Saturday, November 9, 2013

BDS Lynch Mob

This is from a comment left by A/Professor Jake Lynch on the article put up by New Matilda about the Shurat HaDin action against Lynch and perhaps in time the other BDS louts who believe that marching and shouting outside private businesses associated with a particular single tiny minority is a good way to advance the human condition; according to their world view. "Glad NM has run some good reporting and commentary on this story, to balance some of the material that has appeared in The Australian",  says Prof  Lynch.
Try reading this without getting a nasty chilly stabbing twinge somewhere between the shoulder blades and the right jaw. If you are not yet convinced that BDS is a dangerous and sinister thing straight out of the past, with labels on, then this must do the job.
Israel is singled out for boycott, not because of the religion followed by the majority of its citizens but because of its record of militarism and lawlessness. There are other countries that occupy territory recognised as not their own; kill large numbers of civilians in military action; stockpile nuclear weapons without joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and violate the 1973 UN Convention against apartheid. But only one does all four. There is no non-Jewish state in that category, so the charge of discrimination is easily disproved on that count as well.
Jake Lynch
Reading this invokes what I can only call a folk memory. Mind you I've seen it before first hand. I think we all have. This is a man come in judgement who has already found you guilty and has defined the crime that he believes with passion best fits you.You came first. Then the crime made to custom like a ghetto shirt.. He could be an inquisitor priest straight out of the fifteenth century. He even looks the part. There's no point arguing with him. He has come too far to get where he is. The only thing to do is expose him. 
Or do what Shurat HaDin is doing. 
Note the technique. Jake defines the subject for us. The "Jews" are a "religion", as if they are Presbyterians. No hint of a nod to Jewish nationhood not even in Israel. Therefore any claim the Jews have to the land they lawfully settled and the state they built and where they live is based on their religion. Never mind the law. The Zionists are lawless.
Then come the Goebbels lies.  The attack is always multi-layered.There are seven lies in less than six lines. To tackle them all is to retreat and defend. To ignore them is to confirm.
Most of all is the fit up. This is how this works. Pick a country. Any country will do. It doesn't even have to be an especially unpleasant country. Be sporting.  Iran, Syria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia ... dozens of others, are no challenge.Then think of some unpleasant things. It doesn't have to be true. It is enough that there are those who say it is true. In the case of Israel you can look to the neighbours for all the material you need.
There are other countries that have annexed whole countries and driven their leadership into exile, stock pile nuclear weapons, ruthlessly suppress and imprison dissidents, aggressively confront other states in all directions, carry out executions in public on an industrial scale and even humiliate the families of the executed. But only China does all of these.  This is not discrimination.  Boycott China.
There are other countries that stock pile nuclear weapons, execute people for blasphemy, persecute minorities, inflame sectarian divisions, savagely oppress women, assassinate civilian politicians and harbour and supply terrorists and terrorist gangs active over the borders while filching billions in aid as a form of extortion. But only Pakistan does all of these. No discrimination here. Boycott Pakistan.
There are other countries that exterminate wallabies as if they are vermin, bludge off neighbours for their defence, expose anti-terrorist operations that they benefit from and put at risk the lives of brave agents in the process, spread cheap antisemitc conspiracy theories, insult visiting Israeli diplomats, discriminate systematically against indigenous people ground down by war and dump their surplus population on the welfare system of the nearest functional state. But only New Zealand does all of these ...
And so on.
In just a few lines Jake Lynch has revealed all you need to know about Jake Lynch. There is a law at work here. To shrug off allegations of bigotry you must discriminate against the target group as much as possible. Simple discrimination is not enough. You must isolate and zero-in with perfect malice one layer at a time until the target stands bare and alone. Then you boycott.  
This can be called Lynch's Law.  


  1. It must be devastating for people like Lynch to find themselves being legally accused of racism / bigotry, especially considering how 'heroic' they surely consider themselves.


    Truth hurts, don't it?

    1. Nope, the devastation belongs to those common criminals found squatting on Palestinian land and who are now discovering the existence of a growing universal revulsion to the barbarisms of those crazed and bigoted stone age common criminals which the remainder of mankind finds increasingly repugnant.

