Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Not Personal

Mike L.

This is me, Laurie, and our friend, Maria, in a picture taken one year ago.

Seattle is in the background and Maria's husband, Chris, took the shot.

What I want is an open conversation.

What I want is left, right, and center to speak in a decent manner with one another.

We can do that, if you guys will help.


  1. I'm in.

    Though I try not to be the first to recklessly judge others*, I will admit I do tend to react viscerally toward those who engage in such smearing and labeling as a matter of course.

    I guess what I'm ultimately trying to understand right now is the whole extreme partisan thing.

    As one who voted for the president twice (not because I 'love' him, as I think he's wrong on many issues and tactics; or because I 'hate' Republicans, I just don't agree with their candidates on anything domestically), I can't help but be amused at being called a Republican these days simply because I tend to think differently than certain of those who clearly play the partisan game to ludicrous extremes.

    Both sides do this in different ways, of course. I can only speak to the intolerance I've experienced from certain quarters of the left lately, myself, though. Since that is where I come from, and still am.

    I don't think President Obama 'hates' Israel, and I would bet my life that the man has no problem with Jews. Though at the same time, I also don't think he's particularly fond of Israel, or really understands the situation in a balanced historical context, either.

    So, yeah. I dunno (who really does?). I appreciate that we can talk here in this space, I know that at least.

    (*It's an ongoing project, and I freely admit that sometimes I fall short of my own ideals)

  2. The last time I was in Seattle was with my dad, when he came to visit me out in Portland a few years ago.

    He couldn't walk up the downtown streets, and looking back now that was probably a sign of the things that were wrong inside of him that we didn't know of yet. Then he went home, found out he had cancer a short while later, and he's been stuck in wheelchairs and walkers ever since. But he's still around, fighting.


    That's a great picture, too. Just wanted to note...

    1. Mixed bag. He had to have a (very) minor heart procedure done, and then just last week had a toe amputated. Diabetes, that shit might be worse than cancer. It was the little toe, though, so it won't affect his balance. Both procedures went well.

      He's home again now, and back at work, but he has to have a biopsy done now as they found something in his nose they want to look at. But after that, it should be smooth sailing!

      Here's hoping the last thing is nothing. That's coming up in a couple weeks or so. Aside from that, he should be walking again within the next year sometime, though he may need a cane. At least he can stand up straight again, though. And if the nose thing is nothing, then for the first time in years the guy will finally be worry- and upcoming medical procedure-free for the first time in like three years.

    2. I suppose one advantage of having teams of doctors examining you with a magnifying glass seemingly at all times, is that they catch the little things early, which said little things could in the end turn out to be not-so-little after all.

      So, at least there's that...

      He also has excellent health coverage as a state employee in New Jersey; while I, in my current (hopefully temporary) uninsured state, recently had to use Drexel University's Center City walk-in clinic and pay $80 just for someone to write a prescription (and then pay half that again for the prescription itself), because the city community health center's walk-in hours don't work for me, and Health Center 6 has a three month backlog for appointments.

      So, that too.

    3. And lest anyone take that last part as a partisan shot at Pennsylvania Republicans, it's not only just that, but it's also a shot at Philadelphia Democrats, too, who of course rule this city with an iron fist and don't do anything for anybody either, aside from feeding themselves, their suburban New Jersey-living building trade union buddies, and their favored 'developers' of shitty-looking 'buildings' and parking lots south of Spring Garden and north of Washington, while letting the rest of the city fall apart (or be knocked down for shitty-looking shlock shacks which somehow also, merely by chance I'm sure, financially benefit one or all of the above).

      And some wonder why I can't skip around screeching in joy about how wonderful the Democrats are, either.

      Okay, I'm done for now. ;)

  3. Furthermore, allow me to touch this up a bit before I run off for most of the day -

    "As one who voted for the president twice (not because I 'love' him, as I think he's wrong on many issues and tactics; or because I 'hate' Republicans, I just don't agree with their candidates on anything domestically, nor do I believe there's any evidence that their candidate would have ultimately done anything materially beneficially different than President Obama's doing right now, anyway)"

    Mr. Romney probably wouldn't have appointed an antisemite to head DoD, but aside from that I think the only difference is probably in the words they'd use in their speeches. Of course, those matter too, so I suppose a case can be made there, and as always I'm all ears (eyes?)...

