Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clinton Pushes Netanyahu to Apologize

Mike L.

Clinton pushes Netanyahu to apologize to Turkey, take steps to bring PA back to talks

US secretary of state reportedly urges prime minister to transfer small arms and release prisoners in bid to restart peace talks

The US secretary of state, in Israel as the last leg of a tour through Asia, also told Netanyahu that Jerusalem should transfer small arms to the PA in order to help get the Palestinians back to the negotiating table, according to Ynet news. She also called on Netanyahu to release Palestinian prisoners. Both moves have been mentioned as Palestinian prerequisites for coming back to talks.

So, the Obama administration wants Israel to apologize to Turkey for Turkey's attack upon it during the Mavi Marmara affair.

Obama wants Israel to arm the Palestinians.

And Obama wants Israel to release Palestinian prisoners, apparently with no regard whatsoever to the guilt, or innocence, of those prisoners.

And all this needs to be done so that the Palestinians might consider accepting a state for themselves on historically Jewish land.

I seeeeeee.

Yes, what a terrific friend the Obama administration is to the Jewish state and to the Jewish people.

How in this world could anyone think that the Obama administration is anything other than Israel's Best Friend Forever (BFF)?


  1. Dear Hilary has less grey matter than I thought.

    Given that I didn't think she had much to start with, pretty much means she brainless.

    Israel has given enough, why does she think this will be any different?

    1. Y'know, Shirl,

      I do not mind if Israel wants to give up a large chunk of Judea and Samaria for whatever little criminal-terrorist statelet that the Palestinians devise for themselves, but I find it exceedingly strange that they need to be begged and induced to accept their own freedom.

      I mean, these are supposed to be an oppressed people yearning to breathe the air of freedom and, yet, somehow, they simply cannot bring themselves to accept a state in peace next to the Jewish one.

      Now don't you find that just a tad odd?