Monday, November 11, 2013

19 Jews in Egypt

Michael L.

{Cross-posted at News and Views from Jews Down Under.}

As the Elder of Ziyon reports there are about 19 Jews left in the country of Egypt... and what they are doing there is anyone's guess.

The Jews were ethnically cleansed from the Middle East, with the obvious exception of Israel, after World War II and after Israel's War of Independence.  Between 1948 and the early 1970s almost a million Jews were driven from their homes throughout the entire region.  They were stripped of their possessions.  They were stripped of their finances.  And they were kicked out of country after country throughout the Arab-Muslim Middle East.  I am fairly astonished that they weren't killed, but then, many of them were killed.

The difference between the Jewish refugees and the Arab refugees is that the Jews were assimilated into the Israeli economy and culture.  The Arab refugees from the '48 war were in held in camps by their Arab-Muslim brothers and sisters, which is where their grandchildren remain to this day, within violently-inclined little hot-beds of hatred designed for the specific purpose of pointing that hatred at the Jewish minority in that part of the world.

What we are seeing is the Arab-Muslim manufacture of a genocidal culture and now it is the Christians who are being driven out of what was their land prior to the Muslim conquests following the rise of Islam.  The ethnic-cleansing of the Jews in that part of the world is an old story, but the final ethnic-cleansing of Christians is happening right before our eyes.

Raymond Ibrahim, an American scholar of Coptic descent, is the go-to guy.

What astonishes me the most is that western Christian liberals honestly do not seem to care.


  1. It's always astonishing to read ignorant 'progressives' accuse Israel of 'ethnic cleansing' when the simple fact of numbers makes their claims quite literally insane.

    This chart, on the other hand, shows what real ethnic cleansing looks like, and who is responsible for same.

    1. Here is a question for you, Jay, and perhaps it is a question that we will disagree upon, but what do you think about outreaching toward Christian conservatives?

      We both come from the American-left and therefore we both know how much hatred is perpetually spit toward those people.

      Do you think that it is worth reaching out?

    2. This is a question I wish I would have encountered before I left home and internet access for the next few days, aside from my phone. Particularly on a topic such as this, where there may be replies which I'd like to answer sooner than I'll likely be able to.

      But regardless, let me have a quick try at it. ;)

      I certainly understand what you say about such hatred spit toward them from certain quarters, and now fully recognize that for what it is.

      I see nothing wrong with reaching out to anyone these days, but I suppose I would also note that there is no such thing as compromise on the very same fundamental human rights issues I value above all else, to which a number of conservative Christian groups also tend to share the very same hostility as the Islamist fundamentalists I oppose for the very same reason.

      I'm probably not the best person to weigh in on these issues, though, being generally wary of all religion, as I am.

      I suppose I may even perhaps reject the whole notion of reaching out to anybody else as a group, in favor instead of just hoping we can craft a message which will be accepted by all people of good conscience and morals who stand for human rights above all else

  2. Now that's some REAL ethnic cleansing but don't expect any sympathy from progressives and such. It's not part of "the narrative."

  3. Ah yes, the 'Jews brought it upon themselves' argument.

    Thanks for not disappointing me. I knew you'd bring up those good ole' white supremacist talking points.

    Thank you for continuing to prove that for all intents and purposes, there is no real difference between antisemites and mere 'anti-Zionists.'

    Or at least, certainly not those of the sort that troll Jewish blogs.

  4. What a creepy comment. Everything is Israel's fault. The Arabs and Muslims are to be forgiven their pogroms, murders, plundering and expulsions because the target were Jews and other Jews were sticking up for themselves.

    Even everything that happened before Israel existed. Myths and lies are retrospective with this mob.

    Instead we have this eternal myth of perfect "Palestinian" victim hood. How very very convenient for these racists.

  5. Sorry guys. I think I picked up this troll while stamping around New Matilda a while ago and it has stuck to my boots like a lump of cow dung brought in from the paddocks.

    I should have remembered to wipe my feet before coming inside.