    1. Jay,

      I think that Romney, unlike Obama and his administration have been doing, wouldn't be installing Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the U.S. government -- at least not to the extent to which Obama and his administration have been doing. And I think that Romney, unlike Obama and his administration have been doing, wouldn't be following the instructions of Muslim Brotherhood agents being used as consultants by the U.S. government and installed as officials in the U.S. government. And I think that Romney, unlike Obama and his administration have been doing, wouldn't be implementing, as U.S. government policy, policies set forth, by the Muslim Brotherhood, contravening the U.S. constitution and U.S. law. And, I think that Romney, unlike Obama and his administration have been doing, wouldn't be colluding with the OIC (the Organization of Islamic Conference) to establish "blasphemy laws", and Sharia law, as United Nations "International Law" and to make United Nations "International Law" have jurisdiction in all nations and supercede the national laws of all individual nations, including the national laws of the U.S.

      And, it's because the U.S. media, entirely, as a whole, have been not properly doing their job, and, rather, have been (*consciously* and strategically) promoting the Obama administration and obfuscating for the Obama administration, and have been behaving as, and serving as, the propaganda division of the Obama administration, that all of this has been happening -- has been allowed to happen. (And I think that the U.S. media, entirely, as a whole, wouldn't be behaving as, and serving as, the propaganda division of a Romney administration.)

    2. A talk by Pat Caddell, Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell:

      Highlights: Pat Caddell Says: Media Have Become an "Enemy of the American people"


      A briefing by former U.S. federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy:

      Civilization Jihad in America: Andy McCarthy


      Tarek Fatah -- liberal democrat, Pakistani-Canadian, truly "moderate" Muslim (non-orthodox Muslim (non-Shariah-proponent Muslim)) -- with Ezra Levant, on the background of Huma Abedin:

      Tarek Fatah on Huma Abedin: the daughter of two Islamists deeply involved with the Muslim Brotherhood; was raised and schooled in Saudi Arabia; was a board member of the Muslim Students Association -- a Muslim Brotherhood front organization; was the assistant editor of a Muslim Brotherhood journal; "an immensely wealthy woman, in the really upper-class of American stage"; the personal advisor to secretary of state, Hillary Clinton


      A presentation by former FBI agent John Guandolo:

      AMERICA IN CRISIS SECURITY BRIEF: Muslim Brotherhood In The Government by FBI agent John Guandolo (1of13)


      National Security Experts Warn: Reject Brennan

      Steve Emerson (Investigative Project on Terrorism)
      Zuhdi Jasser (American Islamic Forum for Democracy)
      Chris Farrell (Judicial Watch)
      Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, USA-Ret. (Family Research Council, and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence)
      Andy McCarthy
      Stephen Coughlin (Center for Security Policy and author of the forthcoming book, Catastrophic Failure)


      The Muslim Brotherhood in America - A 10-Part Course by Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy

      Part 1: The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood
      Part 2: 'Civilization Jihad' in America
      Part 3: Influence Operations Against Conservatives & the GOP
      Part 4: Suhail Khan, A Case Study in Influence Operations
      Part 5: The Organizations Islamists Are Using to Subvert the Right
      Part 6: Electing Islamist Republicans
      Part 7: Advancing the Islamists' Agendas
      Part 8: Team Obama & the Islamists
      Part 9: Team Obama & the Islamist Agend
      Part 10: What's To Be Done?


