Thursday, November 14, 2013

Future Partners For Peace


This is a tape of what and how "Palestinian" kids are taught in schools that are pretty much entirely funded by countries in the West through either the UN or by direct extortion from the terrorist and criminal gangs that rule whatever you would call what passes for a "Palestinian" polity.

It was shown by Bibi to John Kerry in a meeting a few days ago in a desperate attempt to get the blockhead to see some sense. To see what is in front of his nose. 

It's in Hebrew and that's a bonus.  It includes the cutest couple of adds that you will see anywhere even if you don't know what they are selling. 

Are there people who really seriously think that the Israelis will peacefully give into this vile and abominable thing that has been hatched on the world? Ever? Are they insane? Would you? Would any free people?

Seriously, do you think the Israelis could even be bothered listening to all the gratuitous advice from the safe and abroad? Of course not. Would you?

How do you handle these people who teach their kids this stuff? Any ideas? 

When they say that Israel is their land they honestly and passionately believe it. From their world view it is their land. That is because it was once under the Caliphate and therefore forever Muslim land under the purist title of all. That bestowed directly by God. Man made law is irrelevant. Worse than irrelevant. It is blasphemy. 

Either you accept this crazed view of the Middle East and the world in some sort of nutty delusion out of Bizzaroland or you do not. At the end of the day it all gets down to what you mean by "law" and by civilised human behaviour.  

This is about Australians. And Europeans, Americans and the rest. Its our civilisation foundations that are under attack here and they make no bones about it.     

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  1. We are wasting our time worrying if people who support antisemitic terrorists are in fact aware that they are supporting antisemitic terrorists. They are aware. They are not supporting in spite of it but largely because of it. For example, Susan Rice just parroted Kerry who parroted Obama by stating "The settlements are the only obstacle to peace". This is not an ignorant statement. Kerry went to the Senate yesterday and was nearly laughed out of the room with his nonsense about Iran. These were not ignorant statements he made. Today it was revealed that Kerry personally provided legal cover, when he was a Senator, for Code Pink to enter Gaza. This was not the fumblings of an accidental misstatement.

  2. Shut down the PA.

    Shut down Hamas.

    This will be ugly, but it is necessary and when it is done the "international community" will eventually accept it for the simple reason that they want what the Jews have to offer in terms of finances and technology and medicine and media and, quite often, religion.

    It's a matter of political will.

  3. "There was one important non-Israeli reaction to the story. The Palestinian Press celebrated the murder and the Hamas spokesman Fawzy Barhoom announced on his Facebook page “Congratulations to the Palestinian West Bank hero who killed an Israeli soldier in Afula this morning”. Can you imagine what the reaction would have been in the UK - and the rest of the world - if the Muslim Council of Britain had congratulated Lee Rigby's murderer for his heroism?"

    Ye shall know them by their fruits.

  4. This is a small start.

    "Police arrest 70 Palestinians illegally residing in Israel

    Sixty-seven of those held will be transferred to the Palestinian Authority, Maariv reported Friday morning, and the rest will be brought before a judge for a remand extension.
    The operation came two days after an Israeli soldier was stabbed to death while he was asleep on a bus in Afula Wednesday morning by a 16-year-old Palestinian youth illegally residing in Israel, according to reports. Eden Atias, 18, was buried Wednesday night in Nazareth Ilit."

    I can just see the Israel haters heads exploding.

    1. .....and they can't see why Israel needs the separation barrier???

  5. Arresting them is only the first step. They each of them have to be put on buses and dropped off at the American Embassy for them to deal with them. Exile them from Israel forever and whatever the American State Department decides to do with them is fine. They can live in Washington DC for all I care.

  6. Yes, but she's not wrapped up in a trash bag, so I suppose this is progress.

    Their women can even hold (approved) opinions! Sure, they're inciting to genocide, but still...

    I think you're not giving Israel's 'peace partners' enough credit, geoffff.

  7. By the way, I'm pretty sure this was a session from the most recent Netroots Nation, no?

  8. As long as the Palestinian culture of hate and incitement is excused away by anti-Israel fanatics like as-a-Jew David Harris-Gershon (yay, it's time for another Daily Kos festival of Jew-hatred!), peace will be nowhere near the horizon.

    Israel needs to declare defensible final borders, whatever they may be, then toss the keys over its shoulder and end this situation once and for all.

    Hopefully the Palestinian leadership will then focus on creating something other than a criminal terror wasteland dependent upon welfare extortion from guilt-laden Western nations, to fund its existence.

    I don't hold out much hope for that, however.

    If you ask me, it's time for the 'friends' of Palestine to hold an intervention. But that won't come about at least until the countless numbers of useful, and useless, Western idiots finally begin to question their own nasty role in the perpetuation of this tragic situation.

  9. "As long as" means "forever". I'm sorry but it does. It means actual real forever.