Friday, November 1, 2013


  1. Phew, I made it. Health insurance from work kicked in yesterday (the day I got covered in shit, incidentally!), and I'm now covered for the first time since January 2009. My daughter's also now off the crappy plan she was on, and is covered under my excellent plan, as well.

    One less thing to worry about these days, which is always good...

  2. Oh, and it's finally my favorite season again.

    Soup (and stew) season!

    I need to get back to work on my shakshuka recipes, and my Italian Wedding Soups and my emmer soups and my split pea soups and my lamb stews and my chilis and my bean soups and my butternut squash stews / sauces and my hilariously failed attempts at homemade pho and etc etc...

    1. (got a head cheese recipe for us, Mike?)


      I love offal, myself, and don't know what I'd do without tripas, lengua, buche, etc tacos, Vietnamese soups containing such bits, chopped liver, etc etc...

  3. Much respect to cryonaut for standing up to the hate there, btw.

    He or she clearly has a very strong stomach.

    I won't go back, myself, because as a liberal Democrat, I find that place an absolute disgrace to everything that I stand for. These days, I'm focused on electing Allyson Schwartz as our governor, and also trying to clean up the current mess that is my City of Philadelphia.

    Places like Daily Kos do none of this work. Rather, they mostly enable bigots like David Harris-Gershon and his humanitarian racist ilk, at the expense of all else.

  4. Israel, Jew hating Kossacks never change. That place is a fetid swamp. Creeps.

  5. Exactly. Dozens of Kossacks are raging against Jews. It must be a day that ends in 'y!'

  6. It's amazing how many "progressives," there deal in far right wing and LaRouchian conspiracy theory and antisemitism. Almost like they aren't really "progressives," at all; merely wearing progressive suits...badly tailored ones at that. But of course one needs to be some kind of chameleon to support terrorists and terrorist regimes over Israel with a straight face.

    The Democratic party needs to purge these types to remain viable to rational people.

  7. I saw a banner up in Rahway, NJ last week, that appeared to be a bed sheet strung out over a street-side utility box, which read, in large black block lettering, something like "Jeff Boss is on the ballot for NJ Governor, he witnessed the NSA arrange 9-11!"

    I immediately began to wonder what his username on Daily Kos is...


  8. A good sports weekend for once!

    Basketball is back, and the Sixers are 3-0(!!!). Including wins over defending NBA champion Miami, and top Eastern Conference contender Chicago.

    The Flyers won a game! And Temple football actually showed signs of life for a change, even while, of course, losing once again.

    My Man Nick Foles(tm) is back, and has tied the NFL record for touchdown passes in a single game, with seven. The Eagles may not be going anywhere this year, but at least there's hope for the immediate future.

    I need to decide which Temple basketball games I'm going to attend this year. I'd like to hit at least three...