Friday, August 31, 2012

A simple exercise in math...


Doodad points out Jimmy Carter's latest hateful nonsense.

After which, volleyboy1, thinking he's brilliant, compares Ron Paul to same.

Okay volleyboy, let's compare Ron Paul and Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter votes for president:

1976 Primary - 6,971,770

1976 Presidential Election - 40,831,881

1980 Presidential Election -35,480,115

Ron Paul votes for president:

1988 - 431,750

2008 - 47,000-plus votes

2012 - Didn't even qualify for a speaking spot at the RNC, after falling short of delegates in Nebraska.


Now, I count something like 83 million votes for Carter, to way less than 1 million for Paul here. Now, math very well may not be my friend's strong suit, but there it is.

His 10% doesn't sound too impressive when faced with facts, does it?

Or are those facts too "right wing" for him?


Of course, one could also make the case that this comparison is ridiculous, and I'd generally agree.

But still, the fact is that this should end their Ron Paul obsession, in that despite the fevered fantasies of some, Ron Paul is not a viable threat to the Jewish people, and he will never be able to write an op-ed in newspapers all across America, let alone start a foundation, blaming "the Jews" for whatever it is that's bothering him on any given day.

Unlike Jimmy Carter, who again, if I were to play games like volleyboy1, I could claim (truthfully, too!) that he receives, on average, 150 votes for his antisemitic 'anti-Zionism,' for every 1 vote that the rest of us cast.


  1. Yes, today's most antisemitic, closest to the 'mainstream,' anti-Zionist is Republican Ron Paul.

    Who gets, at best, 10% of the vote in any given primary.

    The Democrats nominated Jimmy Carter twice.

    Next question?

  2. " I count something like 83 million votes for Carter" -
    You do not have coped with a simple exercise in mathematics

    41 million in 1976 include (at least partially) 7000000 primary.
    similar to the election in 1980
    The same voters thought you three times