Monday, July 30, 2012

Where the Heck is Israel's Capital, Anyways?

Mike L.

{A Big Tip 'O the Kippa to Our Friend Shirl in Oz.}

By the way, when Laurie and I were in Tel Aviv, last New Year, we saw a Chassid in full get-up pushing a baby carriage down the street on roller-skates!

It's one of the most dynamic cities that I've been to, actually.

And the food was much better than I expected, as well... despite the fact that the falafel truck guy here in Oakland, during the Saturday farmers' market at Grand Lake, makes better falafels than any I have had anywhere, including Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.

It's sad, I know!

I wonder if Dusty would agree?

Hey, Dusty, have you had the falafel at the Grand Lake farmers' market?


  1. No, not yet. I've been fairly loyal to the falafel at AMBA in Montclair, mostly because I like the idea of supporting a kosher community gathering place. Having a kosher restaurant in the community is an asset to all of us- even if we don't keep kosher. Its part of building a strong local Jewish base.

    Dang. Now you've got me thinking about falafel, and Saturday is 5 whole days away.

    And in other falafel related news, a team in Jordan has wrestled the title of worlds biggest falafel ball from a California group

    Why are men so obsessed with size, anyway?

    1. AMBA in Montclair, eh?

      OK. I will check that out, so long as you agree to check out the falafel truck at Grand Lake.

      I do not know the guy's name but, damn!, that is good falafel.

      As for why men are obsessed with the size of falafel balls, well... I have no answer for you.

      Maybe someone wiser than me can tackle that one!

  2. I make the best felafel!! Forget the bought stuff.

    They do however make the best gluten free bread I've ever tasted in Israel.