Monday, March 25, 2013

Results of the Obama Trip

Mike L.

Now that Obama is gone from Israel we can begin the process of assessing the results of the trip.

From what I can tell there are, as of this moment, three discernible results.

1) Netayahu will be seen to have apologized to Turkey for Turkey's attack upon Israel.

2) Israel is freeing up 500 million dollars as a birthday present to Mahmoud Abbas.

3) Obama snubbed the students at Ariel University, as well as the Knesset.

Let's take these one by one.

Number One:

The main significance of Netanyahu's apology to Turkey is that it affirms the notion that Jews have no legitimate rights to self-defense.  It sends the message that, just as in the good old days, Jews can take a beating but have no legitimate rights to fight back.  Check!

Number Two:

It doesn't matter how intransigent the Palestinian-Arabs are or how much they incite genocidal violence within their own children toward the Jewish minority in the Middle East, or to Jews in general, we will still pay them large sums of money which their leadership can sock away in Swiss bank accounts or use to buy weaponry to be used against the Jewish people or purchase air time on Palestinian-Arab television to drive home the message that the Jewish people are the sons and daughters of apes and pigs.  Check!

Number Three:

By snubbing the students at Ariel University Barack Obama affirms the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Jews who live where neither Barack Obama nor Mahmoud Abbas want them to live. Check!

By snubbing the Knesset in favor of speaking before college students he sends the message that he is less interested in the needs of the Israeli people today as he is in influencing the younger generation and thus imposing himself onto the political culture of that country for tomorrow.  Check!  Check!

I would say that this represents a very successful trip for Obama and Abbas.  Abbas gets some sweet poker cash and the affirmation that his racism against Jews is perfectly fine and proper.  Jews should not be living on historically Jewish land and Abbas is absolutely right to desire a Judenrein Palestinian-Arab State on the land that constitutes the Jewish national home.  If this were not the case Barack Obama would not have snubbed the students at Ariel University.

What Obama gets is an affirmation of Israeli-Jewish compliance to his wishes and the good will of the Turkish Prime Minister, which will be helpful in installing an Islamist government in Syria.

So the big winners here are Barack Obama, Mahmoud Abbas, and Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan, but also political Islam as a movement.  After all, each of the three above fit nicely with the ideology of political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, so they should be pleased, as well.  They won't be due to the fact that Obama condescended to say some nice things about Israel in his speech in Jerusalem, but they should be.

The big losers, naturally, are Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jews of the Middle East.

And now we will have the United States and the EU starting a new push to ramp up the "peace process," which as history shows will likely result in considerable violence and war.  For the Israelis the Second Terror War which began with Arafat unleashing the hate after being offered virtually everything that they always told us that they wanted was, in terms of relative death toll, something akin to a 9/11 every two weeks for about three years.

Who couldn't be happy with such an outcome?


  1. And so it begins......

    "The Turkish news agency reported that an Arab diplomat said that "Arab states are considering the possibility of demanding that Israel apologize for the killings of Palestinian territories and in Lebanon in the same way that they apologized to Turkey for the Marmara."

    The issue was raised at an Arab League meeting held on Saturday in Qatar. The diplomat added: "The Israeli apology to Turkey was seen as a positive move by the Arab nations.",7340,L-4360381,00.html

    Anybody surprised at this?

    1. Caroline Glick says this:

      On Saturday, the Arab League convened in Doha, Qatar and discussed Israel’s apology to Turkey and its ramifications for pan-Arab policy. The Arab League member states considered the prospect of demanding similar apologies for its military operations in Lebanon, Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

      The Arab League’s discussions point to the true ramifications of the apology for Israel. By apologizing for responding lawfully to unlawful aggression against the State of Israel and its armed forces, Israel did two things. First, Israel humiliated itself and its soldiers, and so projected an image of profound weakness. Due to this projected image, Israel has opened itself up to further demands for it to apologize for its other responses to acts of unlawful war and aggression against the state, its territory and its citizens from other aggressors. The Arab League like most of its member nations is in an official state of war with Israel. The Arabs wish to see Israel destroyed. Kicking a nation when it is down is a perfectly rational way for states that wish other states ill to behave. And so the Arab League’s action was eminently predictable.

      The Netanyahu Apology was a huge mistake.

