by writing about his quest to plant a big, wet, sloppy kiss on the poor, misunderstood lovable Jihadi responsible for the bombing.

      He wrote a 'memoir' about it, too, and despite his incessant whoring of same for months and months on end (all while demonizing Israel, and those of us who defended Israel on Daily Kos at that time; as well as providing constant and priceless "As a Jew..." cover for the antisemites there), he then claimed to have been contacted by 60 Minutes for a teevee interview about it and his experiences.

      He wrote another diary about his 'struggle' with the decision to ultimately turn the interview down, out of some sort of 'progressive principle' (I was never quite clear on his reasoning given for that, and I don't feel like going back to look for the diary there), but the more likely explanation is that he was either 1) full of shit in claiming he was contacted by them in the first place, or 2) he was afraid of becoming a national laughingstock as "the guy who wants to hug the terrorist who tried to kill his wife."

    5. He makes the 1988 Michael Dukakis look like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction by comparison, doesn't he?

    6. Interesting.

      Maybe we need a name for this.

      A name for a Jewish political activist who claims an almost saint-like high ground from which to insult all the rest of us before the entire world.

      False prophet?


      Holier Than Thou Douchebag?

      I kinda like that one!

      I have to say, I am sick to death of alleged Jewish moral superiority.


      Why cannot we simply be judged on the same standards as others?

    7. Aside from Useful Idiot?

      Jihadi-Loving Shithead works, too.

    8. "Maybe we need a name for this.

      "A name for a Jewish political activist who claims an almost saint-like high ground from which to insult all the rest of us before the entire world."

      I think that such a name is:

      "Theobald" (As in: Theobald of Cambridge (the ethnically Jewish man who lived in England in the 1100's who was a Christian convert who was the inventor of the murder-and-cannibalism-of-Christian-European-children libel ("The Blood Libel")))



      Or (the following accurate defining term):

      Conceited cowardly immoral imbecile.*

      Note: * With that:

      The term "conceited" meaning: Holding an ego-worshipping self-identity view;
      The term "cowardly" meaning: Dishonest in response to feeling fear;
      The term "immoral" meaning: Doing that which is harmful;
      The term "imbecile" meaning: An exceedingly stupid person (in the case of any one of the persons who are the subject of this discussion: an "egghead": a person who is exceedingly egocentric and who has a form of low-level "high-functioning" Asperger's syndrome -- an impairment of the ability of "social perception" and an impairment of certain other particular abilities of cognition)


      Serious documentation of this phenomenon:

      The Paradox of the Jewish Mind, by David Solway

      "...This, as I indicate, is only the merest cross-section of a teeming multitude of familiar names that could fill an Almanach de Gotha of the gullible, the obtuse, or the treacherous. They are all what we would regard as “intelligent” people, but their intelligence is specific to their fields and does not correlate especially well with what I will call the gi factor (on the model of the psychometrical category g, mental ability), that is, general intelligence, founded in common sense, which is able to transcend the boundaries and constraints of specific disciplines.

      "Of all the peoples of the world, Jews can least afford to be stupid, or merely selectively brilliant. What is the point of excelling at chemistry, or jurisprudence, or music, or philosophy, or literature or any other subject if there is not much gi behind it, if the Jewish mind is incapable of coming to grips with a complex, unforgiving, belligerent and actual world that has never fully accepted the Jew as a fellow human being and has often moved to humiliate, oppress and, indeed, exterminate him. Such smart-stupid Jews are the affliction of their people and, in the last analysis, their own worst enemies. For in the event of another anti-Semitic rampage or genocide — which by their indifference, complicity, or quixotic utopianism they would have helped to bring about — they too, just like their targeted ancestors and regardless of their achievements, would be flung into the ditches of history..."

      Auto-Genocide, Jewish Style, by Kenneth Levin

      "Demonization not only of Israel’s Jews but of all Jews, and calls for their mass murder, are a staple of media, mosques and schools throughout most of the Arab world and in some non-Arab Muslim countries such as Iran. Jews are portrayed as vermin or as satanic beings, the source of all human ills, ritual murderers of Muslim and Christian children, evil-doers fit only for extermination.

      "Yet, as in virtually every past situation when incitement against Jews and attacks on them have intensified, some Jews have rushed to volubly defend the Jews’ attackers. They have become supporters and cheerleaders even for those most committed to translating their Jew-hatred into action..."

    9. I'm not an adherent of the ancestral religion of the Jewish people, the religion Judaism, but I note that the "prophets" of the ancestral religion of the Jewish people, the religion Judaism, were on to something when they said things like:

      "Your worst enemies come from you."

    10. But this phenomenon should not be focused on.

      What should be focused on, and what should be done, is the communicating of the true factual currently approximately 90-year history, and current reality, of the situation that Israel, the liberal democratic, vibrant, culturally diverse, culturally rich, newly re-founded, very small, intendedly genocidally besieged, universally libeled, sole country of the Jewish people is in:

      Why Are These Facts Not Well-Known?

      About the "Jewish/Israel Lobby" libel:

      The Lobby

      About, particularly, the "'Occupation' of 'Palestinian' Arab land" libel, and about the lie that: "The U.S. government supports Israel":

      The Occupation of Israel


      "Conquer anger
      with lack of anger;
      bad, with good;
      stinginess, with a gift;
      a liar, with truth."

      -- The Buddha

  2. I prefer to be a bad Jew. I've never been particularly good at it but right now it seems to me especially important to be as bad as possible.