      A briefing on Grover Norquist and the Iranian regime front-group National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and Muslim Brotherhood front-groups in the U.S and their infiltration of the Republican party:

      The Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of the Republican Party and the U.S. Govt. - Part 1

      The Muslim Brotherhood's Infiltration of the Republican Party and the U.S. Govt. - Part 2


      Interviews (from 2010) with two whistleblowers:

      The Islamic Infiltration, Part 1: Inside Our Government, Armed With Our Secrets (an interview with a U.S. Dept. of Defense analyst and counter-terrorism official requesting anonymity)

      The Islamic Infiltration, Part 2: From Influence to Insurrection (an interview with a former FBI special agent requesting anonymity)

    3. An Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group In North America, by Mohamed Akram, a.k.a. Mohamed Adlouni, for the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood, 5/22/1991

      Direct link to document:


      "4- Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America:
      The process of settlement is a 'Civilization-Jihadist Process' with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands [the hands of Western civilization] and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.


      The Ikhwan: the Arabic name of the Muslim Brotherhood; and literally means "the Brotherhood"

    4. On the OIC:


      Mightier Pen 2012: The Growing Censorship of Free Speech

      Featured participants of this panel:

      Sam Nunberg (Middle East Forum-The Legal Project)
      Brooke Goldstein (The Lawfare Project, author of "Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech")
      Andrew McCarthy


      A brief by Maj. Stephen Coughlin:

      The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Role in Enforcing Islamic Law


      A brief by Deborah Weiss:

      David Horowitz TV Free Speech vs. Anti Blasphemy The Frontline Battle 2012 - Deborah Weiss


      Libel Lawfare: Silencing Criticism of Radical Islam

      Part 1:
      Part 2:
      Part 3:
      Part 4:
      Part 5:

      Conference speakers:

      Alan Dershowitz
      Frank Gaffney
      James Taranto
      Andy McCarthy
      John J. Walsh
      Hassan Dai
      Joe Kaufman
      Marc Lebuis
      David Rivkin
      Alan Mendoza
      Douglas Murray
      David Harris
      Elizabeth Samson
      Barak Seener

      (And also included is the presentation of award to Timothy Kepshandy of Sidley Austin (a law firm which has given free legal representation to some people, including Hassan Dai and Marc Lebuis, who have targeted by Islamic-supremacist "lawfare".)

    5. And, by the way:

      The late Tashbih Sayyed -- a truly "moderate" Muslim (a non-orthodox Muslim (non-Sharia-proponent Muslim)):

      Warning from the grave: Islamists mask as moderates to subvert society from within - Tashbih Sayyed

      Tashbih Sayyed:

      "Once I was told by an official and important gentleman of CAIR -- and...similar...sentiments were expressed to me by an MPAC gentleman -- that they are *angry* on, or of, the attacks on New York [the 9/11 attacks]. Because they said: 'America is in our grip. America gives us the power to take over -- overwhelm -- because of it's Constitution.' The freedoms that are offered and accorded by the Constitution of the United States of America enables the enemies of America to change it, to transform it, into another Saudi Arabia, to another Sudan, to another fascist Islamist state. So they were unhappy that the attacks...on New York and Washington brought focus on the activities of those subtle anti-Americans who, by pretending to be Americans, by pretending to be 'moderates', thought they had America in their grip. I'm scared. I'm very scared."


      Syrian ex-Muslim Wafa Sultan on why Islam is not a religion according to modern Western concepts of religion and according to U.S. Constitutional law:

      Wafa Sultan: Islam Is Incompatible with Western Law

      "I can tell you: to be a *true* Muslim you have to believe in Islam as a religion and as a state. So it is impossible for someone to be a *true* Muslim and a true American at the same time. Because Muslims always look to live under Islamic Sharia (Islamic law), not under American Constitution. I am one of them. Trust me. I know'em. I was very involved with my Muslim community for the first ten years here in the United States, and I heard them, [a] million times, saying that we are here to eventually replace the American Constitution with Islamic Sharia. And, believe me, their concept of time is different than your concept of time. They're well trained to be patient. 'If not this year, after one hundred years. If not after one hundred, after one million. We will take over.' This is their mentality. This is their concept of religion. Religion is a state for them. Any definition of religion *you* will come up with will exclude state."


      And, by the way:

      Barack Obama and Islam - Spencer, Ibrahim, Gaffney respond to a question


      Valuable resource of information:

      Center for Security Policy



    6. Correction:

      I made the following mistake.

