Thursday, August 16, 2012

To the valley from the hill top ...


photo geoffff

Daphne Anson with more gold from London about how green was my valley.

I know Byron Bay. Visiting that light house is among my earliest memories. 

Many things have changed.. Back then  few people with hyphenated names actually admitted it especially around here and especially if they were men. Not unless they were the State Governor and even then really had to be on the Queensland side of the border about fifty minutes north. . 

I suppose that's a good thing.  

Look at this

Duncan On A Fair Dinkum Hate Fest


What can I say

Duncan Dough Nuts Grass On Byron BDS Greens 


When the

 Dump That Duncan Double Barrel Done

hometown for SS Duncan sure 
Duncan Diddanudda one
Just to show 'em waddaman
This now echoes up my valley
from the other shore
thanks to Echonetdaily  
so now let the echo roar
all the way to 'Frisco Bay !!! 

Sorry guys but I've got to get my amusement some way

That is Echonetdaily  which counts for mainstream media around here that rebroadcast the dump fresh from the site of the Byron Traders Friends of Boycotting Jews For Peace And Palestine Association.

under the by line  

Ros Elliot, Duncan Shipley-Smith and Harsha Prabhu

They are probably all grateful for the extra traffic. Don't mention it guys. I'd do the same for you. 

A retiring Green Party councillor on Byron Council and a ring in from Marrickville*    show up at the No Jew Left Alive And No Life Worth Living  New Dark Age Peace Festival in Byron Bay to lend their support.

So what?
*who will be well known to Shirl in Oz  a gutsy veteran of the BDS outrage in Marrickville and a great and treasured friend of this blog and allied blogs and activists.. Hope you're well Shirl

And now another interlude.

Dedicated to our friends at Israel Thrives Chill it. There are hard times coming We need you. 

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  1. Geoff.......thanks for your kind words I'll give you call when I get some time.

    Which Greens Councillor was it.?

  2. Presumably Tom Tabart, Byron Shire Council.

  3. Hi Shirl,

    I have to email you about something.

    "Byron Greens Councillor Tom Tabart was also present, promising to bring up the BDS issue for discussion with his party. So was Marika Kontellis, Greens Councillor from Marrickville City Council.

    "Marrickville Council voted to support BDS, but had to recant after a firestorm of protest in the media, much of it orchestrated by the Murdoch press. Said Marika: ‘ There was no fuss when we boycotted Burma and raised the East Timor flag, but this was evidently different.’ She called for an awareness raising campaign in solidarity with Palestine."

    "evidently different" whatever could she mean by that

    I love it the way they blame Murdoch

    1. Oh yes. They love the Murdoch press. The capitalist media. We heard that all the way through the Marrickville debacle.

      Sergio Redegalli is running hot campaign against the Greens in North Ward for Council

    2. I have no idea who he is but wish him all the very best from me.

  4. Love the international news, keep it coming!

  5. btw, Geoffff, I'm not in London but in the boondocks. I'm returning to the Black Stump permanently soon but will continue blogging on the usual themes.

  6. Marika Kontellis, Cathy Peters and Fiona Byrne

    Three 'un'wise mokeys'

    What a trio!

    I won't say more Geoff. You could well ban me. Though I know you won't.!

  7. Geoffrey

    Sergio is an artist who's specialty is working in glass. He is the guy who did the mural 'say no to burkas'
    He lives in Newtown, in the worst Ward when it comes to the Greens. Fiona Byrnes' own territory. He hates the Greens and hates them even more for what they have done to Marrickville.

    He was with us all the way at Marrickville, he was me with on my rally to Randwick Council, he worked very hard at the State Election to make sure Fiona Byrne didn't get elected, he also worked with me at a Council by-election and is a great friend.

  8. I remember him now! Good on him. Let us know how he goes.