Friday, November 8, 2013


  1. A breakfast sandwich named 'The Notorious E.G.G.' and vinyl like Showbiz & AG's 'Goodfellas' and Camp Lo's 'Uptown Saturday Night' hanging on the walls (and for sale)?

    I highly approve of Fishtown's Milkcrate Cafe...

  2. So I decided to rescue the auditory environment of the Kensington corner dive bar I'm currently having $1 Rolling Rocks and watching college football in.

    I blessed the internet jukebox with Joe Sample and The Isley Brothers.

    Eight great minutes of music!

    It then decides to shit all over my gift, and follow same up with a string of inexplicably bad modern 'rap' 'songs', which all sound like Atlantans babbling semi-consciously under the late stages of waterboarding.

    What's wrong with kids these days?!?!

    Okay then, I'm gonna go pop another two dollars in the slot, and play a couple Keith Sweat tracks...