Friday, November 15, 2013

Jordan Declares Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount Illegitimate and Illegal

Michael L.

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The tidbit below was written and published by Jerusalem Post staff.
The top Jordanian government official responsible for the custodianship of religious holy sites in Jerusalem is quoted in local press on Tuesday as saying that he is “adamantly opposed” to any Jewish worship atop the Temple Mount.

Abd Al-Nasser Nassar, who serves as Amman’s top legal adviser for Islamic and Christian property in Jerusalem, is quoted as telling the Jordanian daily al-Rad that his government rejected an Israeli request to allow for Jews to pray in a small, designated area atop the site.
The top Jordanian government official responsible for the custodianship of religious holy sites in Jerusalem...

The stupidity is so profound that it sometimes literally hurts.

I am going to have to go back into Moshe Dayan's memoirs, and scan through the primary and secondary sources, in order to understand just what the man was thinking when, after the 6 Day War, he handed the Temple Mount to Jordan.

To Jordan!

Israel begged Jordan to stay out of the war, but they didn't because the Egyptians were claiming victory even as they were getting badly beaten.  So, after Israel cleaned everybody's clock and regained control of Israel's holiest site after 2,000 years, Moshe Dayan hands it back to the Arabs?  And how is it that after the Yom Kippur War of 1973 that Israel allowed the Temple Mount to stay in Arab hands?

It is just unfathomable.  And now we have Arabs telling us that we are not allowed to pray on the holiest site within the religion of Judaism?

It's shameful, in fact.

And, in the mean time, the Waqf - whatever the hell that is, exactly - has spent the last 45 years destroying evidence of the Jewish presence on that spot in order to destroy Jewish history, itself.

From the comments:
Gila Rut Rina Wittow
Why on earth should Jordan - an Islamic country - have any say on whether or not Jews can pray on their very holiest site?! It is against both international and Israeli law to arrest or harass Jews - and other non-Muslims - simply for praying peacefully on the Temple Mount.

We are going to continue praying there anyway and more and more people are being drawn to do so. Hashem is bringing us back to our land and to our holiest place. Personally, He gave me a life-changing and utterly overwhelming experience of His infinite and loving presence and the reality that all there truly is is G-d, just below the Temple Mount nearly ten years ago, and helped me come home in many many incredible ways.

It is only right that we should be able to pray openly on the Temple Mount and be clearly informed as Jews how to prepare halachically beforehand with mikvaot provided, and where we can safely walk on the Mount being indicated by signs.

It is completely ridiculous and utterly offensive to be harassed by Israeli police and to risk arrest simply for doing what we need to do as Jews, or as other people who put G-d first in their lives, in what is after all supposedly a democracy and our very own country!
I have to say, it cannot be easy going through life with a name like Gila Rut Rina Wittow, which may partially explain why she seems even more pissed-off about this than I am.
Jim Draper

Maybe one day soon the idf will block all muslims from the jewish temple mount and Blow the Dome to smitherines.
This guy has to be an American!
Theodor Rebarber 
The inexcusable mistake is to ask permission from Jordan (or anyone else) whether Jews have the right to pray at their holiest site in their own country. If there is trouble after Israel extends freedom of religion to Jews on the Temple Mount, that will only expose the irrationality and ill will of those who oppose it. In that case, all decent people will rally to support Israel. The American government will have no choice but to support it as well.
Theodor means well, but I do not think that he has been following the conflict very closely if he thinks that for one moment that "all decent people will rally to support Israel" no matter what happens or no matter Israel does or does not do.  Not even all "decent" Jews will do so and, in fact, there will be plenty of Jewish people who will advocate for our enemies or simply sit on the sidelines.

My problem with someone like Stuart (aka, Kane in CA), for example, is that while he is a self-identified Jew, he seems to stand for nothing.  We haven't seen the guy around these parts for awhile and that is not surprising, but I still don't get what he thought that he stands for viz-a-viz the long Arab war against the Jews in the Middle East?

The Jews have no right to any Palestinian land.Please do not give them the right to pray on the temple mount.Jews cannot be trusted they are the killers of all the prophets.Israel is an illegal Apartheid state built on stolen property.
Ta Da!

And there you have it.

Also please note the way that, in under 45 words, whitewidow combined classic fundamental religious Islamic Jew Hatred with contemporary western-left secular Jew Hatred.

I would call it fascinating, were it not entirely nauseating.


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    1. Frankly, I'm amazed Jordan even has the time to weigh in on stuff like this, what with their other surely pressing issues like minding their human trafficking business interests, perpetuating their vicious system of apartheid policies against their Palestinian population, maintaining traditional anti-woman societal norms, and whatnot.

      But I guess there's always room for Jew-hatin', eh?

    2. I'd boycott the illegitimate apartheid state of Jordan, but I only eat tomatoes in season from small Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey family farmers, and aside from Jew-hatred, which I do not consume, I'm not really aware of anything of theirs that I can 'boycott.'

      I suppose, along with many other Arab states in the region, their Filipina slave trade may have been disrupted by last week's tragic events there. I'm sure it won't hurt their 'royals' in any way, though...

    3. By the way, make sure you mean the country, Jordan.

      And not the basketball player.

      Otherwise, Doodad, he might just take offense and fly to your home tomorrow, with the intent of challenging you to a game of HORSE.


  2. 'White Widow' is the name given to a wife of one of London's 7/7 suicide bombers. She is a white British private school educated Islamic convert who, after the 7/7 attacks celebrated them publicly. No way to know if this is THE White Widow but the sentiment is the same. My sense of people like that is that they should be killed with a roofing hammer in the middle of the street and tossed to the hogs. It's a halfway measure between their own suicide 'honor' and what should really happen to them.,

  3. By the by we need a national movement to declare dog houses and chicken coops to be the most holy sites in all of Islam. They can pray at them all they like.

  4. Without even considering the religious aspects, the arrangement is certainly shameful from any point of view.

    It would be like as if in Paris in 1783, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams had insisted that the British be allowed to exercise perpetual control over Independence Hall in Philadelphia so as not to have their feelings hurt, or something like that.

    1. Israel should pass a law making it illegal for Protestants and Catholics to enter one another houses of Europe.