Friday, March 1, 2013


  1. The weather is turning nicer here in the East Bay.

    This is just a quick note to the Taliban or to any of my "progressive Zionist" friends that Laurie and I can be ambushed at Lafayette Reservoir shortly after dawn tomorrow morning.

    I'll be the guy not catching trout!


    1. Same here.

      Well, on the weather. Not the trout. ;)

      I've finally been able to ditch the layers, and just head out in a tee shirt and jacket most days. Even though it is still in the lower 40s most days.

      Coming up on a year now since I got back East, on March 19, and that day last year it actually topped 70. I remember dropping the rental van back off at PHL, taking the train to the El, and walking back home from York-Dauphin at 1:00, opening the door for the Comcast guy all sweaty from the trip in just my light jacket.

      So t-shirt weather will be back here soon. Though I'm not a fan of temps above 55 or so, I think my first east coast winter in many years reminded me that at least it's better than 10 degrees!