Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is for Mad

Mike L.

I was going to put this on the right side of the screen tomorrow, but somehow it just seems more appropriate to front-page it and dedicate it to the Madscientist... despite the fact that most of you will not know who he is.


  1. The current song on the right-hand side is pretty damned good, too! I need to dig out that whole Tracy Chapman album, I know I have it around here somewhere...

  2. Poignant song. At first I didn't like the fact Johnny was doing it but read the stuff behind it and was ok. Johnny Cash, American icon.

  3. I know who he is, as you are well aware.
    Thanks for this. Great song dedicated to a great guy.

    1. As far as I am concerned, the guy stands up against group-think, puzz, and that is not an easy thing to do.

      Can he be... ahhhh... persnickity?... sure, but so can I!


  4. The daily song thing is a great feature, btw. On Saturday I was up in Passaic, NJ with my daughter, my mother and my grandmother (the latter of whom still lives there), just wandering (four generations of my family!) that great little city where both sides of my immediate family hail from.

    Anyway, I noted that the city renamed a section of Paulison Avenue, the block of Passaic High School, as Shirelles Boulevard, in honor of the 1960's girl group who were a few years ahead of my mother in the neighborhood schools there. I gotta head on over to YouTube now, listen to a few of their songs...