Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obama administration doubles-down on the Muslim Brotherhood

Mike L.

{Cross-posted at Geoffff's Joint and the Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers.}

Here is Joe Biden at the AIPAC conference:
Only through engagement -- it’s only through engagement with Egypt that we can focus Egypt’s leaders on the need to repair international obligations -- respect their international obligations, including and especially its peace treaty with Israel. It’s only through active engagement that we can help ensure that Hamas does not re-arm through the Sinai and put the people of Israel at risk. It’s only through engagement that we can concentrate Egypt’s government on the imperative of confronting the extremists. And it’s only through engagement that we can encourage Egypt’s leaders to make reforms that will spark economic growth and stabilize the democratic process. And it’s all tough, and there’s no certainty. There’s no certainty about anything in the Arab Spring.
"Engagement" seems to be the word by which the Obama administration means giving the fascist and anti-Semitic government in Egypt billions of dollars in financial assistance, as well as Abrams tanks and F-16 fighter jets, in return for virtually nothing.

Biden was correct about one thing, however, there is no certainty about anything in the so-called "Arab Spring."  However, if this is the case, why did the administration cheer-lead it so enthusiastically?  It was obvious two years ago that these uprisings and riots and murders and rapes which we collectively know as the "Arab Spring" were maybe not such a good thing.  It seemed pretty clear, pretty early, that what we were seeing was not the rise of democracy under the leadership of westernized "Facebook kids," but the rise of right-wing Muslim theocratic fascism.

If I suspected this merely from reading the newspapers, how is it that Barack Obama did not?  This is not just some minor misstep by the Obama administration, but in fact an absolutely colossal screw-up of the very highest order.  This will be recognized as “an act of stupidity that will resonate for generations.”

And now they tell us that they must continue to give U.S. tax dollars to the Brotherhood in the hopes that they can reform it?  Really?  Is that how it works?, because I do not see much reformation of Hamas, which is the Brotherhood in Gaza.

Obama's foreign policy legacy will be that of assisting the Brotherhood and the rise of right-wing Islamic fascism in the Middle East.  In terms of foreign policy, the central question that future historians will ask themselves is how is it that an American president would support the rise of American enemies in a vital part of the world?  How is it that an American president was willing to undermine U.S. relations with a key ally there in order to facilitate the rise of political Islam?

If, in consideration of Obama's foreign policy, you cannot bring yourself to ask such questions then you are not analyzing the administration, but revering it.

Revery can be very nice in a dream-like sort of way, but neither revery, nor reverence, constitute analysis.  What they constitute in politics is sycophancy and nothing else.


  1. There is no joy in Leftville, mighty Chavez has struck out. At all the the usual places, the red thug is being mourned like he was the second coming of Christ. What is it about the left; they love their dictators so much?

    They say he was worth (IOW, Stole) a billion, this hero of the poor. Guess they pay their Prez's really well in those places cause no way such a saint could be just another crook, right?

    The further left you go the crazier it gets with many a suggestion that Chavez was actually given cancer by the USA. Shades of Arafat. My mind boggles. I hope Sean Penn doesn't take it too hard and do something stupid. (not really)

    1. Ah, the Chavez fans. Long before I stumbled into the fetid antisemitic swamp that is 'discussion' of the Arab-Israeli conflict at Daily Kos, the Chavistas were my first indication that something was wrong with that place. Though to be fair, I don't recall there being too many of them. They were certainly quite strident, however, and if I recall, the first time I was ever accused of being (gasp!) 'right-wing' was by one of those tools.

    2. There are many people whose idea of discourse on most any issue is "agree or else!"

      At DKos it is not just the Arab-Israeli issue, but most issues where there is controversy and people see things differently.

      And it's not just happening there, but other places, where people can be slandered with impunity and content is controlled in arbitrary fashion.

    3. The best tactic to take with such people is to not waste any time on them, as their hollow charade is plain for all to see, and rather instead let them nod in agreement with each other endlessly, or let them inevitably flame each other out when the most minor of disagreements pops up. Depending upon their mood and / or the situation on any given day, I suppose.

      If I could have back all the time I wasted at Daily Kos and a few other places, my to-read pile of books next to the bed wouldn't be almost blocking out all the light in here, that's for sure! ;)

    4. Agree and disagree. Interesting to see the "progressive" reaction to dissent.

  2. "The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said Chávez would “return on resurrection day”. He said he had “no doubt that Chávez will return to Earth” along with Jesus and Imam Mahdi, the most revered figure among Shia Muslims, to help “establish peace, justice and kindness” in the world. Announcing a day of mourning, Ahmadinejad also said he believed something “suspicious” caused Chávez’s cancer."


    1. How DARE you disagree! Stay within my framing or I'll delete your comments!


    2. Reply fail. This was to oldschool above, of course...

    3. Yep. As a matter of fact it was the case today. Thin skin and one voice permitted. Cowardly.

    4. Color me not the least bit surprised. If such a thing is happening, then it must be a day ending in the letter "y"...

    5. Also way too much profanity, as if it is indispensable.

  3. May Hugo Chavez rest in peace.

    I know that he was no friend to either Israel or to the Jewish people, but I very much hope that he honestly helped the Venezuelan poor.

    This is what they claim and I do not know if it is true.

    I do wish his soul a smooth journey, however.

    As MSOC used to say, I hope he's in a cool place.