      Justice Goldstone has already ruled against them, but oh, I forgot, apparently he is not Jewish ENOUGH for the criminals he convicted right?

      This time the Australian judiciary will hand down a similar judgement against those same common criminals.

      Face it, the state of Israel is neither Jewish nor superior, it is merely a sad group of common criminals running, scared and afraid, to their last resort, the civil courts of a more reputable nation which does not share the same long criminal record as theirs.

      Eat it, you're making fools of yourselves as you trip over your own clumsy little lies.

    2. Oh dear! Nazi is it? Look up Godwin pal!

    3. Actually, Mike is calling you exactly what you are.

      All we've seen of you so far indicates that you are indeed a direct descendent of the violently racist, extreme far-right, once-upon-a-time German National-Socialist 'thinkers' who are, despite what you may think, not exactly original in their aims, yet your goals remain the same.

      Oh brave little anonymous poster, Celtic Merlin, you.

      I see you've even decided to troll Jon Segall's site over the past few hours, too, eh?

      What's the matter, nothing going on tonight in the suburban Pittsburgh hellhole you live in? I guess you might as well just harass the Jews for a bit then, eh?

      David can't come out and play tonight, I guess? Poor Celtic Merlin, all dressed up in armbands with nowhere to go...

    4. And back to your completely unhinged comment, can you please provide citations of the numerous fantastic claims you make?

      And spewings published by Jeff Rense are not a reputable source, just in case you were wondering.

      Please do for us what even the people you purportedly claim to stand for cannot do - define for us what exactly is a 'Palestinian,' and what makes them a specific people aside from a hardcore drive to kill Jews.

      Please define for us what exactly is 'Palestinian land,' and please tell us why you only claim that Israel's stake to Judea and Samaria, the undisputed historical homeland of the Jewish people, is 'illegal,' while at the same time you seemingly completely accept a 19-year period of illegal Jordanian military occupation as solid, if your actual problem is not, in fact, merely a simple hatred of Jews?

      Please tell us why Jews can not live where Mahmoud Abbas thinks we can not live. Please tell us how literal Nazi-style Judenrein states, as for example a future 'Palestine,' are progressive, in your definition of same. Please expand upon this, and show us how and why you are not a supporter of racist, apartheid policies.

      Please, if you can, inform us once and for all that the criminal terror organizations that claim to represent the 'Palestinian' people are not direct descendants of the WWII-era Nazi Germans.

      Clear that up for us.

      Please tell us all the wonderful stories of how kindly Jews have been treated in the Arab world. Please enlighten us as to how Arab nations have treated Jewish populations and their possessions? Please tell us how many Jewish museums exist in the Arab-Muslim world, and indeed how many Jews, period, are still allowed to live in same?

      Please explain why we should care so much about the 'Palestinian' 'Nakba,' while ignoring the even greater number of Jews who were ethnically cleansed from their homelands by Arab nations throughout the Middle East in the middle of the past century?

    5. Hey Mike, spoken like a true squatter!

      Hey Jay, that's a cool story you wrote bro, are you going to publish it?

    6. I'd diss you a bit harder, bigot, but living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh is actually punishment enough for anyone...

    7. At least I am the only one holding title deeds for the property Jay, I also have no dispossessed families to compete against me for the title deeds to the land or from whom I should fear retribution for theft of my land.

      I sleep real well at night too Jay, do you think I need to do teshuva? Is Gan Eden beyond my reach do you think Jay?

  2. The ironic thing, of course - as all of you guys know very well - that from a human rights and social justice standpoint Israel stands head and shoulders above every country in the entire Middle East.

    BDS is infuriating because it is claims to stand for justice and, yet, is entirely unjust toward one of the most persecuted minorities in human history.

    1. So-called 'BDS' is a bigoted 'movement' of hate-filled fanatics no different in any significant way than its predecessors in the long, sad history of Jew boycotts.

      The language and the faces change, but the motivation remains the same.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. "Head and shoulders above?" and how do you score points by your reckoning Mike? Are points scored for the number of international crimes committed? Civilian genocides? Theft of land? Number of squatters?

