Friday, August 10, 2012

Byron Bay Bigots Gather to Preach and Sing Hate (Updated)


This mob is back in town for the weekend.

They obviously find Byron Bay comfortable.

 As if we didn't have enough dangerous freaks and extremists around Byron Bay without these road shows every couple of months. So here is some more free publicity I promised the Byron Bay Community Market (otherwise known as Byron Friends of Palestine)

Regrettably this blog  can't be there. It will be entertaining relatives and friends from Israel  instead .  I did consider for a moment a day trip to Byron Bay as the entertainment but quickly ruled it out. They are on holiday and besides the thought of Phil ("when the rivers run red") Monsour live is nauseating enough without witnessing it in person.

I did however take the opportunity to ask a question of the panel. Note the sample question.

My question is a little different.

Why aren't you doing every thing in your power to persuade your friends to accept the Jewish state, accept Palestine, accept peace and to raise their children in love and security? 

Anyway it was something like that. I managed to lose the copy. They should feel free to answer here if they like. The audience isn't huge but it is global and  this blog is well within what Finkelstein would regulate Come on guys. Don't be shy. Here's your chance to make peace..

That bloke on the panel who is running as one of the Green Party candidates in next month's council elections is particularly welcome to drop by.

More free publicity coming very soon. 

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Just to make the point I asked the question again.  I also asked the question of Cr Tom Talbart a Green Party candidate who apparently is part of the official contribution of the Green Party in Australia to the global campaign to delegitmise Israel and to deprive all of the citizens of Israel (Arabs and Jews)  of all of their civil, political and religious rights for the crime of existing and not being citizens of a Muslim state. Whatever the hell that means.

I will ask  all Green Party candidates in the forthcoming Byron and Tweed Shire council elections the same question. They are running locally but they think globally as they will soon tell you and part of that global thinking very obviously is the eradication of the Jewish state by "peaceful means". 

I also intend to ask every other candidate what their policy is in regard to preferencing Green Party candidates last. There are certain to be electors who will want to be certain they do not accidentally vote for a Green.  


  1. The fact that Phil Monsour will be singing is enough of an excuse to keep anyone away.

  2. "the eradication of Israel by 'peaceful means.'"

    Ho. Ho. Ho.

    If anyone thinks that Israel is just going to fold itself up as a Jewish state by means that do not require force, they are crazy.

    The annihilation of Israel will require a second Holocaust and those who perpetually paint Israel in the worst light possible are working for that.

    They are, in fact, something akin to Nazis.

    So keep fighting the good fight.

    This time we stand the fuck up.

    1. #IranoPallyPuppets still making gains? Sadly, yes. #stayStrongIsrael