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A new day in Australia

The sad and sick report is in from the gutless wonder who left an anonymous message on the Joint's private home answering machine when he could have said what he liked here (what the cock is that?) now has a name. Duncan. Hi Duncan. 

Maybe it wasn't Duncan but here's the thing. Duncan sure knows and I don't care. Duncan could be any of them.

That's pretty much all we need to know about Duncan. 

Duncan's report on the latest Byron Bay hate fest is here.  

Read it all if you must but it's the usual self-pitying grievance mongering lying spittle that dances on the very edge of what is actionable under Australian anti-vilification laws and which has been the obsessive chant of the Australian hard left and hard right cults since this blog first took real notice of them more than forty years ago.

This bit is interesting.

Byron Greens Councillor Tom Talbart was also present, promising to bring up the BDS issue for discussion with his party. So was Marika Kontellis, Greens Councillor from Marrickville City Council. Marrickville Council voted to support BDS, but had to recant after a firestorm of protest in the media, much of it orchestrated by the Murdoch press. Said Marika: ‘ There was no fuss when we boycotted Burma and raised the East Timor flag, but this was evidently different.’ She called for an awareness raising campaign in solidarity with Palestine.

Thanks Duncan. That little titbit will be global by sun rise in Australia for what it's worth. 

Nothing personal mate BTW.  You sound like an earnest man to me but the worst ones usually are. You and your colleagues are the dupes of a political cult as deluded as scientology or jihadist Islamism  and is in every respect a religion whether or not it includes God.  

Have a look at yourselves. Kids posed with names written on their hands. Heart rending poems and songs from Palestinian Australian Phil ("when the rivers run") ***Monsour? brought under the spotlight recently by London based Aussie blogger and academic Daphne Anson.

What can I tell you? Where can I start? More to the point what can you tell me? Any of you?

I have asked the candidates for  the Green Party in the Byron and Tweed Shire council  elections in a few weeks some questions. The eighth of September to be precise. 

Why those poor buggers I here you ask.  It is only a local election and let's face it  candidates under forty likely wouldn't know Palestine from a kiwi beer brand for the quality of the history education they have received.

Well why not them?. It's because they asked for it and it's because it was OK for the Byron Green Party to have a candidate show up in support at a BDS bash and dance in Byron Bay just as soon as the candidates were declared and because the Tweed shire is the next shire north and that's where this blog votes.  

Also it is because there's something about the Green Party philosophy that appeals to me. Think globally. Act locally. I like that. A philosophy for the new age. Or is it think locally act globally?  Anyway it's something like that. 

What ever it is it is that impulse that brought a candidate for office in regional Australia to a council that is charged by the public with keeping the roads, footpaths, beaches  and other public spaces clean safe and in repair to a Sunday night rally calling for the destruction of the state of Israel just as soon as the candidates were declared. 

Doesn't that strike you as a little ... you know ... unbalanced?

They are supposed to keep the vermin and feral wildlife under a measure of control. That's part of the job of a council. Not put them in the council. thought Marrickville had taught them that.

To be sure antizionism/antisemitism is  just a facet of this global threat. The greatest threat of our age but it is one that the Green Party can show  no interest. Because it is global the Joint will just as soon buy an argument with British Methodists in Wales. as Green Party candidates and voters in the next valley.

The question I put to them was almost identical to that I put to Byron Friends of Palestine and the Green Party.Why don't the British Methodists use their good offices with the Palestinians to ask them to stop the vile  antisemitic propaganda,  accept the Jewish state, end the "occupation"  , accept "Palestine" and raise their children in peace?

This is an unmoderated political blog that celebrates free expression. This is not the Stalinist faction of the NSW branch of the Green Party. You have nothing to fear and so long as you observe the minimum standards of civility and don't break any laws you can say what you like*

So here is the question for the Green Party candidates. Do you think Israel has a right to exist in peace and security as a sovereign state? Fatah says no. BDS says no. Hamas says kill all the Jews. So do Jihadist regimes from Tehran to Timbuktu. We're do you stand?

Yes? No? Don't know? Are you agnostic?  Have you bought one of the bizarre "one nation" frauds such as that from Australia's only professional antizionist Antony Loewenstein?   Are you really that dumb?

Indeed I would like to hear from all the candidates in the Byron Shire and all the candidates in the Tweed Shires as well including all the party groups and independents. Where are they proposing to preference the Green group on their tickets**? 

The Labor grouping in Tweed has brought former Australian PM and FM Kevin Rudd in to lend a hand.  Onya Kev. Country Labor is the ALP brand in regional NSW and it has a team running in Byron as well and for sure a lot of those independents are conservatives and moderates.

Hence the question of the hour. Will conservatives and labor groups direct preferences to each other ahead of the Green Party groups on the very good ground they are worse than each other?  In particular will Labor come to its senses and realise this alliance with the Green Party at all or any level will  gut their once great party. 

Which groups will preference the Green Party groups ahead of one another?   Voters have a right to know. Otherwise there is a risk of accidentally helping a Green candidate get elected.

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*Sometimes I even miss the pet troll I had to put down because of that nasty mange mouth business and the the risk of it spreading to the mainland.  Maybe if he behaves himself next time and not vomit radioactive waste on the Joint doorstep he picked up somewhere he might have one of his Dr Who resurrections. He does that. 

**Australia has an unique electoral system. Voting is compulsory and preferential with voters sometimes given the option of voting for a ticket. This can have the unusual result of candidates with a handful of primary votes getting elected on the basis of back room deals between the groups and parties. 


  1. "since this blog first took real notice of them more than forty years ago."

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    1. I'm almost certain that geoffff was referring to himself. And, therein, I'm almost certain that what geoffff meant was "this blogger" ("this writer").

  2. Indeed Daniel
    It's an affectation of mine
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