      If so, you're right! we are talking scores which no other nation could match, because Israel is the only nation which could commit so many crimes Mike, no other human society would even want to compete.

    4. Oh look, I have a fan!

      Don't worry, 'Titus', I did catch your deleted comment attacking me, you simpleton, and I will be home soon to answer your idiocy.

      Lucky you. Stay tuned...

    5. Oooh! lucky me! May I claim to have the attentions of a crazed psychopath blogger?

      Not interested Jay, and by the way, when you get "home" will you be using the front door keys of a Palestinian or will they be your own?

    6. Boy my little fan sure does respond instantly!

      I'm sorry to inform you I have no treats for you at the moment.

      But sit for a bit, and I promise I'll educate you soon...

    7. Oops! Will I be "educated" by your "Operation Megaphone" software Jay? Shall I wait till you get it all loaded so I can hear you "educate me" straight from Tel Aviv?

      How is the state of Israel's "hasbara" these days Jay? Looking a little tattered is it? Tarnished perhaps?

      But then shame is not an emotion which psychopaths experience.

      Not interested Jay, I'll let you and your mates all foam at the mouth alone without me, I'm already all bored and disinterested, we've all seen the efforts of hasbara and we already know the whole regurgitated story.

      Besides, the last thing anybody expects from a pro Israeli apologist is truth and integrity so I am sure you can sloth around in your own filthy lies alone without me to cheer lead you on.

    8. Please leave the personal insults out of this, and respond to the questions I've asked you, if you can.

      (Don't be a dick, Celtic Merlin ;))

      It's okay if you can't, though. We both know you have nothing. Admitting it is the first step.

    9. But Jay, you state nothing which requires a response, most of the drivel is self explanatory.

      I see you finally managed to log on to Tel Aviv's server? Well done!

      Definition of "Palestinian"? are you serious? Do you really think you have ALREADY ethnically cleansed them? Dream on, Hesbo is kicking Israeli ass lately bro - GO HEZBO!.

      There is no balance when we speak of the rights of criminals vs the rights of their victims Jay - you will find the increasing majority of the world is showing a bias firmly in favour of the victims of your dirty little Israel, which has nothing to do with "Jews" as your vulgarity so inaccurately attempts to point out.

      "They" want to "kill Jews"? Who does? Israel is a criminal settler state which illegally occupies somebody else's country, which are the only ones attempting to erase anybody else from the face of the earth, to wipe off the map, whose people you have scattered to refugee camps across the Arab world, whose people you have regularly massacred for the entire duration of most people's natural life and who you now even imply already don't exist with your sick question "define Palestinian"

      You want to know how "kindly" Jews are treated? The biggest Jewish population outside of Israel is in Iran, and with very little complaint either I might add.

      Jay, as I said, these tiresome regurgitations from you little apologists is a vulgarity all civilised people now grow weary of, so do try to civilise yourself a little and join the rest of us here in the 21st century.

    10. Please leave the personal insults out of this, and actually respond to the questions I've asked you, if you can.

      I have, unfortunately, never been to Tel Aviv in my life, but within the next five years I surely will.

      And thank G-d for that.

      The funny thing is that as an atheist, completely assimilated, American Jew, it's folks like you who have have driven me to connect with my local community and even also to attend synagogues (Reconstructionist, in my case).

      And I know I'm not alone.

      Thanks anyway for contributing in some small part to making me connect with my roots.

      Keep up your 'advocacy,' Heinrich. The ghosts of Charles Lindbergh and thousands of Bund Campers are cheering you on.

    11. Jay, the first insult was flung at me, but you do win this part of the argument, personal insults should not form part of any discussion.

      There, I backed off.

    12. Ah yes, the "anti-Semite" card again. That has been so thoroughly used, overused, reused, repeated again, re-used again and again and again - sheesh - get a life Jay, it was debunked even before it was used the first time!.

      But Jay, it pleases me to learn how I have been a positive influence in your life, to reconnect with your local community, that is so sweet!

      Does that mean you might refuse to "assimilate" with the rest of us Jay?

      Does it mean you might also feel "threatened" Jay? Maybe even grab a shake of the paranoia gescheft which costs our Homeland Security so much these days?

