Friday, August 31, 2012


  1. Sushi tonight and the Delta on Sunday.

    You guys have a great weekend.

    And peace to you, please.


    Oh, and btw, as of this morning the Giant's were 4 1/2 games up. Angel Pagan friggin' rocks!

    I mean, really, with a name like "Angel Pagan" how could he not??

    And, wit dat, I am outa here.

  2. Have a great weekend, Mike!

    I need to do a bit of grunt work tomorrow morning, then my daughter and mother and other family and I are going out to Lancaster for a day.

    Enjoying the last 'official' weekend of this Pennsylvania summer, my first in almost a decade! :)

    As for sports. Exactly two months until the Sixers tip off against Denver here in The Greatest City in the World!


    I am going to be there.

    Also. College football. Temple is kicking the crap out of Villanova right down the street from me at this very moment (literally, their stadium is only 18 blocks or so from me), and I can't wait for the Nick Foles Era (which I've been calling ever since Philly drafted him) to begin in Philadelphia.

    Let's go Iggles!


    1. Also, Rutgers-Tulane tomorrow.

      I don't even know what to say, aside from goodbye to Rutgers. I grew up rooting for them, but I never went to school there. So...

      Since Temple joined the Big East again this year, and since they're Philadelphia and since I am finally living in my favorite city in the world (Philadelphia!!1!), well...



      That's all. Can only root for one Big East team, so I'm going with the boys just down the block.