Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Great Graphic


I've posted some of the great posters and graphics put out by Israel Matzav before. Here's another great one that says it all.

The State of the World, summarized in a single photo


  1. Let's see how painful it is to write anything?

    Not too bad, really.

    We had our passover seder last night, but we almost cancelled because I was in the emergency room that morning with serious and infected puncture wounds around the index finger of my right hand.

    They've got me on antibiotics that seem to be working, but this is going to take awhile to heal and I have no faith that I will ever again have 100 percent use of my right hand. As long as I have 90 percent and as long as I can type, which I obviously can, that it will be fine.

    In any case, after our seder, which I presided over in good spirit despite the fact that I was forced by my doctor to give my right elevated... can you imagine?!

    Afterward the actually dinner me and a few buddies with intelligences that I respect began discussing world politics and MidEast politics.

    It was interesting to me that a number of these people still refused to discuss the problem of political Islam in the region, but I am pleased that I got them to at least acknowledge that it is an actual and growing movement.

    You have to start someplace!

    1. Sorry to hear your injury was that bad, Mike. Here's to a speedy recovery.

      As for the last part, I guess the real problem is what, if anything, can (or should) we do about Political Islam? Seems to be a serious and widespread flaw in their societies, holding them back and trying to drag the rest of the world down with them. Trudy summed it up pretty well in a comment somewhere around here a few days ago.

      Aside from the obvious (stop supporting them), what else can be done? Every time a place like Egypt is given a chance to vote, this is what they vote for. Wouldn't be so bad if there were a realistic possibility for the Islamists to allow themselves to be peacefully voted out of power in free and fair elections in the future should their people so choose, but I don't see that as too likely.

      I dunno. Focusing on just who and what they are does certainly seem like a useful endeavor to me, at least.

  2. Geeze, Mike. Had no idea it was that serious an injury. Hope it heals up ok.

    1. Well, it got infected despite the fact that I immediately washed it and bandaged it with anti-bacterial ointment.

      My right hand swelled up like a balloon on the very day when we had 12 people dropping in for our seder.

      I'm just grateful that the antibiotics seem to be working, because otherwise they would have hospitalized me.

      I can type, but it hurts a little, which is why I probably will be anything much more than comments for the next few days at least.

  3. I'm gonna sound like a nitpicker, but... can't help it. It's not East vs. West. India and Thailand, out there on the Far East, are as much victims of Islamic imperialist aggression as Israel, the United States and Western Europe. A forum poster from India posting on FPM told stories of Indian government blindness to the Islamic threat that would do the West proud.

    Point taken, though. Plus, I don't know how that wordy analysis of mine could be written on those black pieces of fabric in the picture, so let's call it poetic license.

    P.S. Get well soon, Mike. Amazing how Murphy's Law works with this sort of thing.