Sunday, March 17, 2013

Speaking Truth To Pro-I's


(courtesy Israel Matzav)

  Ain't it the truth?

Here's another good image from Elder of Ziyon 

And ANOTHER great one from Israel Matzav


  1. Though I understand what he's getting at, the word in that bottom poster rubs me the wrong way, and kinda negates a huge point in our favor. Just for the record.

    1. Yeah, I wondered if it might bother some. I get why it may. However , it doubt the Elder derived it from malice, but more simply from the root word.

    2. Understood. Strikes me, personally, as rather slur-ish, is all. I actually just searched the term on Google, and it appears to be widespread, though I hadn't heard it before and I'd never use it, myself...

  2. What REALLY gets my knickers in a twist at the moment, however, is that I can't find a quiet bar to watch the NCAA basketball tournament selection show. Loud holiday revelers really get my goat, and I'm (half-)Irish, too!

    1. Laurie and I are watching the Giant's lose to Colorado on our home television.

      Terrific weekend, tho. Chris and Maria came in from Seattle and we took them up, yesterday, to the Tomales Bay Oyster Company where we rented a couple of picnic tables, along with the accompanying grills, and just went to town with oysters on the half-shell and bbq oysters.

      It was a perfect day. We had a bunch of friends with us and the place was just packed and festive. There must have been a couple hundred people on the grounds doing just what we were doing.




      Life is good.

    2. At least the games don't count yet. ;)

      A little nervous about Halladay, though...


      I had a Sly Fox (Pottstown, PA) Seamus' Irish Red (pretty okay), and a Weyerbacher (Easton, PA) Heresy Imperial Stout (awesome-times-three!). That makes it a good day out here, too. Though cold. And windy.

      Come on already, Spring!

    3. The Giants won 9 to 7!

      Four runs in the bottom of the ninth!

      Shocking, really, but that's spring training.

      By the ninth inning most of the names in the field were unknown to me.

      People are interviewing for jobs.

    4. "People are interviewing for jobs."

      While carrying bats, no less...


  3. Replies
    1. Both of these bloggers do a LOT of posters. The posters are then used by a lot of Pro-I activists around the world.

  4. Remember the "Russell Tribunal on Palestine?" Have to laugh....the Elder tuned in to the final webcast session today only to discover they had less than three dozen viewers - worldwide. Maybe we are winning this damn thing.

    1. We're fighting for the human rights of the Jewish people.

      So, why shouldn't we win?

      We're small, but we're feisty!

      And we have justice on our side.

  5. The response by Israel's foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor is a bungled one, though. "It's a private body with no legal or political weight..." Implied here is that if this were an internationally recognized body, like the United Nations' kangaroo court in the Hague, then its verdicts would have legal and political weight. I say no! No pronunciation denying the Jewish nation's right to unrestricted inhabitation of all parts of the Land of Israel can have any legal or political weight, whichever court of "law" it might issue from. Palmor shouldn't have let an opening in the net for flies to get through.

    1. Oops. This was meant as a response to Doodad's post on the Russell "Tribunal." The quote of Palmor is from EoZ's site, itself quoting the AFP item.

  6. Love this comment about Israel Apartheid Week at York U from the Elder link

    "L. King • 3 hours ago

    I was at York University last week. Nothing on "Israeli Apartheid" except a small booth run by 3 Palestinian students and a bottle of free Palestinian olives. No-one was interested. There were 2 well positioned pro-Israel booths with some people interested, but not a great deal. There were was a booth informing people about Islam, and a posters against east-Asian Islamophobia, but the really big deal with lots of space and advertising, what Jesus Awareness Week.

    At the home of IA, IA is almost dead. It may rise again, but students appear not to be interested."

    This is great news. Come to think of it; haven't heard much about IA at other places either.


    Another good blog you may want to visit.