      You're right, you are an atheist, and when you go to Tel Aviv,will you be lowering or raising the average IQ of Philadelphia Jay?

      Even at only 94 I know you'll be lowering the average IQ of Israel bud.

      Enjoy the trip by the way Jay, and if you come across any of the Hezbo boys, give them the thumbs up from me mate!

      Thanks Jay, you been a whole lot of fun, you can put your pants back on now, I've had enough of all the crap anyway.


    13. Mine was once tested and found to be in the mid-160s, actually, not to brag too much, but since you brought it up...

      I call you an antisemite because you very obviously are.

      If you don't like that 'card' being pulled on you, then I'd suggest that perhaps you shouldn't be such an obvious antisemite.

      The only one who is threatened here is clearly you, raging angrily through your keyboard at and against Jews.

      What exactly is it about us that frightens you so much?

      Tsk tsk, poor little fella...

    14. I hope the guy who took the 160 reading was not one of the embarrassing 94 average Israeli IQ we all see published around the globe Jay, I would get a second opinion.

  3. <-- there, I corrected the spelling for your little blogspot guys, enjoy!

    1. LoL - nope, but I like the way you think.

    2. I wish I were Jake Lynch, I would love a shake of that yummy big damages claim he is going to have a go at after the embarrassing court case S H are going to lose in Australia.

  4. Sparring is useful from time to time. Even though shadowboxing is more challenging in this case. It's always useful to see what the antisemites are up to these days, in any case...

  5. I have to say, I go back and forth on this question.

    How best respond to someone with a clear and obvious hatred for the Jewish people via a malicious hatred toward the Jewish State of Israel?

    It seems to me that if he was asking honest questions and not demonizing the Jews then he would be worth actually having a discussion with, but that is clearly not his intention.

    On the other hand, I very much appreciate Jay's engagement of the poor guy because I do not know that such vile allegations should go unanswered.

    Jay stood up and is, thus, in my book, a mensch.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay, coming from you that made my day!

      LoL, no such thing as a Palestinian?

      Man, you're a really funny guy!

    2. Please provide a definition then, and tell of us of their magical, historical lands and horse stables, etc etc...

      It shouldn't be so hard. For starters, since you claim that there is such a place as 'East Jerusalem,' perhaps you can provide us with a brief history of its relations with its neighbors, its transit systems, its economic policies, its universities, its unique culture, its long history of 'Palestinianism,' etc etc...

  7. Jay, you know what? and I know this is a terrible thing to think about such a wonderful righteous mensch like you, but I am beginning to wonder about whether you might perhaps harbour some tiny degree of Islamophobia Jay.

    Now why would I even THINK something like that Jay?

    1. Maybe perhaps you're an antisemite practicing pitch-perfect projection?

    2. I see, so you are an Islamophobe and this is my fault?

      Does this make you feel resentful Jay?

    3. Once again, I 'fear' (i.e. - 'phobe') nothing and nobody, and I have a more diverse cast of friends and associates in my real life than people you'll ever meet in your dreams.

      But nice try, Jew-hater.

      Once again, I've asked -

      "Please provide a definition then, and tell of us of their magical, historical lands and horse stables, etc etc...

      It shouldn't be so hard. For starters, since you claim that there is such a place as 'East Jerusalem,' perhaps you can provide us with a brief history of its relations with its neighbors, its transit systems, its economic policies, its universities, its unique culture, its long history of 'Palestinianism,' etc etc..."

      Please answer this simple question if you'd like to continue contributing here.
      By the way, does asking questions about Muslims make you uncomfortable?

      Do you know any in real life?

      Is your privileged humanitarian racism tugging at your heartstrings here?

      Do you equate all Muslims with, say, the attempted assassins of Malala Yousafzai? It seems to me you actually do.

      Perhaps it is you who is 'Islamophobic,' in the very literal sense.

  8. Jay, I appear to have prompted a lot of questions from you, and that is a good thing, you really should ask these questions, especially if you have never heard of "East Jerusalem" or if you really thought Palestinians and Jordanians never existed.

    I do hope I have helped a little with those confusions.

