Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dr. Barry Rubin to Undergo Chemotherapy

Mike L.

One of the more insightful analysts around the Arab-Israel conflict is Dr. Barry Rubin, of Rubin Reports.

Dr. Rubin has recently announced that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Today we find this note on his blog:

medical bulletin

i'm about to undergo an operation to attempt to drain the fluid from my lungs by inserting a tube. this will take 3-5 days and i will be in hospital. it is possible i will not be able to communicate during this time. they will then try to seal the lungs which if it succeeds will help me. we will then begin chemo and other therapies. the operation is said not be dangerous. please expect no correspondence or articles from me during this period. it is hoped that by next week i will be pretty normal and undergoing care. i have wonderful doctors. i hope and believe we will be together again in future. with all my gratitude for your beiing good readers and interested in my thoughts. \i hope i have been helpful toyou.

I know that I speak for many thousands of people when I say that we wish the good professor a complete and full recovery.

I do not often pray, but I will pray for this man.

I hope that you will, as well.


  1. Sending my best. Cancer sucks, as the tee shirts say.

  2. Prof. Rubin's latest update on Facebook tells us that his operation went well and he's breathing more freely. Terrific news. He's a great man and I too am praying for him.

    1. Hey you, thanks for this.

      You just made my day.

  3. Glad to hear it went well. He's a great man.

  4. There's a further encouraging update from him on FB today: "things are looking good". He asks us all to "keep up the good thoughts".

  5. Good thoughts are all I have for him. Cancer sucks. He rocks!