      I wrote:

      "A talk by Pat Caddell, Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell"

      which should be:

      "A talk by former Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell"

      And, to explain, because of something that Stuart wrote to me in a comment that he wrote:

      I made this mistake unintentionally. I intended to write "former", but I, by accident, by mistake, did not write "former".

      I have not made this mistake in previous comments that I have posted in which I have listed the video to which I linked in the comment to which this comment is a correction.

    7. Thanks, Daniel. For my part, I am going to remain skeptical of claims that President Obama intends to implement Sharia law in the US, and that Muslim Brotherhood operatives are gaining a foothold within the US government. Amongst a few other things.

      Let's agree to civilly disagree.

    8. Hi Jay,

      I don't think very many people are claiming that he wants to implement Sharia in the US, merely that he has supported the rise of political Islam throughout the Middle East.

      Why he did so is open to question.

      That he did so is not.

    9. Yet Daniel did, here -

      "And, I think that Romney, unlike Obama and his administration have been doing, wouldn't be colluding with the OIC (the Organization of Islamic Conference) to establish "blasphemy laws", and Sharia law, as United Nations "International Law" and to make United Nations "International Law" have jurisdiction in all nations and supercede the national laws of all individual nations, including the national laws of the U.S."

    10. I do agree with what you say here, though, Mike -

      "he has supported the rise of political Islam throughout the Middle East."

      I suppose it's interesting to see where we all draw our lines, at least. Mine is probably somewhere just east of Stuart's, and left of everyone else's on this blog, though I don't feel a need to scream unhinged-ly at those who think differently than I do.

      So, yeah. Once again. That's what I like most about this blog. ;)

    11. It's not personal, after all... ;)

    12. Oh, I forgot School in mentioning 'lines.' I'm probably right where he is, as far as I can tell...

    13. Oh, gee, he did say that, didn't he?

      Well, the question in that case would be something like, is there a reasonable foundation for the fears that some people have concerning what is sometimes called "stealth Jihad" and is Obama colluding with it?

      For the moment I will be agnostic on the first part of the question and join you with some healthy skepticism on the second part.

      Obama, in my view, is a pretty awful president of the US, but I don't believe for one second that he wants to see the US under Sharia.

    14. "And, I think that Romney, unlike Obama and his administration have been doing, wouldn't be colluding with the OIC (the Organization of Islamic Conference) to establish "blasphemy laws", and Sharia law, as United Nations "International Law" and to make United Nations "International Law" have jurisdiction in all nations and supercede the national laws of all individual nations, including the national laws of the U.S."

      Well, that's what the Obama administration is doing. I'm just reporting what I have learned is the case, and what I know is the case.

      It's what I've learned from listening to and watching audio and video recordings of talks from serious sources, and from reading articles from serious sources, and from listening to and seeing audio and video documentary material (and from, involved with that, listening to and seeing audio and video footage of Obama administration government officials, and of the U.S. mass-media).

      The talks and conferences that I have listed are some of the sources which have documented that which I have learned that the Obama administration has been doing.

      And all of this that's happening is not being reported on by the U.S. media. This is part of what's happening. And is part of how and why this is happening.

      But, one may, of course, ask, "Why would Obama and the Obama administration be doing this?"

      Well, why was the U.S. ruling elite, including the State Department, colluding with and supporting the Nazis in the 1930's (and in, even, in some cases, the 1940's)?

      And, the U.S. government was infiltrated by Soviet agents in the 1930's -- and I think that during the Hitler-Stalin pact period of time there was Soviet so-called "Anti-War" propaganda being propagated in the U.S. -- which I think may have been part of the reason that there arose the pro-Soviet (and pro-Nazi) so-called "Pacifist" movement among so-called "liberals" in the U.S. in the 1930's.

      What's happening now is happening for the same reasons that what was happening in the 1930's was happening in the 1930's. Various ideological reasons (including, and involved with, and largely constituted by, anti-Jewish bigotry); and greed; and, involved with all of that, stupidity.

