Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3-year-old critically injured by stones near Ariel

Mike L.

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Vehicle carrying woman, her three daughters, crashes into truck that veered off course due to stones hurled by Palestinians in West Bank road; 3-year-old critically injured; three others moderately wounded 
A woman and her three daughters were injured on Thursday in a car accident caused by stones hurled by Palestinians on Route 5 connecting Tel Aviv and Ariel.

One of the girls, three-year-old Adele, was critically wounded, while the mother, Adva Biton, 40, and her two other daughters, Avigail and Naama - ages four and five - sustained moderate injuries.
Progressives tend to think that the reason that Arabs seek to murder Jews, including Jewish children, is because the tiny Jewish minority in the Middle East is persecuting the vast Arab-Muslim majority, particularly those who now go under the moniker "Palestinians."

This is a lie.

The is the Big Lie.

Arab-Muslims have been throwing rocks at Jews for fourteen centuries.  It is only in very recent years that people started discussing the Arab inclination to stone Jews as a matter of "civil rights" and "social justice."  It was only shortly after the Holocaust that the Soviets decided that Arab attempts to murder Jews should be placed into the context of human rights and national liberation.

But the fact of the matter is that Arab-Muslim justification for the murder of Jews is embedded in Islam.

The only difference now is that we have millions upon millions of westerners, including G-d knows how many western Jews, who think that Arab efforts to kill Jews are morally justified.  They have even convinced themselves that the tiny bit of land that has been known for four thousand years as Judea is being illegally "Occupied" (with the Big O) by Jews.

The violence toward this family and toward this little girl is not a merely because of Arab-Muslim genocidal racism, but because that genocidal racism is justified by "liberals" throughout the western world who fund the very hatred that gets us killed.  The west funds Hamas which calls for the murder of Jews in its very charter.  The United States funds the Palestinian Authority which incites hatred toward Jews among Arab-Muslim children in Judea and Samaria, thus ensuring that the long Arab war against the Jews in the Middle East will continue for generations to come.

And yet they blame us for the ongoing violence toward us, but this also is nothing new.

If you were to talk to your average "progressive" he or she would say that the historical persecution of the Jewish people was a terrible injustice.  They would claim to be opposed to Nazism and the Holocaust, and yet they would still tell you that the Palestinian-Arab cause is moral and should be supported.  In other words, while all efforts in the past to kill Jews were wrong, the current effort is justified.

Every generation they justify it.

This one is no different.


  1. In al-Monitor, which isn't as one sided as you might expect, there was this piece which carried on about what they profess to call a humanitarian disaster in Gaza. And then the author goes on to list the 5 key reasons for it. Not unexpectedly reason 1 is the Jews. But then there's 4 more; the Arab league, the PLO, Egypt and the UN (apparently the UN is a Zionist tool). But nowhere is the slightest glimmer of responsibility let alone blame assigned to Hamas or anything endogenous to Gaza at all.


    EVEN when the same news site is printing that it's HAMAS restricting the movement of Gazans in and out of Gaza.


    So when Arabs kill or try to kill Jews, the answer is always the same - what you hear from drunk abusive parent or spouse "Look what YOU made ME do to you!!"

    Many years ago David Frum, as Bush's speech writer, coined the phrase, 'the bigotry of low expectations' which is precisely what we're dealing with. A patent patronizing of Arab insanity borne of bigotry, the view that no matter what they do, it's the best anyone should expect of them because after all "you know how THOSE PEOPLE are....."

    Turn that on its head and every single anti Jewish stereotype is suddenly turned into a faux virtue where we're expected to behave as superhumans...because we're smarter and we own all banks and governments and such and such and such and there was this holocaust thing.....and when we don't meet this impossible standard....well...you know THOSE PEOPLE ARE too, don't you?

    So when someone says that the Arabs, while they might not express it as a 'right' we're certainly scolded to 'understand' them, it's simply antisemitism in new clothes.

    PS just today a mortar landed in Damascus killing a group of people. As mentioned before, it was one of those 'firecrackers' that helpless Gazans should never be expected to refrain from hurling at Sderot's children. What else can they do? They're oppressed.

    1. A patent patronizing of Arab insanity borne of bigotry...

      I couldn't agree more.

  2. C'mon , Mike. Put yourself in their shoes ( to paraphrase some recent genius.)Never mind that might include stoning little kids, killing as many Jewish civilians as you can and wanting to drive all Jews into the sea. Try to see the humanity....man.