Friday, August 31, 2012

UC Condemns Condemning Antisemitism


I'm sure this has something to do with their hard-right, conservative leanings...

Yes, the sarcasm is thick above.

The University of California says it won't support a resolution condemning anti-Semitism on campus - approved unanimously by the state Assembly on Tuesday - because the resolution says "no public resources will be allowed to be used for any anti-Semitic or any intolerant agitation."

"We think it's problematic because of First Amendment concerns," said Steve Montiel, a UC spokesman.

I tend to think antisemitism is 'problematic,' but hey maybe that's just me....

The nonbinding resolution, says, in effect, that UC and other public universities should ban activity that could be interpreted as intolerant or anti-Semitic, including certain demonstrations, from taking place anywhere on its property.

The move is the latest chapter in a debate that arose this summer over whether students create an intolerable, anti-Semitic environment by staging annual, anti-Israel protests mimicking Israeli guards questioning Palestinians.

Ah, of course we should continue to allow "peace activists" to harass Jews on campus.  Because g-d forbid we should infringe on the 'rights' of those groups with agendas which we'd never allow to engage in war against any other ethnic group in the world, aside from Jews of course.

Stuff like that is totally not antisemitic, right?

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for these very same "activists" to launch Iranian Apartheid Week, or Syrian Murder Week, or Saudi Racist Week, etc etc...

But I won't be holding my breath.

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