    1. Sure he helped the poor. Just like the bubonic plague helped the poor.

    2. I think we can judge a good part of his effect upon the day to day life of Venezuela's poor by looking at daily life in the very place from which he governed for 14 years. Caracas is the most violent capital city on the planet, with over 3,000 murders a year in a city slightly more populous than Philadelphia.

      Even its police officers aren't safe. Over 100 of them were killed in Caracas in 2012 alone. Venezuelan murder rates in general doubled over Chavez' fourteen years in office. Its bus drivers have gone on strike due to streets in the capital being deadly war zones. In a place where there isn't a war, it should be noted, and where there was allegedly a leader who claimed to care about living conditions of the poor.

      But hey, he said George Bush smells bad and he never met a brutal Arab dictator he didn't want to cuddle with, so he became a hero to certain quarters of the 'left.'

      As I read in a comment elsewhere yesterday - Chavez loved the poor people of Venezuela so much, that he lined his pockets with over a billion dollars in case he ever had to feed them one day...

    3. Here's a thought. Had he have been on goods terms with Israel he could have got treatment there instead of all places Cuba and they probably could have cured him.

    4. Yeah, but then Mahmoud would have had a sad or something. Antisemitism is clearly more important than life to some...

    5. I never wish poorly of the dead.

      You guys can call me Saint Michael.


    6. "...but I very much hope that he honestly helped the Venezuelan poor."

      He used the poor the way all Marxists do: As a ladder to climb up to power on, subsequently to be thrown away.

      It's uncanny, the way Marxism undoes any riches, natural or human, a nation-state possesses: It brought fuel shortages to oil-rich Venezuela, food shortages to Zimbabwe, former bread-basket of Africa, laziness and poor workmanship to East Germany (making lazy, sloppy people out of Germans, just think about it!), and a anti-can-do spirit of dependency to the once staunchly individualistic American nation. The corruption wrought by this political plague is terrifying.

      Of course, I'm not saying laissez-faire capitalism would make everything hunky-dory; but then it doesn't have that pretension, while the quasi-religious far-Leftist socio-economic doctrine of Marxism has been messianic in its promises from the start, so it's right to take it to task for resulting in universal hell rather than the advertised heaven.

      A lot of the same goes for Islam. I don't agree with some of my fellow right-wingers who say Islam isn't a religion but just a political movement pretending to be one, but there's still a world of difference between Islam and Judaism in that Judaism leaves a lot of things to God, while in Islam the believers think Allah doesn't rule a particular part of the world unless human beings impose shariah law there. Islam and Marxism are both predicated on human revolutionary actions to save the world—with similar results.

  4. If he's still dead tomorrow that's 3 days and I call BS on the Jesus comparison. OTOH......da da da!!!!!!

    1. Any updates on Generalissimo Francisco Franco lately, btw?

  5. Just like the bubonic plague helped the poor.


    I'm laughing my ass off!!!

    A perfect way to greet the day, really.

  6. I do not wish ill on others, either. Ensuring the accuracy of one's character for the historical record is an altogether entirely different matter, of course...

  7. The odd thing about Egypt is that the west is dancing around on electrified railroad tracks and doesn't know it because they're assiduously working to unionize the train workers instead.

    Egypt is headed for a economic calamity rarely seen and probably never before served up to Western audiences to see. Since Mubarek capital has been leaving the country in droves. Little new capital is coming into the country. Egypt can't service the debt it has now and even the World Bank is balking at giving them more. Morsi is angling for a handout from Obama because that would give them at least the semblance of fiduciary responsibility necessary for them to get more from the WB orh IMF.

    Foreign reserves are at an all time low and Egypt may have only a few months of cash on hand to keep the country running. Why is this a problem? Because Egypt is a quasi-socialist state that subsidizes basics like food, diesel, cooking gas and other staples that they need to feed themselves. Importantly, Egypt is the world's #1 food importer. Number one. Egypt lost the capacity to feed itself around 1954. With 90 million people, Egypt imports more than half of the food it needs which it then sells back to the people at subsidized rates. But to buy that food they have to pay for it. Or establish credit for it. That's 40-45 million people who it can't feed outright. And without diesel and cooking gas a few things happen - no one can cook their food, no one can run local water pumps, no one can keep the light industry factories running.

    So we've got an angry hungry exploding population that isn't going to be well fed on psychotic Koranic babble. One which won't be able to keep the water clean and running so cholera and dysentery will ramp up - - scurvy, malnutrition, parasitic diseases and so on. Oh did I mention that the largest sector of the economy that produces meat - is the Copts who raise hogs because Muslims won't.

    Factoid 1 for the day: 90% of the population of Egypt lives within 10 miles of the Nile - - just like they did 5,000 years ago. 50 centuries in and Egyptians have developed effectively zero of the country to any productive use.

    Factoid 2 for the day. Sudan is considering tearing up the 1959 Nile Basin treaty which allocates them 18% of water flow, expanding the Merowe Dam at the Fourth Cataract and telling Egypt to go to hell or Osiris. In the meantime the Nile is a polluted mess because of no controls and too many people - - just like 5,000 years ago except now with chemicals, pesticides, metal and slag and the waste of 90 million people.

    So while Obama talks about what nice modern people we all could be, Egypt is headed for a terrible terrible fall. The kind of a collapse of a large country we have not seen since perhaps the Black Death.