Saturday, August 4, 2012


Mike L.

After giving the matter considerable thought I have come to the conclusion that it is entirely unfair for this blog to consider the Hotel Shangri-la guilty of charges leveled against it, and against its primary owner, and I am therefore removing the earlier blog post until such a time as we learn more with the formal verdict of the jury.


  1. Well, I just got back home and didn't even get to see the replies! Fooey.

    Regardless. I am still the abacus of awesome.

    1. The more I chewed on it, the less fair it seemed to me.

      When the jury comes in then it will be fair to comment, but not until.

      I'm sure that you would agree with that.

      But yes, Jay, you still remain the Abacus of Awesome.


      btw, 4 striped bass today in the Sacramento around Rio Vista.

      The California Delta fucking rocks.

    2. Nice haul!

      Me, I've gotta finally get around to going deer hunting one of these decades. It's one of the rules of being a Pennsylvanian. ;)

    3. I'll never forget the first time that I was driving down the road in State College and saw a dead deer in the back of a pickup.

      You don't see that a whole lot in either Connecticut or San Francisco, that's for sure.

      Y'know, I don't hunt, but fishing is in my blood since a kid. It's a perpetual exploration, really. Lakes. Streams. Ponds.

      Which means geography.

      Today Laurie and I took one of our buddies up to Rio Vista to fish for striped bass in the Sacramento River, but it's all part of the process of exploring the California Delta.

      And, I tell ya, when I am up in that beautiful country I have near perfect serenity.

  2. Sorry, off topic. Sad news. Barry Rubin has revealed he has inoperable lung cancer. shit.