      But what's happening now is worse. It's more pervasive, and it's more "sophisticated", and the infiltration of the U.S. government by organizations of the huge totalitarian ideologically genocidal anti-Jewish political movement of this era (the Islamic supremacist political movement) is now pervasive and deeply engrained and huge.

      And now almost the only people who are aware of what's going on and who are opposing it are some relatively few "Conservatives" -- devout Christian and not devout Christian.

      And, by the way many contemporary ideological "Conservatives", are not what contemporary "Liberals", in general, think that "Conservatives" are. And contemporary "Conservativism", in large part, is not what contemporary "Liberals", in general, think it is.

      Many contemporary ideological "Conservatives" are simply Classical Liberals.

      And contemporary "Conservativism", in large part, is simply Classical Liberalism.

      But contemporary "Conservatives", in general, are being libeled and vilified by the contemporary U.S. media. Especially if they are openly devout Christian, and especially if they are publicly trying to communicate about the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of the U.S. government.

    15. And by the way:

      Here is an undercover secretly recorded audio-video recoding of National Public Radio (NPR) officials meeting with Muslim Brotherhood agents and listening to and nodding along to Muslim Brotherhood agents saying that they're glad that NPR gives people such as Rashid Khalid a voice "to give the Hamas and Hizbollah view in addition to the Israel view", and those NPR officials listening to those Muslim Brotherhood agents saying that the "Jews" "or at least" "Zionists" "kind of control the media" to be "favorable to Israel" and listening to Muslim Brotherhood agents talking about "Jewry" controlling things, and NPR official saying things like "I just think what Israel does I don't think can be excused frequently" and "Jewish organizations are not looking fairly at the situation" and that "the Republican party is not really the Republican party" but that it's "hijacked by" the "fanatical" "Islamophobic" "violent" "xenophobic" "white" "Middle-Age" "gun-toting" "seriously, seriously, racist" Tea Party, and one of the NPR officials saying that what the Muslim Brotherhood agents at this meeting say is "the demonization" of the Muslim Brotherhood is like what the U.S. government did to Japanese Americans during world War II in putting Japanese Americans in internment camps; and these NPR officials saying that "in my personal opinion Liberals today might be more educated and fair and balanced than Conservatives", and saying that "a large uneducated part of the population is carries these ideas" that the Muslim Brotherhood are "horrible" people, and that "it's much more about anti-intellectualism than it is about a political thing", and saying that NPR "is liberal because it's intellectual" and saying that Universities are liberal because they're intellectual. And this meeting is an instance of such an occurrence that was even made public and that even caused some appropriate negative results for NPR -- such as one of the NPR officials (Vivian Schiller) being made to resign. But how many people have heard of even this occurrence?. And I haven't really looked for "mainstream" reports about this occurrence, and I have only cursorily looked at a couple of "mainstream" documentations and reports about this occurrence, but those "mainstream" documentations and reports about this occurrence mention disparagement of "Fundamentalist" "Christians" and of the Tea Party that occurred at this meeting, but don't mention the racist anti-Jewish libels that were expressed at this meeting, and don't mention the Muslim Brotherhood agents who this meeting by NPR officials was with, and don't mention the Muslim Brotherhood.

    16. And, by the way:

      And here is a video, that documents, with video footage, MSNBC, in video footage that MSNBC presented, having cropped off the head of video footage of a Black participant at a Tea Party rally who was (legally, by the way) carrying an assault rifle, and MSNBC falsely presenting him as being White and using that footage to label the Tea Party as being constituted by violent White racists; and this video shows the beating of a Black member of the Tea Party beaten by members of SEIU, who, it is reported, said to him "what kind of nigger are you" [who would be participating in the Tea Party movement] (all of this video footage occurs in the first four or so minutes of this video):

      About Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, and the Frankfurt School:

      (and, by the way, in comments on another instance of even this video, there are, of course, anti-Jewish comments of the "Right-Wing" variety that express belief that all of what this video documents is part of a Jewish conspiracy (largely because of the mainly-Jewish makeup of the membership of the Marxist Frankfurt School). Traditional Western conspiracy-theory genocidal anti-Jewish bigotry is everywhere -- on the "Left" and on the "Right". But many more "Conservatives", at the grass-roots level, are not anti-Jewish than are "Liberals" at the grass-roots level. And contemporary Conservative leaders (NOT REPUBLICAN PARTY ESTABLISHMENT LEADERS) are almost entirely pro-Israel and pro-Jewish. And the "counter-Jihad" movement leaders, who are almost entirely all "Conservative", are very pro-Israel and pro-Jewish -- pro-Israel and pro-Jewish for the right reasons. They are defending liberty against totalitarianism. They are authentic liberal democrats. And they know the reality of the situation that Israel is in -- the history and current reality of the situation that Israel is in.)