    2. She also said this:

      Israel should scale back the level of military assistance it receives from the US. While Obama was in Israel, he pledged to expand US military assistance to Israel in the coming years. By unilaterally scaling back US assistance and developing its domestic military industries, Israel would send a strong signal to its neighbors that it is not completely dependent on the US and as a consequence, the level of US support for Israel does not determine Israel’s capacity to continue to defend itself.

      I couldn't agree more.

      Israel needs to be as independent as possible, even while maintaining friendly diplomatic and economic relations with much of the rest of the world.

      Barack Obama is not a friend to either the Jewish people or the Jewish State, but the American people are.

      Israel should ween itself off of American largesse.

    3. The fulfillment of an imperialist's demands is always perceived by him as an encouragement to make more demands. As it was with the German imperialists of last century, so it is with the Islamic imperialists today.

  2. Israel...the weak horse in the minds of the Arab nations. It WILL cost much more Jewish blood at some point. Dear Obama...I/P is NOT like US/Canada. Join reality. After all this time and evidence...join reality.

    1. It will take more reality to see reality. The Palestinians will alienate him as time progresses.

      The whole Arab-Muslim schtick is becoming tiresome, perpetually offended and seeking accomodation from others while offering none.

      As for the apology, Israel was seeking to improve with Turkey for awhile. I would not have done it. It does help to show Erdogan for what he is, another slice of reality.

  3. I think we make too much of everything, and need to take a step back.

    I see all these things as specks that become preoccupation.

    Snubbing the students was crass and political, but far from geopolitical. The apology was a mistake. It will not change the world. The Arab reaction shows how petty they are. Erdogan shows Obama he cannot be trusted.

    We should care more about the money, and set conditions. We should shame others that do not pay their share. We should push to have all refugees come under the UNHCR, especially as we are footing so much of the bill.

    Obama did affirm American support for Israel, and his own, even if he can make it more difficult to accomplish. He is not the enemy that many suggest. On the other hand, those who do not acknowledge that his past associations contribute to his current mindset, are also way off base.

    As time passes, I believe Obama will come to see that Israel is actually interested in peace, while the Palestinians are not, unlike what he likely understood from his elite education.

    1. Who woulda though a genius like him would be so slow a learner? Just sayin'

    2. Yeah, but it's not like he is alone. I know tons that have similar mentalities, too smart for their own good, too smart to ever contemplate they could be wrong, and that someone less informed may be right.


    Billboard in Turkey says.....“Prime Minister Erdogan made the State of Israel kneel down.”

    This is how these f**kers think. Screw 'em all, Israel. NO MORE APOLOGIES!!!!!! You want apologies? Get them from them.


  5. The Australian newspaper (Murdoch owned and editorially pro-Israel) this morning had a report without a by-line that it sourced from The Times, AP and Reuters that referred to the eleven dead on the Mavi Marmara as "peace activists"


    1. It was the flotilla nonsense that drove me out of the left entirely.

      It was the final straw for me personally.

      We have Jihadis on the Mavi Marmara, on video, singing songs about how Muhammed's armies are coming back to kill the Jews.

      They were on the same boat as alleged progressive-left "peace activists."

      What a disgrace.

      What a betrayal of whatever good the left may have held.

  6. Here's a tit bit for you guys.

    Chag sameach by the way and thanks for my 'rant' on yours Geoff.

    This was taken from a message board type of thing just after the Marvi Marmara incident,. The guy says he s Turkish and I don't doubt it. I have left the English unchanged.

    "I personally think that Israel is a rogue state and against the occupation of Palestine. However, what I am concentrating on is what happened on this night, and through my own experience believe and know that violence was welcomed by some on board the MM –

    I live in Turkey they don't describe themselves as Islamics..but securlist! The rhetoric on board by Bulent Yilderim totally washed over! AS for hyperbole learn Turkish and look at the martydom videos some on board made before setting off!!

    I feel myself lucky because although, you may think I am a Zionist, you would be wrong. I remember that Isreal acyually used violence to obtain their state..Jerusalem Hotel anyone?. However I had the opportunity of meeting activist from the MM before it even set sail, when it docked in my home port!. Meeting, eating and talking to them. If you seriously think that it was a full of peaceful people - believe me I wished you could have been with me when I talked with them!

    You are right of course some of those on board had the right and proper intentions - however naive they may have been that it would actually succeed. However, do not be under no illussion that a sigificant group on board the MM had a more propogandic intention and less naive..Let me ask you a question?..Why was the flotila not given an escort by the Turkish navy? after all it was backed by the AKP Government"