Friday, March 8, 2013

Yes, well, I have poker this evening.

It's cruel and vicious and non-kosher, but I have to head into the city to sit down with those insidious bastards and play Texas Hold 'Em at Julie's office in the Richmond district.

Poker is evil and you should not play it.  I mean, it's OK for me because, ya know, I know what the hell that I am doing, but the rest of you people need to stay away from the Devil's cards.  

And, look, if you find yourself in Vegas or Reno or Atlantic City and you get A-9 before the flop, don't think that you've got a good hand.  You've got just the kind of hand that will ruin you as you spend the rest of the evening putting nickels in the slot machines because you busted out.  And, look, if after the river you make a baby straight look closely at the cards on the table and the various twitches and smirks of the people around you, cuz a baby straight can take you down in a New York minute.

You have to play tight and aggressive.

What that means is that is you must be tight.  You must be patient.  You must wait until you get decent cards and see if there is a buyer on the table.  If that is the case, and you truly do have a good hand, that's when you get aggressive.

You go:
And when the smoke clears hopefully you haven't just ruined your night.

{Be careful out there!}


  1. I know some kid that won a cool half million and from that now plays for a living.

    7 card stud is a much better game of poker.

    1. I just found out, a couple months ago, that one of my buddies from my teenage years actually makes a living playing in video game tournaments. Not much, but it's a decent living and it sure beats other grinds! He even has his own trading card.

      His game is Mortal Kombat, and another one of my friends from that time, probably the only one who's had a rougher time at life than I have over the past few years, used to be the only one amongst us who could ever beat him in that game.

      He's kicking himself for missing an opportunity he (or me!) never even knew was out there...

  2. You've reminded me that I need to watch Rounders again soon. One of my favorite films (probably in the Top 10, and not far behind my all-time number one favorite film, Good Will Hunting), and one I haven't seen in a while.

    I'm pretty sure I've only set foot inside in a casino three times in my life, all with my father. Twice in Atlantic City, and once in Detroit.

    Sugarhouse Casino down in Fishtown isn't too far from me, and I often ride right past it on the 25 bus or the 43 bus. One of my sisters is a casino fan, and I'm sure we'll head in there one day. Strikes me as rather depressing, for the most part, though, as it seems the only people I ever see going in there are seniors who don't look too well-off in the first place.

    There is one more casino license available for Philadelphia, and Steve Wynn is one of the leading bidders for it. He wants to open a place on Broad Street in Center City. The plans I've seen are all atrocious. Why can't we build nice-looking buildings anymore?

    When I came back here from Portland last year, my cousin in Las Vegas once again became our only family member living west of Ohio. I have no desire to ever visit Las Vegas in and of itself, but I wouldn't mind stopping there to see him on my way back to Portland, if I ever visit there again...

    1. Y'know, I'm not actually a big fan of casinos and I absolutely loathe Vegas.

      The problem with playing at a casino is that you're mainly sitting with a bunch of strangers. I play about once a month in our regular home game, but they're almost all buddies of mine.

    2. I once got sliced into pieces in Vegas at a blackjack table by a dealer from Chicago. Never played the game again.

  3. Somewhat off-topic

    I know its an "acquired taste" but I'm a fan of Larry David and "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Here it screens on cable and satellite on the "Comedy Channel" . No idea about the US. HBO?

    Anyway if you get half a chance do not miss what I guess is the most recent episode titled "Palestinian Chicken".

    The man is a comic genius.