    1. Geoffff,

      I was sitting across a table in a bar drinking a beer from a progressive Jew... nice fellah... smart guy... and he says to me, "We need to be better than them."

      And I kinda arch my eyebrow and think to myself:

      Really?! We need to be better than whom?! And why the fuck do we need to be better than anyone?!

      The truth is that we do not need to be better than anyone.

      We just need to be treated the same as other people.

  3. Seems a particular "progressive Zionist" (note - I generally, myself, have no problems with any of them aside from volleyboy1 and Beavis... I mean, livosh1) took offense to your priorities, Mike, albeit solely within the safe haven of his own blog, where nobody is allowed to disagree with him.

    So I replied -

    "Yeah, because you're just an absolute paragon of virtue and honesty, aren't you volley? You may want to clean up your own house before you begin casting aspersions on others. Nobody really likes you because you're simply an extremely abrasive mirror image of the Michelle Bachmanns of the world. Your politics are better, but you'll never make an impact by constantly turning everybody, even your ideological allies (ahem!), off.

    I wouldn't piss on Ron Paul if he was on fire. But I'm sure he'd be able to provide a more stimulating discussion than you, even though he's insane. Something you might want to work on improving. Free advice, take it or leave it. I'm sure it's worth exactly what you paid, anyway. Tell your buddy Beavis(h1) I said hi.

    After tomorrow morning I'm offline until Sunday evening. Talk then, if necessary..."

    Much to my shock (shock!!!), lil' volleyboy deleted that comment within 15 minutes, I'm sure as soon as he saw it. Anyway. Thanks to that intellectual midget for demonstrating how childish he is, and that he's totally incapable of handling any sort of disagreement whatsoever. I mean, obviously he isn't mentally equipped to handle honest debate, but still. He can at least pretend to be a decent person, can't he? Eh, I guess not...

  4. And he's on the ropes, he deletes again!

    "Nice deletion, coward. Thanks for proving you can't handle any sort of disagreement whatsoever. Why the smart folks here (essentially, anyone aside from Beavish1) still continue to associate with you is far beyond me."

    The only comment of mine left there is one I somehow accidentally deleted (the text was the same as above, don't ask me how I managed to 'delete' it, but I did... because I'm a tech-idiot) myself.

    Note to volley - nobody here calls you a Jihadi or an antisemite, despite your fevered imagination. *I* call you a pussy though, because you are.

  5. Now wait a second, Mike. Let me get this straight.

    Are you telling me that not one of them will step to this real case of antisemitism in the Middle East (you know... the Middle East of the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda for chrissakes) and instead will simply keep wetting themselves over perceived slights from "The Bad Jews," and people who don't think exactly like that simpleton volleyboy1?

    Nah! Couldn't be! I'm sure this attack was carried out by a follower of Mitt Romney or Fred Phelps, and we're just 'racists' for even intimating otherwise!

    1. Well, the problem is a pretty obvious one and, yet, many "progressives," and many "progressive" Jews, seem entirely incapable of really, honestly, and consistently addressing it.

      Radical Islam is the foremost political movement in the Middle East today. It is a movement that Barack Obama encourages and it is a movement that is exceedingly bigoted toward women, gay people, and Jews.

      The problem is that the progressive movement has convinced millions of people that even discussing the rise of radical Islam is a form of racism.

      That's kind of fucked up, isn't it?

      I mean, once again, if I point to some screeching genocidal imam and say, "Hey! Look at this! It's an imam screaming for Jewish blood!"

      It makes me the racist.

      They honestly believe that calling out Muslim racism against Jews is, itself, racist, despite the fact that hatred toward Jews is rampant throughout the Muslim Middle East.

      This makes "progressives," Zionist or otherwise, not just useless on the question of radical Islam, but positively counterproductive on the question, which is a shame because it represents one of the top issues in the world today... and one of the most dangerous.

      I think the problem is essentially one of cowardice, rather than stupidity. And they're not afraid of Jihadis, but of social shaming among their own ideological cohort.

  6. This is the problem, exactly -

    "And they're not afraid of Jihadis, but of social shaming among their own ideological cohort."

    I plead guilty to once worrying way too much about the latter, myself. Glad I got my head straight eventually.

    1. The thing is, I was very definitely among those who thought that the "War on Terror" was actually a means of moving funds around.

      I still think that under the Bush administration that was the main goal.

      I was a little shocked to discover that the rise of radical Islam is a real thing... and it is most certainly a real thing.

      What does Bulgaria tell us?

      What does Egypt tell us?

      And it is the Jews of the Middle East who are most directly at risk.

      That's a fact, my friend.

    2. So now wait a minute, let me get this straight Mike - are you telling me that my Republican mother is NOT the greatest threat the Jewish people have ever faced?

      Well, I'll be dad-blasted and wide open for being knocked over with a feather, I tell you what!

      But yeah, seriously. It's quite messed up, what I've learned about my own alleged political allies over the past couple years or so. I'm still quite far left on most issues, probably always will be, but I'm baffled on the apparent 'progressive' disconnect re: values when it comes to certain issues outside the domestic sphere.

    3. Well, the thing of it is, Jay, that if you were to quiz me on where I stand on the issues there is so no doubt that I would fall on the left side of the political spectrum, as well.

      However, I would never support a political movement, such as the progressive-left which is home to anti-Semitic anti-Zionists. Nor would I support an American president who thinks that he has the right to tell Jewish people where we may be allowed to live in Jerusalem or who thinks, as Obama has implied, that he doesn't think that the Jews of the Middle East really want peace.