      Note: * SEIU is a Union organization supported by Barack Obama, and supporting Barack Obama

    17. Daniel, can you please report on which specific parts of the US have been placed under Sharia law? Or are heading there?

      Because from my cat-bird seat here in North Philadelphia, where an unfortunate number of Black women do cover themselves in trash bags, and an amusing number of rap crews on corners wear As-Salaam-A-Fake-Um beards, I do not see what you 'know' is happening now.

      I'm going to need more evidence than you've provided. Sorry.

      We surely agree that the president is not Israel's best friend forever, but the Sharia stuff is fourteen bridges too far.

    18. Dan, if I may say so,

      you've taken on for yourself a particularly difficult thesis to prove.

      I am not saying that you are wrong, mind you, but that if you want to demonstrate the reasonableness of your claim then you will need to be more focused in the presentation of your evidence.

      You write this:

      And, I think that Romney, unlike Obama and his administration have been doing, wouldn't be colluding with the OIC (the Organization of Islamic Conference) to establish "blasphemy laws", and Sharia law, as United Nations "International Law" and to make United Nations "International Law" have jurisdiction in all nations and supercede the national laws of all individual nations, including the national laws of the U.S.

      Your claim is that the Obama administration has colluded with the OIC in the UN to establish blasphemy laws, which are Sharia laws.

      If you can zero in, in a concise manner... concise is key... then you can begin to open the minds of people like Jay and me.

      But stay directly on that question, or one closely related, according to your own formulation.

    19. Jay and Mike,

      The process of implementing Shariah is a multifaceted and "sophisticated" one. It's slow. It's being done gradually.

      Mike, yes, I've take on a very difficult task -- a task that is particularly difficult for me because of the situation that I'm in.

      For now, please see the talks I've listed about the OIC in my previous comments. These talks include information about how the Obama administration has been cooperating with the OIC to establish United Nations "anti-blasphemy" laws.

      And (Center for Security Policy) is a good resource for information.

      Sharia Compliant Finance:



      Benghazi: US Foreign Policy and the Influence of Shariah Doctrine

      Dr. Andrew Bostom,
      Diana West
      Stephen Coughlin
      Frank Gaffney

      Shariah's Assault on Free Speech: Warriors Who Refuse to be Silenced


      Lars Hedegaard
      Robert Spencer
      Tiffany Gabbay
      Dr. Andrew Bostom

    20. Eric Allen Bell

      Had a web site that was a good resource of information -
      Was under death threat.
      Site was hacked by Islamic supremacist agents in the U.S. government.
      His web site has since been shut down.

      The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam - How making a film to defend Muslims’ right to build a mosque in America changed my world view, by Eric Allen Bell

      (BTW: After writing this article, he became informed about the nature of the "Ground-Zero Mosque"* and the nature and intentions of the people and organizations behind it, and he, in the instance of this article that was on his now-shut-down website (, expressed, on that instance of this article, after writing this article, that he no longer supported the building of the ground-zero mosque)

      The Cult of The Daily Kos and the Kool Aid of Political Correctness, by Eric Allen Bell

    21. Note:

      The talks I've listed specifically about the OIC:

      (The talks that I listed in this previous comment that I posted on this post all are about the OIC.)

    22. Typo correction:

      "...I've taken on..."

  4. Hey Mike the photo is not downloading.

    I'm not saying nuthin until I see the photo

    1. OK I can see it now. The problem might be with Bigpond. (The worst ISP and telecommunications company in the whole damn universe.)