    And no, I don't believe I am Islamophobic.

    Since you have no idea who or what I am I will also not bother addressing your remarks about whom I do or do not know, you will agree it is irrelevant, and I don't particularly care to learn about who you do or do not know.

    As far as posting here is concerned, no, hats off to you for allowing what you perceive to be a hostile blogger to post here anyway, that, at least, is to your credit.

    Go ahead and delete it all, there is nothing I contributed which I particularly care for anyway.

    I visited the site in response to an allegation that this was a hate site. I have satisfied my curiosity.

    1. I don't know, Titus.

      I asked you a very specific question re: Malala Yousafzai, and you seem... afraid... to answer it.

      I must admit, your Islamophobia makes me rather uncomfortable.


      As for your last sentence, we take all comers. And will always do so. Bring it on. We're not the ones with anything to hide.

      I would ask Mike, who makes the ultimate decision as to what appears here or not, and deserves all the credit for allowing anyone to post, that nothing here be deleted.

    2. I think that if Titus will continue to speak here, perhaps we can humanize one another.

    3. You will perhaps note that, though at times my language may have been somewhat ill-tempered, I never dehumanized this gentleman in any way.

      I agree that we all need to continue to see each other as human beings.

    4. Jay,

      you should be as ill-tempered as you please given the fact that your friends and family remain under siege by a far larger oppressive majority in the Middle East.

      I just wish that more diaspora Jews had your cajones.

    5. Thanks. It's people like Titus, after all, who remind me that for all I may disagree with Trudy and Norman, our real enemies like Titus are very real and very near.

      And very Islamophobic. ;)

    6. Thanks Jay, your pre-judgement is well noted.

      Antisemitism couldn't stick? So you slug me with Islamophobia?

      Why not just address each other without the prejudgments?

  9. But Jay, I have very little interest in Malala Yousafzai, and we both know why you have posed the question.

    You would be disappointed to pursue that line with me Jay.

    As for the remaining questions, you know the ones, like "what is a Jordanian" and "what is East Jersualem" - you may as well have asked "define an Easter Bunny" or "what is a Goo-Frig" - really? I could give a rat's ass.

    tHe glaring thing here is that there are concepts which both you and I KNOW are real but which I know you do not accept, although you claim they do not exist.


    Now it's time to get that last cuppa and get ready for bed - CHIT! I hope there are no pointed hats outside!!

    1. Why have I posed that question? What do we 'know'?

      Please enlighten me. Don't be afraid to disappoint.

      Perhaps you can enlighten me as to my alleged ulterior motives in opposing the attempted assassination of a little girl, who is younger than my own daughter.

      Your 'Islamophobia' definitely makes me uncomfortable now.


      Of course you don't give a rat's ass about my other questions. You were only here to troll Jews. At least you admit it now.

      I hate to disappoint you, but I actually do support the creation of a Palestinian state. I just do not believe their leaders and culture are at the emotional state necessary to cooperate with Jews in pursuit of a successful modern state, and their people will be the ones who suffer.

      Hence, Israel should unilaterally declare defensible final borders, and toss the keys to what is left to either the current Palestinian dictator or the next one.

      They could have had much more if only they hadn't launched decades of terror wars, and refused numerous offers of what they claim to have always wanted.

      I'd feel pretty confident in stating that never before in the history of the world have any allegedly oppressed people ever refused their own freedom as many times as Palestinian 'leaders' have.

      Therein lies the problem.

      They're gonna have to ultimately cooperate with Jews, and we can only hope that they will soon rise to the level of emotional and secular maturity necessary for same.

    2. You know Jay, to you the ultimate victory is to gain an admission from some mindless schmuck that somebody who does not share your warped view of the world simply exists for no other purpose than to "troll Jews" or to be "anti-Semitic". LoL - I was only kidding about you being at Israel's average 94 IQ in my earlier post, but I am really beginning to wonder now.

      There is a lot more meat on this "Israel the hate-filled criminal State" bone than the worn out "Israel" vs "Anti-Semitic" debate you keep droning on about Jay, but again, you know this is true, you merely refuse to accept it and then you pretend to present reasoned argument in support of that fiction.

