Thursday, November 14, 2013

David Swindle's Recent Response

Michael L.

I am very much enjoying this ongoing conversation with PJ Media editor, David Swindle.

The conversation, at this point, revolves around the concepts of "social justice" and "tikkun olam," the evolution of the Republican Party, and if Jews should join it, and his own personal journey as a conservative and as a person concerned about ethics, politics, and religion.

This, naturally, does not prevent David from being something of a smart-ass in the opening sentence of his last installment, which reads:
This dialogue appears to be moving in an unexpected but very welcome direction: you recognizing the errors of your positions and coming to adopt mine instead.
I laughed out loud when I read that, I have to tell you!

In any case, David is a good man who is on the Christian religious right and I think that if we do it well, and if we maintain respect for one another, this conversation has significant potential.

So, check it out. 

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