  6. And yet you are happy to blame it all on "the Palestinians" geoffff?

    After pretending Palestinians and Jordanians don't exist, or that they never existed, or that they soon will no longer exist, who else is there left to blame geoffff?. According to Jay the demography of the place records that nobody other than your lot ever lived there.

    Kind of narrows down the list of suspects doesn't it geoffff?

  7. Finally the Arab world leads Europe in something - Jewish ethnic cleansing. But Europe's coming up fast behind. In fact all you'll have to do in 10 years is change the names in the left column to "Belgium" "Holland" "France" "Scotland" "Sweden" "Spain" and so forth.

  8. The 'best' part of this, geoffff, is how cocksure of himself this modern-day ancestor of the Nazi party's ideology is, while apparently being completely oblivious as to how foolish he sounds.

    At least if he had something original, he'd be worth a chuckle or two. But he doesn't even have that.

  9. Cocksure is dead right Jay. A lot more "cocksure" about Israel than any ignorant Anglophile blogger who has never even seen Tal Aviv.

  10. I guess Nazi ideology kicks in about IQ level 95. Snorf!

  11. dKos is at it again.

    "Fuck Israel (19+ / 0-)

    Recommended by:
    Rogneid, RichterScale, protectspice, radmul, corvo, Mr Robert, goodpractice, Geenius at Wrok, Lepanto, Smoh, aliasalias, Late Again, Heart of the Rockies, jan4insight, The House, AllisonInSeattle, Faroutman, a2nite, Flying Goat

    I've had it. The US should join the rest of the United Nations in forcing these bastards back behind their borders and off the Palestinian lands. And while we're at it, demand that they reveal and dismantle their nuclear and chemical weapons.

    I got this.

    by Chango on Sun Nov 10, 2013 at 11:15:08 AM PST"

  12. I never disputed your self-assuredness for a minute. You clearly are, indeed, just as confident in your beliefs as David Duke, Gilad Atzmon or the babbling boob who preaches about aliens and black helicopters on the stairs to my El station most Sundays.

    That doesn't make any of youze right, however.

  13. By the way, you will not be surprised to learn that "Titus" was the name of the Roman general who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD and who briefly became emperor.

    It was Titus who destroyed the second temple.


    1. That, Shirlee, is an excellent question.

      I am not certain, however, that I have a good answer for you.

      I could take a shot at it, I suppose, but in truth, I simply do not feel like it.

    2. I started a reply to him and thought "Why am I lowering myself to his level? He wont take note of anything I say"

    3. He probably had to go back up to his level to catch a breath of clean air Shirl.

  14. Hi Rocky,

    I just thought that I would pop in to make sure that you are comfortable and to see if you need anything.

    We, here at Israel Thrives, aim to please, so if you need anything please feel free to ring the front desk and we can bring up pretty much anything that your little 'ol heart desires.

    In fact, we have hired former Food Network star, Paula Dean, as our Executive Chef and, I have to tell you, the woman can cook-up one hell of a good southern fried chicken. And her biscuits and gravy? To die for!

    Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that your tushky is comfy-cozy... just like Buster Posey.

    So, please enjoy your stay and I will be back to check in with you later.

    1. I'd just like to let it be known, for the record, that I cast my executive chef vote for Philadelphia's own Michael Solomonov. ;)

    2. Thanks Mike, very thoughtful of you!


      Re Paula Dean - Very Nice! Can't say I have experienced anything created by her yet, but I am an enthusiast by proxy, through Bobby, who knows how to do some amazing Mediterranean stuff.

      I'm on my way to Macau on Friday so there will be opportunity to check out some of the Med/Asian blends on offer. They do a particularly good "Galinha no cesto".

      Anyway, back to the drudgery of life again, I guess, and please try not to frighten the straights so much! J

  15. Can't comment about Duke, but at least Atzmon brought that measure of interest to the task to spend the time and effort to actually live and to participate in the existence of Israel.

    People like Duke are all cheap talk and have probably never even set foot in Tel Aviv.