      So far as your contention that other people of the Israeli region should "co-operate with Jews" is concerned, see, there again, the same ugly thing.

      Define "Jews" with specific reference to Israel, and in precisely the same way you expect somebody to define a Palestinian, or a Jordanian. Is it for example, possible to be both Jewish AND a self declared atheist? Surely that must be herem?

      No Jay, I also do not share your optimism for the survival of a modern state in the modern age which is styled along the racist policies of Israel, There is no really bright future for such a state, and it is this view of mine which really irks you. Deep down inside you know i am right, and it frightens you.

      Get over it Jay, the end really is nigh. Embrace it Jay, don't fight it, submit, gently, it really won't hurt to admit that nobody in Israel belongs to any special exclusive club which entitles its members to special rights, privileges or mysterious authorities above those of every other human being.

      Peace will follow that submission Jay


      Trust me! :))

    3. But Jay, you said you're from Philadelphia, not Israel. That you are "Jewish" and an atheist does not provide you with some claim to a piece of land inhabited by somebody else for the past thousand odd years, but it more especially does not provide you with an excuse to evict anyone already living on that land.

      See? that was also not too difficult Jay.

      Which part of Israel were you born in Jay?

    4. Please inform us of who these millenarian "somebody else's" are, who've lived in the land for a thousand-odd years.

      Boy, if these people have lived there for a thousand-odd years you'd surely have no trouble proving it!

      Would these be the proprietors of this wonderful fantasy-land of 'East Jerusalem' that you claim exists, and yet can not provide on whit of evidence for?

      Did they ride dinosaurs there, too, Titus?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, but I will not be fulfilling your pants-less fantasies by following your fake email address anywhere.

      (Oh, and my email is

      I'm just fine with whooping you here in public, thank you very much....

  11. You don't whoop anyone Jay, but by all means, hold on to the fantasy

    1. Hours later, and still no answer to the one very simple question I've asked.

      Can you at least tell us about, like, a historical Hyundai dealership or laser tag arena somewhere in so-called 'East Jerusalem'?

    2. Maybe an historic swastika or something?

      Anything at all?

  12. :)) That flag is already there, not in the form of the red and black flag of the crooked cross we all destroyed 60 years ago, but in the form of the blue and white magen david which took its place.

  13. Jay, just so you know, I spent more than two decades fighting another apartheid state, and one which your mob in Israel even supported, and they held precisely the same views. They claimed ownership to the land on the basis of 1- ethnicity (a race) and 2- religion (christianity) which they claimed, as Israel does, was entitled to its own self determination. They passed a law called the "Repugnancy Act" which assumed all laws of the other tribes in the region which were "repugnant to their own laws "were not enforcable against them" and that formed the basis of their apartheid - just like the one in your Israel Jay.

    They also evicted other people from their land on the basis of their 1- ethnicity and 2 religion, just like Israel does.

    They had precisely the same arguments you present and display, precisely the same fears I see are obviously in you. They even claimed to be "fearless", as you do and they confidently made the claim that their great state would never die, exactly as you do. They were also the only nuclear armed state in Africa, without signing any proliferation agreements, just like your little Israel, and they had a fearless army, which, unlike your Israel, did not make war on women and children, you hold the championship on that score, no other nation could possibly compete.

    Adapt Jay, adapt, because the same winds of change which blew for them are blowing for you, and I was there to celebrate the liberation of that land, and guess what, I will be there to celebrate the liberation of Palestine because those same winds of change are blowing ever stronger for you too.

    Only then will the land be returned to the true owners, the ones with the genuine title deeds, from the Nile to the Euphrates Jay, and if you need a definition of "liberation", I'll be happy to give you one, straight after you look up "East Jerusalem" on the Oslo accord website.

    1. Sure you did.

      And so you're now spending your time fighting in favor of Arab apartheid, eh?

      There are about 57 questions for you to answer elsewhere throughout these threads. You've not even attempted one, so please excuse me for not taking you seriously in the least.

    2. None of which questions are relevant to the issue, which is the growing global opposition to the concept of a secular state which deploys a segregation of rights on the basis of race or creed.

