Friday, March 22, 2013


  1. Vietnamese food. Kensington Ave.

    If anyone ever finds themselves here, and if they're in the mood, we can do this.

    Pho for the win!


    I love living here.

  2. The good news is I'll be in Newark tomorrow, and I'll be at a hockey game with my sisters and brother-in-law. The bad news is I have to pretend that I don't hate the Devils...

    Well, I'll figure it out I guess.

    I will be wearing a Flyers hat there, btw...

  3. Time to get back in shape, btw.

    I've got to lose the 20 pounds (I want to try out for Jersey Shore in eight weeks! No okay, actually I just want to look better and get back in ideal shape) I've let myself gain lately; and I'm going back to a mostly-vegetarian diet, along with doing 300 pushups, an hour of boxing a day, krav maga once a week, and jogging 5 miles a day. Starting next week.

    It's long past time to get back in shape! Im going to become a rock once again...

    Hoo ha!

  4. The Jewish State is now officially the Doormat of the World. This status has been secured by none other than her Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Officially declared: Another state can send a flotilla full of terrorists to aid and abet the Jewish State's enemies, ready to attack our soldiers when they try to stop it, but not to worry, at the end of things the state that sent the flotilla can rest assured it will be getting an apology from the Jewish State for defending itself.

    The extension to other acts of aggression leveled at the Jewish State, such as rocket attacks, is superfluous to mention.

    Treason. Treason at the very top ranks of the nation-state. Cowardice that endangers the well-being of every Israeli Jew. Jewish dignity sacrificed at the altar of unRealpolitik. A fear of what the nations will say or do greater than caring for Jewish survival.

    In view of all this, is it any wonder that the consistent coiffer Jeffrey Goldberg recently said, openly and blatantly, that Israel's fate is now in Obama's hands (dirt to Goldberg's mouth!)? We have become as grasshoppers in the world's eyes. Shame on Netanyahu for such a capitulation! Shame on him for behavior unfit for the leader of the Jewish State! Greatly will we rue this day for the near time, until we finally get leaders who pay no heed to what the other nations say or do.

    1. Not to mention a state whose head of state called Zionism a crime against humanity just a few weeks ago. I can only hope that Netanyahu extracted something very concrete for this humiliation. "Just words" I can imagine Obama saying. Just words. How often have we heard that before?

    2. Erdogan already backtracked his 'normalization' statement.

    3. geoffff,

      This is the third time—last two were with Giv'at Ulpana and Operation Pillar of Cloud—that Obama has told Netanyahu to jump and the latter has responded by asking how high.

      The guy doesn't have it. Whatever resolve he has at the outset, he loses quickly. Even Ben Gurion lost resolve in 1956, but it took a lot—the threat of sanctions from both superpowers—to make him cave. Here, mere words are enough for Netanyahu to fold.

      Randall Kohn,

      "I want Begin back."

      Begin?! Begin was the one who started all this concessionmania. Even his "great work" is now set to crumble at the slightest pretext.

      Empress Trudy,

      Becoming officially the Doormat of the World and gaining not even the slightest in the deal. Outrageous!

      What the HE** did the Jewish nation set up a state of its own for?!

    4. To be fair though Israel ALREADY had offered compensation and a formal apology and was turned away by Erdogan. What Turkey wants mainly the elimination of all border control in and out of Gaza. A secondary concern is this silly effort to have IDF troops 'tried' somewhere. Which is never going to happen.

      The underlying issue is that Erdogan wants to be rescued from his problems with Syria. He wants the Jews to manage it. He wants the Jews to take in a zillion refugees forever. He wants the Jews to move anti missile missiles into northern Israel as an excuse to kick NATO out of that role in Eastern Turkey, which, even though Turkey is a NATO member is a huge embarrassment to Turkey that 'crusader infidels' are protecting them.

      I suspect all this back channel bargaining with the PKK is really about having a chip to push across the table to Obama. Turkey sees their own bargaining with the PKK as the quid pro quo for Obama to threaten the Jews with something else. Because otherwise it makes no sense for them to let up on the Kurds right when the Kurds have semi autonomous status in Iraq and Syria which would cause the Turkish Kurds to push even harder, not less.

  5. I have a ridiculous amount of work to prepare for Pesach we put off to the last minute. On top of that a friend called and wants me to prep some (four or five) Seder plates. Oh well too late for Zabars.