    3. The question is why are you a bigot obsessed with Jews, while completely ignoring countless other instances of injustice one doesn't even have to dig too deep to look for?

      We know the answer to that one already, though. But thanks for playing.

  14. But Jay, you are obsessed with Israel, with a self styled supremacist state and yet you do not consider yourself anti-Semitic.

    One injustice at a time Jay

  15. A prescient comment on

    Jeff wrote:

    "...You see, the strategy for such people, as is the historical case with anti-Semitism, is to load up on accusations to keep the Jew in the dock defending him/herself, to keep all eyes on the supposed misdeeds of Jews and wipe clean the brutality and ugliness of those who wish them harm. ..."


    By the way, some comments by "TitusRockjaw" that I saw listed on his Google+ page (



    Rabbi challenges Briton, George Galloway's, standing to undo Israel at Univ Cal Irvine

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    Great to see old George facing up against a whole full of scaredy cat civilian murdering Yids - and still winning!

    George, you ROCK!!



    George Galloway vs David Aaronovitch (Question Time, 19.4.12)

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    If I hate Zionists and banksters will I still go to heaven?



    Homophobic man on This Morning "should gay marriage be taught in schools" - 17th January 2013

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    The simplest solution is send them all of to Israel where they can all live happily ever after with the rest of the world's Androphobes, Islamophobes, racists, anti-UN international criminals and biggest middle east criminals.

    The rest of us want fck all to do with them



    Sh*t Homophobic People Say

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    I'd rather be homophobic than Androphobic ya fuckwits!


    London Calling & Rudd's Anti-Homophobe Hymn!

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    Here we go again, all the Androphobes flocking together, foaming at the mouth, filled with bile and everyone of them threatening to stab us all with their lipstick!



    Santorum says there's a US program to kill Iranian scientists and dead ones are a wonderful thing

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    If that is his honest opinion, well then I guess he won't mind somebody popping a cap in his own filthy ass.




    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    Yanks are basically fucked up, all the good ones were killed on D-Day, the rest are basically a mob of dummass bums and their TV presenters are living proof of this.



    US Army In Afghanistan Real Combat 720p HD

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    Ye right, send them all the gear they want, send them all the BBC propaganda, but it is gonna take a whole crap lot more to beat an Afghan population which refuses to be invaded by a mob of socialist fckwits whatever weapons they use and whatever numbers they send.



    History of Britain: Life Before the Romans | BBC Documentary

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    Romans couldn't even teach those dirty FUCKS to take a daily bath, so I guess the Romans really did give up.



    Timo Soini - Finnish MEP - Every country must be responsible for it's own economy - EFD Group

    Comment by "TitusRockjaw":

    The Finns told the banks "you want the government to bail you out? Fine! We'll bail you out, but then the banks belong to us!" Guess what? The Banks said " No worries, we'll bail ourselves out"

    Don't Fuck with the Finns buddy!

    1. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas says no disagreements between Fatah and Hamas

      Fatah Official, Abbas Zaki, Admits: Wiping Out Israel Is the Main Goal, September 23, 2011

      Editor in Chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, confidant of Yasser Arafat: Arafat Signed Oslo Accords As Trojan Horse

      Yasser Arafat denounces the Oslo accords, Johannesburgh, May 10, 1994

      Arafat compares Oslo Accords to Muhammad's temporary peace agreement, 1995

      Mahmud Abbas about his vision of Israel, Ramallah, August 27, 2011


      "The 1948 lands (i.e., Israel) are occupied" - Fatah official on behalf of Abbas [Oct. 9, 2013]

      "Palestine Live TV broadcast an event marking the 32nd anniversary of a senior Fatah and PLO leader from the 1970s, Majed Abu Sharar's Martyrdom death. Fatah Central Committee member Dr. Jamal Muhaisen spoke on behalf of PA Chairman Abbas.

      "Moderator: 'Brothers and sisters, now listen to the speech of Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, which will be delivered by fighter Jamal Muhaisen, member of Fatah's Central Committee.'
      "Muhaisen, on behalf of Abbas: 'All our holy places are still under occupation, and so far we have not liberated one inch of Palestinian land. All Palestinian land is occupied -- Gaza is occupied, the West Bank is occupied, the 1948 lands (i.e., Israel) are occupied and Jerusalem is occupied.'

      "[Palestinian TV Live (Fatah), Oct. 9, 2013]"


      Abbas praises terrorist killers of hundreds at Gaza ceremony [Jan 4, 2013]

      Mahmoud Abbas: "...Now let us recall the pioneers: The Grand Mufti of Palestine, Haj Muhammad Amin Al-Husseini. We also recall Ahmed Al-Shuqeiri, founder of the PLO. We also recall Yahya Hammouda, Chairman of the PLO Executive Committee, and we cannot forget the one who lit the first spark of the 1936 rebellion, Martyr Izz a-Din Al-Qassam. ..."

    2. The 1964 PLO Charter

      "Article 19: Zionism is a colonialist movement in its inception, aggressive and expansionist in its goal, racist in its configurations, and fascist in its means and aims. Israel, in its capacity as the spearhead of this destructive movement and as the pillar of colonialism, is a permanent source of tension and turmoil in the Middle East, in particular, and to the international community in general. Because of this, the people of Palestine are worthy of the support and sustenance of the community of nations."

      The 1968 Revised, and Current, PLO Charter

      "Article 19: The partition of Palestine in 1947 and the establishment of the state of Israel are entirely illegal, regardless of the passage of time, because they were contrary to the will of the Palestinian people and to their natural right in their homeland, and inconsistent with the principles embodied in the Charter of the United Nations; particularly the right to self-determination."

      The Fatah Constitution

      "Article 19: Armed struggle is a strategy and not a tactic and the Palestinian Arab people's armed revolution is a decisive factor in the liberation fight and in uprooting the Zionist existence, and this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine is completely liberated."

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. TitusRockjaw,

      If one is suffering feeling anger and hate because of one's experiencing the suffering of not having what one wants, lashing out against a group of people who constitute a cultural and ethnic group who, for the past over two thousand years, have been continuously universally libeled, have been repeatedly mass-murdered, have continuously been subjected to having persecutorial unjust laws made against themselves, have been continuously wrongfully viewed as being evil and powerful and oppressive of others, and have been continuously treated with bigoted intransigent contempt, and are currently being universally libeled, are currently under intendedly genocidal siege, are currently being subjected to persecutorial unjust legislative rulings proposed by totalitarian oppressive persecutorial states, are currently wrongfully viewed as being evil and powerful and oppressive of others, and are currently being treated with bigoted intransigent contempt, is not good for one and is not good for others.

    5. With the emphasis on "If" Daniel. If what you said were but true, what an intolerable injustice it would be. What you said is not entirely true is it Daniel, although to your credit it might not be entirely untrue.

      Half truths are no truths at all.

      But is it true Daniel?

      There are those who believe the works of Sun Tsu provide clear insight into the outcome of conflicts, and, according to Sun Tzu, ultimately, for Israel to survive it will need much more than a few illegal nukes, international political skulduggery and a bad attitude from its supporters, it needs to be morally correct, which is why its demise is a given, the only remaining controversy to be decided upon being "how soon".

    6. TitusRockjaw,

      In my first comment on this blog post, I have quoted comments that you have posted on YouTube videos, which are comments by you which further demonstrate the nature of your views and which further demonstrate your intentions.

      And what I have listed in the subsequent comments that I have posted on this blog post are essential facts of the situation that Israel is in and present the truth of the situation that Israel is in.

    7. I respect that view Daniel, but I disagree strongly and fundamentally.

      I also first visited this blog out of curiosity because somebody I know referred to it as a "hate" site. It is not a hate site, it is a site where views, fundamentally different to those of mine and others are presented with great civility and with great respect..

      I apologise for any comments of my own which may have offended, and I even apologise for the hudspah of posting here. As a person who shares none of your enthusiasm for Israel I had no business being here.

      I leave this blog with much greater respect for the supporters of Israel in general. You are wonderful ambassadors, and I hope Israel proves to be deserved of your support.

      That's it, I'm out of here.

    8. TitusRockjaw,

      Thank you for the civility which you expressed in your last comment.